Neue Ammoniakreaktion könnte nachhaltige Stickstoffquelle ermöglichen
New Ammonia Reaction Could Enable Sustainable Nitrogen Source

KIT researchers present new system for activation and catalytic transfer of ammonia - Catalysis based on main group elements

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KIT Science Week: Nachhaltigkeit und Klimaschutz aktiv gestalten
KIT Science Week: Actively Shaping Sustainability and Climate Protection

Have your say, participate, join research: Second KIT Science Week with event formats for all persons interested

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Windeln reloaded: 200-mal schneller recyceln mit Licht
Diapers Reloaded: 200 Times Faster Recycling with Light

Water and UV radiation dissolve crosslinked polymers of diaper inserts quickly, energy-efficiently and without chemicals - Recycled plastic molecules can be used in many ways

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Successes on the Way to a Fully Automated Construction Sitevege -
Successes on the Way to a Fully Automated Construction Site

KIT researchers have developed a platform that helps medium-sized companies to digitize and structure documents

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Das Cover von lookKIT zeigt bunte Silhouetten von sich unterhaltenden Personen. modus: medien + kommunikation gmbh

The current issue of lookKIT focuses on the topic of responsibility in research and innovation.

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Podcast Nachgefragt with Valentin Goldberg in an interview
Podcast "Nachgefragt"

The current episode of the podcast deals with electricity and heat from thermal springs in the Upper Rhine region.

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Studierende am KIT KIT
Degree Programs

More than 100 degree programs in natural and engineering sciences, economics, humanities, social sciences and teaching.

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As a University of Excellence, KIT strengthens excellent research, maintains intensive dialog with society, and offers reliable career paths.

Research University in the Helmholtz Association

KIT is the only German university of excellence that combines a long university tradition with large-scale national research.


KIT-Career-Service: Offene Online-Sprechstunde und Bewerbungs-Check für Studierende

KIT-Career-Service: Offene Online-Sprechstunde und Bewerbungs-Check für Studierende

2023-10-05 11:00 - 12:00ZOOM
Du bist gerade auf Jobsuche und möchtest, dass ein*e Expert*in noch einen Blick auf deine Bewerbung wirft? Oder du hast dringende Fragen zum Bewerbungsprozess? In der offenen Online-Sprechstunde geben die Beraterinnen des KIT-Career-Service letzte Tipps zu deinen Bewerbungsunterlagen und beantworten offene Fragen.
Die Sprechstunde findet immer Donnerstags von 11 bis 12 Uhr statt und wird über "ZOOM" durchgeführt. 
Für diese Kurz-Beratung für Studierende und Absolvent:innen des KIT (5-10 Minuten) ist keine Terminvereinbarung erforderlich. Klicke einfach in der Zeit zwischen 11 und 12 Uhr zu den Beraterinnen in den Raum. Solltest du zunächst im Warteraum warten müssen, ist der Raum gerade durch eine Beratung belegt und du wirst zugelassen, sobald der Raum frei ist. 
► Hier geht’s zum virtuellen Beratungsraum
Wir freuen uns auf dich!
Für eine ausführliche Beratung vereinbare bitte einen individuellen Termin über das Career-Service-Portal.

Are you about to submit your job application and would like an expert to take a look at your job application documents? Or do you have urgent questions about the application process? In the open online consultation hours, the advisors of the KIT Career Service will give you final tips on your job application documents and answer your open questions.
The office hours always take place on Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and are carried out using the "ZOOM" tool. 
No appointment is required for this brief consultation for KIT students and graduates (5-10 minutes). Simply click your way to the counselors in the room between 11 a.m. and 12 noon. If you have to wait in the waiting room first, the room is currently occupied and you will be admitted as soon as the room is free.
► Here you can find the virtual consultation room
We look forward to you!
For detailed advice, please make an individual appointment at the Career-Service-Portal.

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