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Kick-off event of the new network of senior female scientists under the sign of an equal opportunity university culture
(24.06.2022)Kick-off of the "KIT Women Professors Forum"

Kick-off Event of the new Network of Senior Female Scientists under the Sign of an Equal Opportunity University Culture

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Forschende haben autonome Maschinen so miteinander verknüpft, dass sie gemeinsam schwierige Aufgaben bewältigen können – die Medien können die Mission online verfolgen
(23.06.2022)Exploring Alien Worlds with Robot Teams: Test Mission on Mount Etna

Researchers have linked Autonomous Machines so that they can work together to complete difficult Tasks - the Media can follow the Mission online

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Das GeoLaB macht Geowissenschaften erlebbar: Im Schwarzwald/Odenwald entsteht das erste Untertagelabor, in dem Forschende Prozesse der Tiefengeothermie direkt beobachten können
(22.06.2022)GeoLaB: Future with Geothermal Energy

KIT and Research Partners Build the World's First Underground Reservoir Simulator for Deep Geothermal Energy Research

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Am Energy Lab 2.0 befassen sich Forschende des KIT mit Wasserstoff und seiner Bedeutung für die Zukunft der Energiewende.
(15.06.2022)Inform and join the Discussion: Hydrogen Knowledge Week

KIT Energy Center and TRIANGEL Open Space Present Technologies for the Future of the Energy Transition - Event Program for Interested Parties of All Ages

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Perowskit/CIS-Tandem-Solarzellen wandeln bereits jetzt einen relativ großen Anteil des einfallenden Lichts in Strom um. Zukünftige Entwicklungen können den Wirkungsgrad weiter verbessern.
(14.06.2022)Thin-film Photovoltaics: Efficient and versatile in a Double Pack

KIT Researchers Develop Perovskite/CIS Tandem Solar Cells with Efficiency of Almost 25 Percent - Material Combination Enables Mobile Applications

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Simulationen zeigen einen starken Einfluss von Wolken auf globale Eiszeiten
(10.06.2022)Clouds play important Role in Climate History

Global models show a significant influence of clouds on the evolution of the Earth's climate and the evolutionary conditions of life

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KIT Receives Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Top IT Researcher
(01.06.2022)KIT Receives Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Top IT Researcher

Germany's highest endowed international research award goes to computer science expert André Platzer

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New Medical Engineering Degree Program
(30.05.2022)New Medical Engineering Study Program

Start of studies planned for winter semester 22/23, with joint master's degree at KIT and Heidelberg University to follow

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More Resilience for Critical Infrastructures
(25.05.2022)More Resilience for Critical Infrastructures

Researchers from KIT develop concepts for planning and operating future-proof utility and supply systems

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Masterstudiengänge online entdecken
(24.05.2022)Discovering Master's Degree Programs Online

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, a virtual master's fair will take place at KIT from 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m.

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KIT Starts Diversity Offensive
(24.05.2022)KIT Starts Diversity Offensive

Diversity strategy approved - President Holger Hanselka patron of CSD Karlsruhe 2022 - "Diversity Charter" about to be signed

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Meeting Science in Karlsruhe
(20.05.2022)Science Up Close in Karlsruhe

TRIANGEL Open Space of KIT is now open: Prominent guests from business and politics at inauguration ceremony

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RoofKIT: Ecological and Sustainable Construction
(20.05.2022)RoofKIT: Ecological and Sustainable Construction

KIT team plans, designs, and constructs an energy-efficient and sustainable building in an international university building competition

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National Award on Education for Sustainable Development for KIT
(19.05.2022)“National Award – Education for Sustainable Development” for KIT

KIT receives 10,000 euros in prize money for outstanding educational initiatives in the category "Places of ESD"

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Climate Research: Ultrafine Dust Could Cause Weather Extremes
(19.05.2022)Climate Research: Ultrafine Dust Could Cause Weather Extremes

KIT researchers prove global increase of ultrafine particles from fossil fuel exhaust gases and warn of significant weather effects

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Dialog between Science and Society
(18.05.2022)Exchange between Science and Society

KIT’s 2022 annual celebration focused on the current science year "Participate!"

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KIT Climate Researcher Wins FameLab Germany
(18.05.2022)KIT Climate Researcher Wins FameLab Germany

Christian Scharun convinced both jury and audience with his presentation and won the national final of the science competition

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Far Ahead in the Education of "Digital Leaders"
(16.05.2022)KIT Is among the Digital Leaders in Higher Education

KIT is worldwide in 21st position in the "Digital Leaders in Higher Education" ranking

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New Meeting Place with Science in Karlsruhe
(12.05.2022)New Space to Experience Science in Karlsruhe

TRIANGEL Open Space opens: Opening week offers close look at KIT science and startups as well as arts and cultural events

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Hannover Messe 2022: Digitization and Sustainability
(03.05.2022)Hannover Messe 2022: Digitalization and Sustainability

KIT presents innovative technology developments at the two main stands in the "Future Hub" and at the "Energy Solutions"

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Construction Machinery with Hybrid Drive: Fuel-Saving Excavation
(28.04.2022)Hybrid-drive Construction Machinery: Fuel-efficient Excavators

Recovery of kinetic energy from the excavator arm enhances efficiency and saves fuel

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Two ERC Advanced Grants Go to KIT Scientists
(26.04.2022)Two ERC Advanced Grants Go to KIT Scientists

European Research Council funds projects of Mehdi Tahoori and Alexey Ustinov with a total of more than five million euros

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Colloquium Fundamentale: Science in Politics
(21.04.2022)Colloquium Fundamentale: Science in Politics

In the summer semester, the lecture series at KIT is dedicated to the social purpose of research in modern societies

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Studying at the Pulse of Top Research
(19.04.2022)Studying at the Pulse of Top Research

Information day on May 14, 2022, for future students and their relatives with presentations, experiments, and hands-on activities on the KIT campus

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Water Treatment: Light Helps to Degrade Hormones
(13.04.2022)Water Processing: Light Helps to Degrade Hormones

KIT researchers use polymer membranes coated with titanium dioxide for photocatalytic cleaning - Nature Nanotechnology publishes results

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Mitmachaktion 'Homeoffice? Herausforderung angenommen!'
(12.04.2022)Active Participation Welcome for “Work from Home? Challenge Accepted!”

Citizens and researchers look for ideas and solutions for successful and comfortable work from home

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Start of Studies at KIT: Summer Semester in Presence
(06.04.2022)Start of Studies at KIT: Summer Semester on Campus

Most courses will take place on campus again – State funds measures to accelerate return to routine studies

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Four Cross-border Professorships for the Upper-Rhine Region
(01.04.2022)Four Cross-border Professorships for the Upper Rhine Region

Minister-President Kretschmann visits the university confederation Eucor - The European Campus in Strasbourg

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Virtueller Girls’ Day 2022: Studium und Ausbildung am KIT
(30.03.2022)Virtual Girls' Day 2022: Study and Training at KIT

Information day for schoolgirls in fifth grade and above with lectures and interactive workshops - registrations open until April 20

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Mehr Privatsphäre auf dem Smartphone
(29.03.2022)Data Security: More Privacy on the Smartphone

"Privacy Friendly Apps" for Android do not collect Usage Data - KIT SECUSO Research Group receives first "Digital Autonomy Award"

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Karlsruher Forschungsfabrik: Produktionsprozesse schnell industrialisieren
(28.03.2022)Karlsruhe Research Factory: Industrializing Production Processes Rapidly

Ceremonial opening of the development and demonstration center - Minister President Kretschmann: "Research factory will be important future laboratory for companies."

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Neues Studierendenwohnheim der Schroff Stiftungen bezugsbereit
(24.03.2022)New Student Dormitory of the Schroff Foundations ready for Occupancy

Additional 103 seats for KIT Students –Inauguration in the Presence of Founder and Honorary Senator Ingrid Schroff

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Using Gene Scissors for Elimination of  Individual Cell Types
(21.03.2022)Using Gene Scissors to Eliminate Individual Cell Types

KIT researchers use CRISPR-Kill to prevent the formation of specific organs during plant development

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Three ERC Consolidator Grants for KIT Researchers
(17.03.2022)Three ERC Consolidator Grants for KIT Researchers

Christoph Kirchlechner, Lars Heinke, and Inge Hinterwaldner will receive up to two million euros each for their research projects

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Predicting wind gusts better with AI
(15.03.2022)Better Forecasts of Wind Gusts with AI

KIT researchers correct systematic errors in weather models with statistics and artificial intelligence methods

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Trinationaler Tag zum Wissenstransfer
(10.03.2022)Trinational Knowledge Transfer Day

Impulses, innovations, networking: twelve universities on the Upper Rhine, among them KIT, and partner companies invite to the "Innovation Day Upper Rhine"

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Quantum Information: Light from Rare Earth Molecules
(10.03.2022)Quantum Information: Light from Rare-earth Molecules

Novel material with promising properties for quantum computers and networks discovered - KIT researchers report in Nature

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Falling Groundwater Levels due to Climate Change
(09.03.2022)Declining Groundwater Levels due to Climate Change

Based on artificial intelligence, KIT and BGR develop forecast models on the future development of groundwater levels in Germany

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Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize for Pascal Friederich
(08.03.2022)Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize for Pascal Friederich

KIT researcher works on artificial intelligence in materials sciences – DFG awards most important prize for early-career scientists in Germany

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Biotechnology: Enzymes in a Rack
(02.03.2022)Biotechnology: Enzymes in a Cage

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) increase stability of biocatalysts and enable their use in organic solvents as well

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Corona Detection in Wastewater
(23.02.2022)Coronavirus Detection in Wastewater

KIT coordinates nationwide project group testing a wastewater-based COVID-19 early warning system

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Designing Technology in the Sense of the Users
(22.02.2022)Designing Technology for Users

Development of technologies usually focuses on functionality rather than the users’ needs – KIT researchers want to change this

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On Liberty: Harriet Taylor Mill Apparently Is a Co-Author
(16.02.2022)On Liberty: Evidence of Harriet Taylor Mill’s Co-authorship

Digital stylometric analysis of the philosophy classic reveals more than one author - investigation with artificial intelligence methods

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Neutrinos wiegen höchstens 0,8 Elektronenvolt
(14.02.2022)Neutrinos Have a Maximum Mass of 0.8 Electron Volts

New world record: KATRIN experiment limits neutrino mass with unprecedented precision

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Battery Research: Launch of the First Fully Automated Laboratory
(10.02.2022)Battery Research: First Fully Automatic Laboratory Starts Operation

New research facility of the POLiS cluster of excellence accelerates battery development – Commissioning in the presence of the Science Minister

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Perovskite Solar Modules in Marble Optics
(09.02.2022)Perovskite Solar Modules in Marble Optics

KIT researchers have developed colored perovskite solar modules for building facades or roofs

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Land Use: Call for a Fair Protection of Species
(04.02.2022)Land Use: Call for a Fair Protection of Species

A study with KIT participation sheds light on the trade-off between biodiversity and food security in land use

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Geothermal Energy Indispensable for a Heat Transition
(02.02.2022)Geothermal Energy Is Indispensable for a Heat Transition

Joint roadmap of Helmholtz centers and Fraunhofer institutes shows areas of action for sustainable heat supply

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Motor für zukunftsfähige Entwicklungen
(01.02.2022)Motor for Sustainable Developments

KIT launches KAT: Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainability and Cultural Change connects science and society

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Safety and Convenience in Bicycle Mobility
(25.01.2022)Safety and Comfort in Cycling Mobility

Research project collects data as a basis for improving municipal bicycle infrastructure - partners from science, industry and cities

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Bürgerdialoge: Gesellschaft im wissenschaftlichen Alltag verankern
(24.01.2022)Citizens' Dialogues: Integrating Society into Everyday Scientific Life

KIT intends to integrate expectations and wishes of citizens more closely into research work in the future

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Corona Restrictions: Traffic Change and Mobility
(20.01.2022)Corona Restrictions: Traffic Change and Mobility

Study on mobility in the pandemic: public transport use declines, people increasingly ride bicycles or walk

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Generation-appropriate Financial Policy and Microstructured Materials
(10.01.2022)Financial Policy and Microstructured Materials

Johannes Brumm and Matti Schneider receive Starting Grants from the European Research Council – ERC awards funding to excellent young researchers

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The Next Step in Solid State Batteries
(04.01.2021)The Next Step in Solid-state Batteries

BMBF competence cluster for solid-state batteries enters its the second funding phase - KIT coordinates characterization platform

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