Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity is the basis for the public's confidence in research. At KIT, the Statutes for Safeguarding Good Research Practice bind every member and employee as well as everyone else doing scientific work to adhere to the principles of good scientific practice. The statutes ensure high scientific quality and follow primarily the proposals for safeguarding good research practice of the German Research Foundation and the Helmholtz Association as well as recommendations of further institutions in the science or university sector. In cases of alleged scientific misconduct, the Ombudspersons for Good Research Practice and the Commission for Good Research Practice are in charge of the investigation according to part II of the Statutes.

Ombudspersons for Good Research Practice

At KIT, two Ombudspersons provide advice on good research practice for all members and employees as well as all other persons doing scientific work. You can contact them, if you suspect scientific misconduct. Any person suspected of scientific misconduct can also turn to the ombudspersons for advice.  As persons of trust they will treat every consultation and conflict mediation confidentially.

Office for Good Scientific Practice and Ethical Principles

The Office for Good Scientific Practice and Ethical Principles (Office GWP) assists the

in their work.The Office GWP also answers general inquiries on the topics of good scientific practice and ethics at KIT. It always keeps inquiries confidentially.