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News 2018
hink Tank „Industrial Resource Strategies“ Inaugurated
(20.02.2018)Think Tank „Industrial Resource Strategies“ Inaugurated

The State of Baden-Württemberg establishes think tank at the KIT.

(20.02.2018)Jointly Meeting Production Challenges

Jürgen Fleischer from KIT presented the requirements for an innovation-driven economy to the Chinese prime minister.

KIT is helping to build the European Open Science Cloud
(19.02.2018)KIT is helping to build the European Open Science Cloud

Services for the exchange, use and reuse of research data. The KIT directs one of 13 work packages to "IT Service Management".

Telemedical solutions provide rescue teams with valuable time (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
(15.02.2018)Sudden Cardiac Death: Advantage in the Race against Time

Emergency control centers receive  valuable medical information via remote access to smartphones - EU initiative funds consortium project led by KIT.

Conference: Innovative approaches to higher education didactics
(14.02.2018)Conference: Innovative Approaches to Higher Education Didactics

Experts from science and practice will discuss new research and practical approaches to teaching and study.


DPG Prize for Superprecise 3D Laser Printing
(14.02.2018)DPG Prize for Superprecise 3D Laser Printing

The German Physical Society grants a prize to the Institute of Nanotechnology and the Innovation Management Service Unit.

(09.02.2018)Olympics, Snow Regions and Climate Change

Climate researchers of KIT expect changes in climate zones and snow conditions in mountain regions in particular.

Nano Forest: view of the tiny wires growing on a silicon wafer (Photo: DESY, Satishkumar Kulkarni/Thomas Keller)
(08.02.2018)Scientists Observe Nanowires as They Grow

For the first time, X-ray experiments reveal exact details of self-catalyzed growth.

How mushrooms grow: a movie from inside the cell
(05.02.2018)How Mushrooms Grow: A Movie from Inside the Cell

Using high-performance light microscopy, KIT scientists were able to observe the growth of fungi in living cells. 

Power-to-Gas with high efficiency
(05.02.2018)Power-to-Gas with High Efficiency

Within the HELMETH EU project, efficiency of methane gas production from renewable electricity was increased to more than 75 percent.

(31.01.2018)Cancer Research: Quality Control in the Genome

Scientific publication shows how the interaction of “guardian” and “caretaker” protects the genetic material of the cell.

(31.01.2018)Better Weather Forecasts for Africa: Development Aid 2.0

Better weather forecasts could have a noticeable impact on development in Africa.

Researchers find out about "wrong" superfoods
(30.01.2018)Researchers Track down “Forged" Superfoods

Genetic bar code shows whether products are original.

Professor Holger Hanselka
(29.01.2018)KIT Represented in the Presidium of the AiF

The President of KIT Holger Hanselka represents the field of science in industrial joint research.

Andreas Gerdes
(29.01.2018)Maintenance and Prevention in the Construction Sector

Andreas Gerdes has developed concepts to significantly extend the lifecycles of buildings.

(24.01.2018)KIT in the Town Hall: Technologies for the Energy Turnaround

The KIT Center Energy presents new technologies for the energy of the future in public lectures on Wednesday, January 31,2018.

Komplexe Parkettmuster – erstaunliche Materialien
(23.01.2018)Complex Tessellations, Extraordinary Materials

KIT and TUM researchers show how simple organic molecules form complex materials through self-organization.

President Holger Hanselka (KIT), Professor Michael Kaschke (Zeiss), Vice President Hirth (KIT), Ulrich Simon (Zeiss) (Photo: KIT/Andreas Drollinger)
(23.01.2018)Zeiss and KIT: Collaborative Research, Teaching and Founding

KIT and ZEISS are expanding their joint research activities with a partnership, students and startups will also benefit.

Gay-Lussac-Humboldt-Preis 2017 fuer Johannes Orphal
(22.01.2018)Gay-Lussac-Humboldt-Prize 2017 for Johannes Orphal

The French Academy of Sciences honours his outstanding contributions to the remote sensing of the Earth's atmosphere.

(17.01.2018)Miniature Sensors for Industry 4.0 and IoT

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) appoints Professor Thomas Zwick as a Fellow. This is the second high-profile award within a short time.

Die Soča in Slowenien (Foto: Gabi Zachmann)
(17.01.2018)„KIT Environment Lecture“ on the Future of Rivers

The challenges for a future-oriented river policy will be presented on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 at the KIT.

Experimental setup for monitoring a computer chip with infrared cameras (Foto: CES/KIT)
(16.01.2018)An "Intelligent Fever Thermometer" for Microchips

Infrared cameras monitor thermal patterns of computer chips. Integrated heat sensors and neural networks can identify hacker attacks.

Absolventen des KIT sind bei Personalern beliebt
(12.01.2018)Graduates of KIT are Popular by Personal Recruitment

In the WirtschaftsWoche-Ranking 2018, KIT subjects occupy top positions once again / first place in informatics.

Kooperationsabkommen des KIT mit Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
(12.01.2018)Cooperation Agreement between KIT and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

The intensified cooperation is intended to introduce Austrian companies to the know-how of KIT and promote its transfer into application.

(09.01.2018)Think Tank Makes Technologies Fit for the Future

The joint think tank of state, industry and KIT develops cross-disciplinary concepts for the efficient use of raw materials.

(08.01.2018)Promotion of Science on the European Campus

With funds of the Eucor joint project, KIT can establish a new cross-border study program.

(04.01.2018)Registration Phase Summer Semester 2018

Students wishing to continue their studies at KIT must register by 15 February.