Think Tank to Make Technologies Fit for the Future

Think Tank of the State, Industry, and KIT Develops Cross-disciplinary Concepts for the Efficient Use of Resources in Germany as a High-tech Location.
Depending on their specific properties, many minerals may be highly demanded and scarce raw materials for construction industry. (Photo: Nicole Brinnel/KIT)

The growing world population’s demand for energy and raw materials will increase in the future. Moreover, increasing mechanization will result in growing consumption of resources, examples being lithium for batteries or rare earths for catalytic converters and electric motors. Meeting these demands in a sustainable, reliable, and economically efficient manner is one of the big challenges for high-tech locations like Germany. The think tank “Industrial Resource Strategies“ of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is to develop solution concepts. It will be funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg and industry with up to EUR 2 million annually for the next four years.

Full Text: Press Release 001/2018

kes, 09.01.2018