Clusters of Excellence

In the Excellence Strategy launched by the federal and the state governments, 40 universities had submitted 88 proposals of clusters. The Excellence Commission selected 57 of them for funding. The KIT was successful with the following two clusters:

3D Matter Made to Order

The “3D Matter Made to Order” initiative of KIT and the University of Heidelberg pursues a highly interdisciplinary approach combining natural and engineering sciences. The planned research cluster concentrates on three-dimensional additive manufacturing techniques, from the molecular level to macroscopic dimensions. These methods are to be used to produce components and systems by nano printing at maximum process speed and resolution for novel applications in materials and life sciences.

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Energy Storage beyond Lithium

New Concepts for a Sustainable Future

Successful implementation of the energy transition requires new materials and technologies for the storage of electric energy. The “Energy Storage beyond Lithium” initiative of KIT and Ulm University pursues a multidisciplinary approach with electrochemists, material scientists, theoretical modelists, and engineers being involved.

The central objective of the planned research cluster is to develop fundamental understanding of electrochemical energy storage in novel systems, to combine fundamental material properties with critical performance parameters, and to establish the basis for practical application of post-lithium technologies.

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