Learning at the KIT

Finding a quiet place, the appropriate methods, or simply a learning partner - KIT services for efficient learning.
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Study Spaces

The KIT Library offers students both single and group study spaces at several locations. A parent-child room is available especially for students with children. An overview of available and occupied study spaces is accessible online.

Study Partner Platform

Looking for fellow students to study with? On the digital study partner platform, students can publish a corresponding request. The ads are categorized by KIT departments.

STEM consultation hours

Students can discuss questions regarding the course content of the MINT Kolleg in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology directly with their lecturers. Appointments are made by online booking form.

Courses offered by the House of Competence


In order to successfully manage your studies, efficient learning is essential. The House of Competence (HoC) teaches the necessary learning techniques and organizational skills. The LernLABOR aims to enable participants to acquire new knowledge effectively and to complete their studies in a structured manner. In addition, the HoC offers counseling sessions for students.


Scientific writing also needs to be learned, e.g. structuring a scientific paper or correct citation. The SchreibLABOR supports students of all disciplines with courses and individual counseling. Students also have the opportunity to discuss their texts with trained tutors and to check them for stylistic and formal errors.


The MethodenLABOR focuses on student research and promotes the necessary skills  from idea generation to conducting research and the presentation of results. This includes, for example, creativity methods, qualitative and quantitative research methods or communication and project management.