Research Initiative on Regenerative Fuels

Policy Dialogue on Automotive Industry: State Government, KIT, and Industry Agree on ”reFuels - Rethinking Fuels“ Project to Explore Alternatives to Fossil Fuels.
Am KIT forschen Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler für die klimaschonende Mobilität IFKM/KIT
Signed the Letter of Intent in Stuttgart: Vice President Prof. Thomas Hirth, KIT, (left) and Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann (right) (Photo: (c) e-mobil BW / Studio KD Busch)
Michael Frey vom KIT stellt den Ministern Hermann und Strobl sowie dem Ministerpräsidenten Kretschmann Mobilitätskonzepte des KIT.  Bildquelle: (c) e-mobil BW / Studio KD Busch Bildquelle: (c) e-mobil BW / Studio KD Busch
Michael Frey presents KIT mobility concepts to the ministers Hermann and Strobl and the Minister-President Kretschmann. Photo: (c) e-mobil BW / Studio KD Busch

CO2 emissions from fossil fuel-based passenger and freight transport largely contribute to climate change. Synthetic fuels – so called reFuels – may also be produced from non-fossil carbon sources, such as biogenic residues, in combination with the direct conversion of CO2 and renewable hydrogen and may help protect global climate. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) now plans to comprehensively study the opportunities associated with these fuels for society, industry, and the environment in cooperation with partners from automotive industry, automotive supply industry, and mineral oil industry and with the support of the Baden-Württemberg State Government. The corresponding letter of intent was recently signed in Stuttgart.

Full text: press release 088/2018

mex, 20.07.2018