News 2017
(29.12.2017)First Prize for KIT Spin-off

Using carbon-based energy sources and yet not polluting the climate with carbon dioxide?

Karlsruher Reallabor
(27.12.2017)Urban Transition Lab to Be Expanded

With the "Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainable Futures and Cultural Change," the KIT Urban Transition Lab 131 will be expanded and strengthened.

(20.12.2017)Online Survey on the "Student City of Karlsruhe"

The "Student City of Karlsruhe" participation project is entering its second phase with a mapping tool.

(19.12.2017)New Viable Technology for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The innovative technology developed by KIT can reproduce breasts in 3 D with millimeter accuracy.

(19.12.2017)Was Earth a Snowball?

Aiko Voigt investigates this phenomenon at KIT. The results may provide insights into the possibility of life on other planets.

(19.12.2017)How Does Geothermal Energy Reach the Surface?

This is explained in the new guideline “Tiefe Geothermie” published under the direction of KIT.

Eine Hand an der ein Teig klebt
(14.12.2017)Why Doughs Stick to Surfaces

Scientists have studied dough adhesion on various surfaces. Their results could make bakeries more hygienic and productive.

(12.12.2017)10 Years Nanoscribe - High-Tech 3D Printers

The spin-off of KIT is one of the most successful high-tech start-ups in Germany in recent years on a global growth course.

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis (Foto: Ernst)
(12.12.2017)German Sustainability Award for Bio-electrochemical Fuel Cell

Joint project with partners from research and industry to develop the building blocks of an energy-generating wastewater treatment plant.

Ministerialdirektor Prof. Dr. Uwe Lahl (vorne rechts) und Dr. Frank Mentrup, OB Karlsruhe (Foto: Roland Fränkle, Presseamt Stadt Karlsruhe)
(11.12.2017)Test Field Autonomous Driving: Trial Operation Starts

The test field Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg has started trial operation in Karlsruhe and Heilbronn.

Gruppenbild: Konsortialpartner des Projekts RegioMOVE (Foto: KVV / Peter Hennrich)
(05.12.2017)From Transport Network to Mobility Provider

KIT contributes know-how to the RegioMOVE project, in which an innovative mobility concept for the Karlsruhe region is to be developed.

Dr. Martin Brudermüller, BASF, und Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Dölger, BASF)
(04.12.2017)KIT and BASF Strengthen Joint Research

The education and research institution and the industrial company plan to cooperate in teaching, innovation, and recruiting qualified staff.

Weltkarte mit blauen Markierungen der Karstgebiete
(04.12.2017)New World Map Shows Karst Aquifers

Under the auspices of UNESCO, the most detailed world map of karst aquifers so far has been created within an international project at KIT.

(01.12.2017)Seismicity Reduced for Geothermal Drilling

KIT Researchers Investigate the Role of Stress Changes in Induced Seismicity.

Die Stifter und Preisträger des Science Award sowie Gastgeber Prof. Hanselka stehen auf dem Podium
(01.12.2017)Science Award: KIT Hosted Awards Ceremony

In the presence of guests from science and industry, BASF and Volkswagen presented the prestigious award to MIT researcher Jennifer Rupp.

(30.11.2017)Zukunftspreis: Artificial Hands of Enhanced Sensitivity

The startup of a scientist of KIT was in the final of the prestigious award competition and now is in the “circle of the best.”

Von links: Christian Koos, Manfred Kohl und Sascha Mühlbrandt (Foto: Gips-Schüle-Stiftung,Thomas Niedermüller)
(29.11.2017)Gips-Schüle Research Award for Ultracompact Photodetector

For the world's smallest plasmonic photodetector, three KIT scientists are granted the Gips-Schüle Research Award.

(29.11.2017)Future Working Worlds

The KIT Department of Architecture awarded the Schelling Study Prize to the best student projects of the years 2016 and 2017.

Erhalten Consolidator Grants des ERC: Christian Koos (links) und Christian Greiner (Fotos: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
(28.11.2017)Research on Terahertz Signals and Friction-optimized Metals

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Consolidator Grants to KIT scientists Christian Koos and Christian Greiner.

bunte Autos mit einem Ladeanschluss
(28.11.2017)Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Are Better than Their Reputation

Plug-in hybrid vehicles often have a smaller carbon footprint than purely electric vehicles, according to a new study.

Science: Metamaterial mit Dreheffekt
(24.11.2017)Science: Metamaterial with a Twist

KIT scientists have designed a three-dimensional material that converts linear compressive forces into rotary motion.

(24.11.2017)Any Drop-Out Is One Too Many

A new study shows: At universities, the dropout rate in engineering is 21 to 23 percent lower than previously thought.

(24.11.2017)Survey with Benefit

For current and future urban development processes, the city administration would like to get to know the view and living situation of the students in Karlsruhe better.

Logo der KIT-Stiftung (Grafik: KIT-IRM)
(24.11.2017)Make Your Will with Heart and Mind

The expert lecture of the KIT Foundation on December 7 will provide guidance on how to make a will.

(24.11.2017)ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2017: Team of the KIT Wins Special Prize

In competition, student teams develop innovative food with ecological added value. Here "Mixcuit" represents the best communication strategy.

(22.11.2017)Semiconductor Technology: X-ray Vision for Less Scrap

With a nondestructive method, a team at KIT succeeds in creating three-dimensional visuals of the interior of silicon crystals.

(21.11.2017)Anniversary Concert: 30 Years KIT Big Band

Musical highlights of the past 30 years - on November 26 in the Audimax on Campus South of KIT.

Wassertropfen perlt auf Kupferplatte, die mit dem neuen transparenten Werkstoff Fluororpor beschichtet wurde.
(20.11.2017)New Material Protects against Water and Dirt

The polymer foam developed at KIT and called “Fluoropor” repels water and resists abrasion thanks to a continuous nano/microstructure.

Lila Stiefmütterchen
(17.11.2017)Viola Flower Helps to Advance Light Harvesting in Solar Cells

KIT scientists replicate microstructures of pansy petals and enhance the output of solar cells.

Kreis mit wissenschaftlichen Symbolen
(17.11.2017)Night of Science on November 24

For the third time, the lecture series will be organized by student volunteers of various disciplines from 8 pm to 4 am.

(15.11.2017)Risk of Antibiotic Resistances Remains High

Real hazards of antibiotic resistances to mankind are difficult to quantify, according to a survey among researchers.

(15.11.2017)Top Grade for Young Investigator Group

The Council for "Research and Promotion of Young Scientists" (CRYS) has confirmed the extraordinary success of Young Investigator Group "Green Mobility" by Dr. Luise Kärger.

(15.11.2017)Guide for the Career Start

Start your Career: KIT and TechnologyRegion event to inform students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers from abroad.

Umweltforschung: Das Schweigen der Hummeln
(15.11.2017)Environmental Research: The Silence of the Bumblebees

Research shows that pesticides reduce the buzz of bumblebees and, thus, affect their pollination behavior.

Organe auf Mikrochips für sichere Medikamententests
(15.11.2017)Organs on Microchips for Safe Drug Testing

Vanessa Kappings of KIT receives award for supporting animal-free research by miniaturized organs on a chip.

Grafische Darstellung eines Quanten-Algorithmus
(14.11.2017)Quantum Computing Enables Fast Database Searches

KIT scientists have implemented Grover’s quantum algorithm for search in unsorted databases.

Auf einer Treppe hat sich das Team von TEDxKIT mit den Buchstaben aufgestellt
(10.11.2017)TEDxKIT Takes a Look Into the Future

Eight speakers on the topic of "(Re)Imagining the Future" can be experienced at Mathematikgebäude (Campus Süd) on November 18th.

Feine Tropfen werden aus einem Gerät gesprüht, das in grünem Licht erstrahlt
(09.11.2017)Hunting for the Finest Droplet

Using simulation methods for computer games, KIT scientists want to reduce aircraft emissions by 50%.

(09.11.2017)KIT Offers Good Career Opportunities in the IT Sector

Focus Money magazine grants award to KIT for excellent career opportunities of IT specialists.

Weg mit Bäumen vor Bergkulisse
(06.11.2017)KIT Scientists Participate in UN Climate Change Conference

At COP23 from November 6 to 17 in Bonn, the fine print will be discussed. KIT’s climate researchers Harald Kunstmann and Aiko Voigt participate.

(04.11.2017)Tragic Bus Accident: Students of the KIT among the Victims

KIT mourns students who lost their lives in Peru.

(03.11.2017)Ceria Nanoparticles: It Is the Surface that Matters

New findings relating to the structure and chemical activity enable specific further development of catalytic converters and photocatalysts.

Bild aus einem Impflabor in Guinea.
(02.11.2017)Medical Innovations for Africa

An analysis of KIT for the German parliament recommends joint drug development, open innovation processes, and the expansion of clinical centers.

(27.10.2017)Information Event "Teacher Training in Karlsruhe"

Joint event of four Karlsruhe universities on 9 November informs about various teacher training courses.

(27.10.2017)MINTernship: KIT Students at the UNCC

KIT students presented the results of their research internship at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).

(25.10.2017)Helmholtz Supports Young Top-level Researchers

20 young scientists from the field of astroparticle physics will be able to study at the renowned Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina.

(25.10.2017)5th European Geothermal Workshop

The workshop October 12th and 13th strengthened the cooperation between German and French representatives of geothermal industry and mining authorities.

(25.10.2017)3D Microprinting: Product Security

Scientists at KIT develop fluorescent 3D microstructures in order to prevent product piracy and falsifications. 

Luftbild des Wohngebietes Lazarettgarten
(24.10.2017)Testing the Energy Market of the Future

KIT conducts a field test in Landau, where private households are to trade electricity.

(23.10.2017)Information Event: "Parents and Choice of Study"

Event of the Centre for Information and Counselling (zib) on November 10 for parents wishing to support their children in choosing a course of study.

(23.10.2017)Lecture and Discussion: Blockchain or Flopchain?

Event on November 8 of the series: “Focus: Future. Our Life in 2050:” What may a blockchain society be like in 2050?

(20.10.2017)Competition for Researchers-Alumni-Meeting

KIT is among the winners who will receive EUR 40,000 for organizing an alumni meeting abroad.

Um „Parallelwelten“ und die Chancen und Risiken, die sie mit sich bringen, dreht sich das Colloquium Fundamentale im Wintersemester (Foto: Irina Westermann, KIT)
(20.10.2017)Parallel to the Majority Society

Colloquium Fundamentale lecture series of the ZAK is dedicated to collective structures that exist alongside the social mainstream.

(19.10.2017)Dr. Wolfgang Eichelberger Is New Honorary Senator

The KIT awarded the honorary senator status to the founder Dr. Wolfgang Eichelberger for his merits for KIT.

Schwarzer Schmetterling auf weißem Grund
(19.10.2017)Butterfly Wings Inspire Photovoltaic

Researchers at KIT have transferred nanostructures on the wing of a butterfly to solar cells and increased their light absorption rate by up to 200 percent.

Läufer (Symbolbild, Foto: KIT)
(19.10.2017)“Health to Join in” Study: Sports Keep People Ten Years Younger

KIT’s Institute of Sports and Sports Science presented latest results of Germany’s first longitudinal study.

Professor Hanselka spricht am Redepult während der Begrüßung der neuen Studierenden
(19.10.2017)Academic Year Has Started: Around 5,000 New Students at KIT

KIT welcomed the new students and their families at a celebration.

Bezahlen mit dem Smartphone wird im Nahverkehr immer beliebter. Aber ist es auch sicher? (Foto: Gabi Zachmann, KIT)
(17.10.2017)Secure Payment without Data Track

Electronic payment systems have so far provided only a low level of data protection. Scientists at KIT have developed a secure protocol that guarantees privacy.

(16.10.2017)Femtec.Careerbuilding for MINT Students

Female students of natural sciences and engineering sciences at KIT can apply for the program until November 5. Information event on October 24.

(16.10.2017)Dynamic Catalytic Converters for Clean Cities

Also for cold starts and urban traffic: A new concept for catalytic converters could help to efficiently re-treat exhaust gases and save noble metals.

(13.10.2017)Co-founder of Computer Science: Karl Steinbuch's 100th Birthday

The visionary who did research and taught in Karlsruhe gave computer science its name.

Bunte Codezeilen auf einem Bildschirm und eine offene Hand, die sich ihnen nähert
(12.10.2017)“Open Codes” Exhibition Presents Life in Digital Worlds

The “Open Codes” exhibition at ZKM features installations created by KIT scientists.

Ehrengäste der Verleihung des IEEE Milestone für Otto Lehmann vor der enthüllten Gedenktafel
(12.10.2017)"IEEE Milestone" for Otto Lehmann

A commemorative plaque in honor of the physicist Otto Lehmann and his work on liquid crystals has been awarded to KIT by IEEE, the world’s largest association of engineers.

(12.10.2017)"European Campus": Making Science a European Project

Across-borders the political support for more European cooperation in science is growing. KIT is involved within the framework of the Eucor university network.

Kabel und Aufbauten des Elektronenmikroskops in rötlichem Licht
(11.10.2017)Microscopy: A Keen Eye on Sensitive Samples

A new multifunctional electron microscope of KIT can detect structures in sensitive materials.

(11.10.2017)Good Results in NTU Ranking

In engineering and natural sciences, KIT once again is the best German university.

Autonomous and networked vehicles are an important component of new mobility systems and are being researched with research platforms such as OPTICAR (Photo: Andreas Drollinger, KIT)
(10.10.2017)Mobility: Autonomous, Sustainable, Useful, Safe

Seminar series of the Karlsruhe Priority Region for Mobility Systems at KIT presents fascinating and current aspects of research.

Ministerin Theresia Bauer und Professor Thomas Hirth, Vizepräsident des KIT für Innovation und Internationales (Foto: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
(10.10.2017)"Founders' Barbecue" with Minister Bauer

Science Minister Theresia Bauer visited KIT to obtain first-hand information on the Karlsruhe startup scene and its startups.

Hand mit Smartphone auf einer Brücke unter der Autoverkehr hindurchströmt
(09.10.2017)Big Data: Measuring Particulate Matter with New Network

KIT researchers develop a dense measurement network to predict air quality. Citizens can participate with their smartphones.

(06.10.2017)Electric Trucks: Test Track for Trolley Truck Operation

A test track for electrically driven heavy-duty trucks will be built in Baden-Württemberg by the end of 2019.

Grafische Darstellung eines Quantenbits, bei dem grüne und gelbe Linien die unterschiedlichen Zustände des BIts darstellen die gleichzeitig eingenommen werden können
(04.10.2017)Quantum Simulator: First Functioning Component

Researchers of KIT have designed a superconducting quantum simulator that may reproduce complex biological processes.

Modell eines Busbetriebshofs (Foto: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
(02.10.2017)Autonomous Driving at the Bus Depot

Bus depot use case: Study analyzes feasibility and cost reduction potentials of autonomous driving.

(02.10.2017)15 Years of Young Talents - Science and Music

Since 2002, the KIT series of events has been combining science and music. Anniversary celebration on October 11.

(29.09.2017)Start of the Winter Semester: Guidance for Freshmen

New city, new phase of life, endless questions: The dossier "Settling in at KIT" provides the answers.

KIT Logo auf Tafel vor verschwommenem Hintergrund
(29.09.2017)Excellence Strategy: KIT Reaches Final Round for Clusters of Excellence with Four Initiatives

KIT is invited to submit four full proposals for the final round of the Clusters of Excellence Funding Line in the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments.

Virtual Reality-Anwendung (Foto: Magali Hauser, KIT)
(28.09.2017)French-German Institute for Industry of the Future

Research focuses on production systems, robotics, virtual reality, and manufacturing processes.

(28.09.2017)Influence of the Monsoon on Greenhouse Gases

Atmospheric researchers use the HALO research aircraft to investigate interrelationships between monsoon and greenhouse gases.

(26.09.2017)How Switches Work in Bacteria

Researchers from KIT, University of Heidelberg and FU Berlin analyze the structure and dynamics of riboswitches in light-optical single molecule experiments.

(26.09.2017)Most Thunderstorms Occur at the Foot of the Zugspitze

KIT researchers have investigated thunderstorm data and found out where it flashes and thunders most frequently.

Das Wissensbuffet war Beitrag des KIT zum Wissenschaftsjahr 2016/2017 (Foto: Christoph Spatschek, CC BY-ND 3.0 DE)
(26.09.2017)"Knowledge Buffet" Tastes Excellent

Lectures and running sushi buffet: "Wissensbuffet" wins the university competition of Science in Dialogue.

Thomas Hirth, Michael Kaschke und Holger Hanselka (Foto: Carl Zeiss AG)
(25.09.2017)ZEISS Invests 30 Million Euros in Innovation Hub at KIT

ZEISS and KIT plan to construct joint innovation building. KIT's spin-offs are given longer-term perspective on the campus.

Sternenhimmel mit grünen Lichtphänomenen (Foto: Pierre-Auger-Observatorium/KIT)
(22.09.2017)Ambassadors From Distant Galaxies

Scientists of the Pierre Auger Collaboration prove extragalactic origin of high-energy cosmic rays.

Two scientists look at a screen
(21.09.2017)KIT Establishes New Tenure-track Professorships

Thanks to its convincing funding concept for young researchers, KIT can establish nine additional tenure-track professorships.

(21.09.2017)KIT Expands Cooperation in China

With its partner university from Suzhou, the KIT China Branch intends to explore digital change and promote the exchange of knowledge and scientists.

(20.09.2017)Putting Political Parties to the Test: Do They Really Represent Their Electorate?

Researchers at KIT have run a test to evaluate the actual representativeness of political parties in the Bundestag.

(19.09.2017)Ten Years House of Competence

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the "House of Competence" will hold a conference on October 5 and 6.

(18.09.2017)Klaus Tschira Foundation Donates Building to KIT

New building on Adenauerring donated to the state of Baden-Württemberg for use by KIT. Additionally, an institute building will be renovated.

(15.09.2017)Waste-Water Is a Resource, Not Waste

ITAS water-energy-nexus group has been awarded at the world's most important water conference.

(15.09.2017)Funding for German-Russian Research Group

Karlsruhe-Russian Astroparticle Data Life Cycle Initiative at KIT receives three-year funding.

Forscher am KIT untersuchen Akzeptanz von Fleisch aus der Petrischale (Foto: Irina Westermann, KIT.)
(15.09.2017)Schnitzel Grown in Petri Dishes Is Accepted as an Alternative

In a study, KIT scientists show that in-vitro meat could help solving problems caused by meat consumption.

(15.09.2017)Optimal Career Start Thanks to KIT

QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2018: KIT is number 1 in Germany, number 3 in Europe and number 30 worldwide.

Drei springende Kinder in Winterbekleidung vor Bergen
(14.09.2017)New Fitness App Motivates Families to Do More Physical Exercise

For the "SmartFamily" study at KIT, parents and children motivate each other to adopt a healthier lifestyle via smartphone.

(11.09.2017)Rethinking Democracy: KIT Tests Innovative Electoral Process

KIT has tested a new election mode in its search for a way to better reflect the voter's will.

Driving simulator in action
(06.09.2017)Virtual Instructor for Chinese Learner Driver

Projection technology and virtual-reality hardware and software enable realistic driving exercises.

(06.09.2017)KIT Improves in THE Ranking

In the renowned Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking 2018, KIT is 133rd worldwide and 14th in Germany.

Dr. Cornelia Lee-Thedieck (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(06.09.2017)Dr. Cornelia Lee-Thedieck Receives ERC Starting Grant

For her research on the development of hematological and musculoskeletal disorders, Dr. Cornelia Lee-Thedieck is awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

North korean atomic test lifted Karlsruhe by one micrometer (Chart: KIT-GPI)
(05.09.2017)Nuclear Test in North Korea Measurable in Karlsruhe

Geophysicists measure earthquakes after bomb test: The recent nuclear test in North Korea was even measurable in Karlsruhe.

"MycoTree" strucutre consisting of of mushroom mycelium and bamboo (Photo: Carlina Teteris).
(05.09.2017)Renewable Building Materials for Cities of the Future

At the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, KIT researchers present a self-supporting structure consisting of mushroom mycelium and bamboo.

Die mit 429 Metern unter dem Meeresspiegel tiefstgelegene meteorologische Station auf der Erde misst kontinuierlich die Verdunstung des Wassers des Toten Meeres (Foto: U. Corsmeier, KIT)
(05.09.2017)The Dead Sea: Environmental Research at the Edge of Extremes

Work of the DESERVE Helmholtz Virtual Institute coordinated by KIT focuses on water availability, environmental risks, and climate change.

Der kleine Logistik-Roboter Karis Pro kann erstaunlich große Lasten transportieren (Foto: KIT, Audi Sport GmbH)
(01.09.2017)On the Way to Promotion into the Logistics League

Interaction as in modern football: KIT researchers have equipped the Karis Pro intralogistics system with team spirit.

Wie die Grafik zeigt, übersteigen durch Hurrikan Harvey die jährlichen Kosten von Naturkatastrophen weltweit nun schon das achte Jahr in Folge die 100-Milliarden-Dollar-Grenze (Abbildung: James Daniell, KIT)
(31.08.2017)Harvey Is One of the Top 10 Most Costly Natural Disasters

Texas suffers direct losses of $58 billion, further increases in costs may be expected. Only Sandy and Katrina were more expensive.

(30.08.2017)Energy Grids: Connecting Electricity, Gas, and Heating

RegEnKibo project: Evaluation and modeling of the energy grids of the town of Kirchheimbolanden succesfully completed.

Zwei Lenz-Linsen in einem Helmholtz-Spulenpaar angeordnet. Die Simulation zeigt, wie die Lenz-Linsen den magnetischen Fluss räumlich fokussieren (Abbildung: Nils Spengler, KIT)
(30.08.2017)New Means for Medical Applications

For the first time, scientists of KIT use Lenz lenses for the measurement of nuclear magnetic resonance.

Proband im KD2Lab am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Foto: KIT)
(28.08.2017)KD2Lab at KIT Explores Buying Decisions

In the computer-assisted Karlsruhe Decision and Design Lab, researchers explore the influence of emotions on our decisions.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: KIT)
(28.08.2017)Podcast: "On the Status of the Energy Transition"

In a Resonator podcast feature, Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT, comments on the status of the energy transition in Germany.

(25.08.2017)Using Body Energy as a Power Source

Scientists of KIT work on body energy harvesting for the power supply of mobile devices like smartphones or pacemakers.

Professor Thomas Leisner, Leiter des Instituts für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung (Bild: KIT)
(25.08.2017)Experiments on Fine Dust, Clouds, and Climate

Fine dust has a bad image these days but it is essential for cloud forming and precipitation, as Professor Thomas Leisner explains.

(24.08.2017)Vehicle Systems Will Be Tested in Real-Life Traffic

Route network for "Test Center for Connected and Automated Driving" is to be set up in Karlsruhe.

Europäische Forschungspartner führen das Knowhow über verschiedenste Energieinfrastrukturen für die Energiewende zusammen (Foto: KIT / PCE)
(21.08.2017)Energy Transition: Experts of Energy Grids Bundle Knowhow

KIT coordinates SmILES research project that combines knowhow in simulation, optimization, and use of storage technologies and their integration.

Bye bye Elfenbeinturm
(16.08.2017)Bye Bye, Ivory Tower – Hello, Open Science

KIT experts of technology assessment examine opportunities and risks of open science.

(14.08.2017)X-Ment Mentoring Program: Apply now

Application period for the mentoring program for doctoral students and PostDocs has started.

Eine Technikzukunft aus der Vergangenheit: Ein Margarinehersteller warb 1930 mit dieser Vision der mondänen Frau der Zukunft beim mobilen Bildtelefonat (Bild: LWL-Freilichtmuseum Detmold).
(11.08.2017)Futurologists: Our Everyday Technology Is not Normal

The newly established Institute of Technology Futures at KIT explores present discourses and visions of technology futures.

(09.08.2017)Materials Science: Self-healing Gold Particles

Scientists of KIT and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology found self-healing capacity in pure gold.

Die täglichen Ladevorgänge von Elektrofahrzeugen ortsaufgelöst prognostiziert das Planungsinstrument für den Ausbau der Ladeinfrastruktur in der Region Stuttgart (Grafik: KIT)
(09.08.2017)Electric Mobility: Master Plan for Fast Charging Stations

Scientists of KIT and Fraunhofer-ISI developed a planning tool for the assessment of locations for fast charging stations in the Stuttgart region.

Information und Vernetzung: 13. Humboldt-Tag am KIT (Foto: Patrick Langer, KIT)
(04.08.2017)13th Humboldt-Tag at KIT

The event provided information on funding offers, services, and networking for internationally mobile researchers.

Professor Thomas Koch (Foto: Patrick Langer, KIT)
(02.08.2017)Diesel Summit: How Dirty Is the Diesel Engine?

Professor Thomas Koch, Head of the KIT Institute of Internal Combustion Engines, in an interview with the Helmholtz Association.

Esterbergalm bei Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Foto: IMK-IFU, KIT)
(01.08.2017)Effects of Climate Change on Grassland Ecosystems

SUSALPS project investigates important ecosystem functions of grasslands in the Alps.

(31.07.2017)Volkswagen Foundation Funds Model Theory Project

Interdisciplinary project focuses on the social dimensions of the energy transition.

Mit dem Höhenflugzeug Geophysica geht es für das Forscherteam in die „obersten Stockwerke“ des Monsuns (Foto: Christof Piesch, KIT)
(31.07.2017)Studying the Asian Monsoon with the High-altitude Aircraft

Climate research: International team examines air at an altitude of up to 20 kilometers.

(28.07.2017)International MINTernship Program

Students of the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte completed a research internship at KIT.

(28.07.2017)Navigation System of Brain Cells Decoded

While implementing the genetic construction plan of the brain, protein signals control the growth of neurons.

(25.07.2017)Gaming On Competition Level

KIT is the only German university to support top level computer gaming with an official E-Sports department at the KIT SC.

Pilotanlage im SOLETAIR Projekt (Bild: VTT)
(25.07.2017)Power-to-Liquid: Fuel Made of Solar Power and CO2

KIT spinoff INERATEC and partners produce first synthetic fuel from solar energy and the air’s carbon dioxide.

(21.07.2017)Re-Registration For The Winter Semester

Do not forget: Re-Registration for the winter semester 2017/18 is still possible until August 15 via the KIT student portal.

(21.07.2017)Tradition of 125 Years: Students on Surveying Trip in the Black Forest

The surveying exercises of KIT’s geodesy and geoinformatics program are unique in Germany.

GLORIA, der flugzeuggestützte Prototyp für AtmoSat (Foto: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
(18.07.2017)Climate Research: AtmoSat Rated as Outstanding

Council of Science and Humanities rates the AtmoSat infrastructure project of KIT and Forschungszentrum Jülich as "unique" and "of highest relevance."

Forschungsflugzeug HALO (Foto: Eric Förster, KIT)
(18.07.2017)Sky above Europe: Air Quality Measuring Campaign

Mission with the HALO research aircraft studies the impact of air pollution of conurbations on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Mikrostrukturierter Fischer-Tropsch Reaktor der Firma INERATEC (Foto: Andreas Drollinger)
(18.07.2017)Environmental Technology Award: KIT Involved in Two Projects

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Environmental Technology Award 2017 goes to SOLINK tandem solar collector and KIT’s spinoff INERATEC.

(17.07.2017)Holiday Internship for Pupils at KIT

Holiday internship for pupils on product development from July 31 to August 3 at KIT. 

Präsident Hanselka (2. v. r.), Vizepräsident Kraft (r.) und Vertreter des Instituts nehmen FLUTE symbolisch in Betrieb (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(17.07.2017)Looking into Matter: FLUTE Linear Accelerator Inaugurated

At FLUTE, KIT studies technologies for tomorrow's accelerators and applications of terahertz radiation in research, industry, and medicine.

(13.07.2017)DFG Confirms Professors of KIT in Office

Marlis Hochbruck was reelected Vice President, Ellen Ivers-Tiffée Member of the Senate of DFG

(13.07.2017)KIT Awards Third Scholarship For Endangered Scientists

Philipp Schwartz-Scholarship of KIT enables three refugee scientists to continue with their research.

(Foto: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
(13.07.2017)Karlsruhe – Shanghai: Exchanging Science And Culture

Science Exchange Program Karlsruhe-Shanghai: Students from China take part in energy, mobility, and information projects at KIT.

(11.07.2017)Charging Batteries with High Speed

Charged within one minute: Material based on the organic molecule porphyrin increases the charging speed of batteries in a laboratory experiment.

(11.07.2017)Fearing Cyber Attacks on Water Supply

Safety experts meeting at KIT demand better protection of critical infrastructures in the Upper Rhine region.

(11.07.2017)KIT Research On Board

On the boat trip of the Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates scientists of KIT presented top-level research.

(10.07.2017)R+D-Activities of Rolls-Royce in Germany

Lecture on aviation research and development of Rolls-Royce in Germany, on July 13 at KIT Campus South.

(07.07.2017)Innovation Day NEULAND in Retrospect

With the slogan "Neues Schaffen" the culture of innovation at KIT was celebrated by more than 750 participants.

 Solarbrille (Bild: KIT)
(06.07.2017)Solar Glasses Generate Solar Power

Scientists at KIT make lenses from semitransparent organic solar cells that power an integrated microprocessor.

KIT Logo (Bild: KIT)
(06.07.2017)KIT Reaches Top Results in the “Shanghai” Ranking

In the recent ARWU Ranking, KIT belongs to the world's top 100 universities in 13 subjects.

(06.07.2017)Checking On Water Quality of Reservoirs

International project under direction of KIT develops a globally applicable model that is supposed to simplify water protection.

(04.07.2017)Almost One Million EUR for Projects in the European Campus

The first promotional tool of the university association Eucor "Seed Money" functions as start-up support for cross-border projects.

Schauspieler Ricardo Barreiro Caro und Xúlio Abonjo Escudero aus dem Kurzfilm „Einstein-Rosen“ nehmen den KIT Science Film Award entgegen. (Bild: Felix Grünschloß/ZAK)
(04.07.2017)Winner of the KIT Science Film Award

The short film Einstein-Rosen by Olga Osorio wins the first KIT Science Film Award endowed with EUR 5,000.

Autonomes Fahren (Foto: Projekt „PAKoS“)
(04.07.2017)KIT In the City Hall: Autonomous Technology – And the Humans

The KIT Center Humans and Technology presents its research on autonomous technology at July 12th in the city hall.

(04.07.2017)Statement On Climate Change

The Deutsches Klima-Konsortium (DKK), whom KIT belongs to, opposes doubts about climate change with explicit facts.

Britta Nestler
(04.07.2017)Leibniz Prize for Britta Nestler

No scientific misconduct of the Karlsruhe scientist  – award ceremony at the annual assembly of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Halle.

(29.06.2017)„Innovations For The Energy of Tomorrow"

At the 6th annual meeting of the KIT Energy Center, doctoral students presented their projects about the conversion of the energy system.

Transportwege wie Schiene, Wasser und Luft werden mit dem Modell HIGH-TOOL abgebildet (Bild: KIT)
(29.06.2017)German Mobility Prize for Project of KIT

"HIGH-TOOL" project receives the German Mobility Prize 2017. The planning tool predicts effects of transportation policy.

(Grafik: Ken Pekarsky, KIT)
(29.06.2017)Podcast New Episode About Quantum Computers

Episode 7: "The reality mapping machine. On the way towards the quantum computer."

(28.06.2017)KIT Joins Action Week Geodesy

The study program "Geodäsie und Geoinformatik" (geodesy and geoinformatics) presents itself on July 15.

(28.06.2017)Facts on Geothermal Energy

KIT contributes to a new brochure on the professional construction and operation of geothermal probes.

Humboldt-Denkmal in Berlin (Foto: Wilfrid Schröder)
(27.06.2017)13th Humboldt-Tag at KIT

On July 27, the Humboldt Foundation invites to an information day at KIT on the promotion of internationally mobile researchers.

Strom aus regenerativen Erzeugern (Bild: KIT)
(27.06.2017)Energy Planning: Better Algorithms for Decision-makers

New professorship at KIT uses applied mathematics to optimize the planning of renewable energy supply.

 Persönliche Mobilitätsassistenz-App (Bild: Projekt BiE)
(27.06.2017)Optimizing Everyday Life by Electric Mobility

BMBF project develops an app that supports the choice of the right means of transportation

EFFEKTE-Auftakt: Holger Hanselka (re) und Frank Mentrup eröffneten das Wissenschaftsfestival  (Foto: Andreas Drollinger)
(25.06.2017)Big Success of the 2017 Open Day at KIT

Effects at KIT: 35,000 visitors experienced research first-hand at Campus North on June 24.

Am Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017, wurden im Gastdozentenhaus des KIT die diesjährigen Hochbegabten-Stipendien der Gunther-Schroff-Stiftung übergeben (Foto: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
(23.06.2017)Scholarships Granted to Highly Gifted Students

In 2017, Gunther Schroff Foundation supports eleven students with a "Schroff-Hochbegabten-Stipendium."

(23.06.2017)TMB Celebrates 50th Anniversary

On June 22, the Institute of Technology and Management in Construction celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Allen Ali und Max Mohammadi (Foto: privat)
(23.06.2017)KIT Student Wins Startup World Championship

Allen Ali Mohammadi's enterprise Hippogriff wins the Serge Kampf Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award.

(23.06.2017)Cooperations with Aristoteles University

Head of Division Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn visited Thessaloniki University for exploratory talks on the expansion of cooperations.

Heinrich Hertz (Foto: KIT)
(21.06.2017)Heinrich Hertz Guest Professorship for Gerd Hirzinger

Robotics pioneer to present two public lectures on June 28 and 29.

(20.06.2017)NEULAND – The Innovation Day at KIT

"NEULAND" is the venue for innovators, enterprises, investors, students, employees, and founders.

(16.06.2017)3D Printing from the Cloud

With the support of the State of Baden-Württemberg, KIT and Stuttgart University launch 3D printing cloud.

(14.06.2017)Source of Raw Materials, Climate Factor, Escape Route

Series of lectures "Man and the sea: Hopes and challenges" focuses on the ocean.

Mit dem Spatenstich beginnt die Bauphase der neuen Halle des Energie Lab 2.0 auf dem Campus Nord des KIT. (Bild: Laila Tkotz/KIT)
(13.06.2017)Groundbreaking for the Energy Transition

The first laboratory complex for research into intelligent energy systems under the Energy Lab 2.0 project is being built on Campus North.

Zukunftsraum des Reallabors 131 des KIT (Foto: Tanja Meißner)
(13.06.2017)Research for a Sustainable Life in the Quarter

In the “Reallabor 131: KIT findet Stadt,” scientists and citizens develop ideas for more quality of life in Karlsruhe’s Oststadt.

Dr. Nicole Stricker (links) und Bettina Fleck (Fotos: Lydia Albrecht, KIT; Studioline Karlsruhe)
(13.06.2017)Erna Scheffler Sponsorship Award for Excellent Research

The Soroptimist Club Karlsruhe honors Dr. Nicole Stricker and Bettina Fleck of KIT.

(09.06.2017)"Unifest" and KIT Open Day on June 24

A shuttle bus from Campus South to Campus North will connect the locations of the double event.

Australian Laureate Fellow 2017: Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik (Foto: Irina Westermann)
(08.06.2017)Customized High-tech Materials by Using Light

Christopher Barner-Kowollik’s project on programming material properties by a laser is funded by an Australian Laureate Fellowship.

Solitonen-Frequenzkämme werden durch Siliziumnitrid-Mikroresonatoren erzeugt und zur parallelen Datenübertragung über eine Vielzahl von Frequenzkanälen genutzt. (Bild: J. N. Kemal/P. Marin Palomo/KIT).
(08.06.2017)Optical Communication at Record Speed

Scientists of KIT and EPFL reach a data transfer speed of 55 terabits per second with newly developed components.

Die Partner bei der Vertragsunterzeichnung (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
(08.06.2017)KIT and Bosch: Innovating Together

KIT and Robert Bosch GmbH conclude a strategic partnership contract for the promotion of technical innovations.

(08.06.2017)QS Ranking: KIT Convinces Employers

In the QS World University Ranking KIT ranks 36th in "Employer Reputation."

More | Der Forschungspodcast des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (Grafik: Ken Pekarsky, KIT)
(02.06.2017) Podcast: Current Issue on Cryptography

Issue 6: "Encrypted Traces. How Cryptography Can Help to Protect Digital Privacy".

Innovationstag NEULAND am KIT (Bild: KIT)
(01.06.2017)NEULAND Innovation Day at KIT

On June 28, speeches, workshops, and exhibitions will inform on all aspects of innovation at KIT.

(30.05.2017)KIT Starts Application Phase for the Winter Semester

Apply online now for the winter semester 2017/18 at KIT. The zib offers consultation around the application.

(30.05.2017)Growth Mechanism of Fungi Decoded

Fungal cells elongate nearly infinitely at their apexes. Scientists at KIT figured out how this growth mechanism works.

(29.05.2017)"Politics Will Have to Continue on This Route after the Election"

Interview of Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT, on the Energy System 2050 initiative.

Tour Eucor 2017: 900 Kilometer durch drei Länder (Foto: Tour Eucor e. V.)
(29.05.2017)Tour Eucor 2017: Three Countries in Five Days

The 20th anniversary of the cycling event will end on June 10 with a music festival at KIT.

(23.05.2017)Using Synergies: Research for Digital Change

After Berlin’s decision on the internet institute: Baden-Württemberg consortium will continue cooperation.

LHC am CERN (Foto: Markus Breig)
(23.05.2017)Particle Physics: CERN "Sees" Better

KIT scientists contribute to the optimized silicon pixel detector of the CMS particle detector at CERN.

(23.05.2017)Long Night of Study Guidance

On June 2, prospective students will have the opportunity to inform themselves about all aspects of studying at KIT.

Die Partner bei der Unterzeichnung des Stiftungsvertrages. v.l.n.r.: Katharina Ludwig, Johann Soder, (beide SEW-EURODRIVE), Holger Hanselka, Thomas Hirth, (beide KIT). (Foto: KIT)
(23.05.2017)SEW-EURODRIVE Supports KIT-Foundation

SEW-EURODRIVE sponsors an endowed chair for functional safety and a learning center at KIT.

(22.05.2017)Virtual Engineering for SME

IMI and Lexer Research Inc. set up an "Experience Corner" at the KIT Industry 4.0 Collaboration Lab.

Tag der offenen Tür des KIT am 24. Juni 2017 von 10 bis 21 Uhr am Campus-Nord, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Grafik: Shutterstock / Eva Geiger, KIT)
(22.05.2017)Effektvoll am KIT: Open Day 2017 on Campus North

Directions, video trailer, program: Everything you need to know about the Open Day on June 24, 2017 from 10 am to 9 pm.

(Foto: Patrick Seeger)
(19.05.2017)EUR 950,000 for Research in the Upper Rhine Region

Project for the establishment of a large-scale research infrastructure pushes scientific networking in the region.

(18.05.2017)Science Camps: School Holidays Full of Energy

This summer, pupils will have the chance to get to know more about energy, geothermal energy, and computer science at three Science Camps of ZML.

Effizienzvermessung eines Speichersystems (Bild: KIT)
(18.05.2017)Energy Transition: KIT at Intersolar and ees

KIT presents the Energy Lab 2.0 and the "SafetyFirst" project for efficient home storage systems from May 31 at Intersolar and ees Europe.

Teilnehmer der 22. Konferenz von am KIT (Foto: Andreas Drollinger, KIT)
(18.05.2017)Trends and Prospects of Alumni Management

From May 10 to 12, KIT hosted the 22nd (acn) conference.

(16.05.2017)5th 10 km Championship of KIT

On June 24, students and employees of KIT as well as other running enthusiasts can participate.

Logo des Campusradio (Bild: Campusradio Karlsruhe)
(16.05.2017)Joint Campus Radio Goes on Air

Close to the pulse of the campus: On May 17, the cross-university Campusradio Karlsruhe radio station will be on air.

Der Nil am Upper Atbara Staudamm im Sudan (Bild: SaWaM Projekt)
(16.05.2017)Better Water Management in Arid Regions

KIT coordinates BMBF-funded project SaWaM for the use of global data for the management and prediction of water resources.

(16.05.2017)EUCOR Festival

Student bands and artists from the five member universities of EUCOR perform at the EUCOR Festival, June 10 at KIT.

(16.05.2017)5th KIT PhD Symposium

The PhD Symposium for PhD students of KIT will be held on September 19 at the KD2-Lab. Registration deadline is August 31.

„OPTICAR“- Fahrzeug (Bild: KIT)
(11.05.2017)Autonomous Driving: Keeping an Eye on the Surroundings

"OPTICAR" project tests new camera systems for environmental recognition.

Preisgekröntes Rechenzentrum des KIT (Foto: KIT)
(09.05.2017)Super-efficient: Award for KIT's Supercomputer

New KIT computing center with high-performance computer is granted a prize for its energy efficiency.

Zufriedene Studenten am KIT (Foto: KIT)
(09.05.2017)CHE Ranking: Highly Satisfied Students at KIT

Students of business engineering and of information technology at KIT are highly satisfied with their study situation.

Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Laila Tkotz)
(05.05.2017)2017 KIT Annual Celebration: Success through Networking

The fascination of science: Research for the society’s areas of demand  energy, mobility, and information – based on a large scope of disciplines.

Karlsruher Schloss (Foto: Nicole Brinnel)
(04.05.2017)City Conversations: What Is 'Home'?

ZAK’s series of presentations on complexity and ambivalence conception of ‘home’ from May 10 to 31.

(04.05.2017)Cooperation School-College now in Karlsruhe

Colleges and Schools in Karlsruhe cooperate in order to make the transition to studies in maths easier.

More | Der Forschungspodcast des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (Grafik: Ken Pekarsky, KIT)
(03.05.2017)Suspended Dust and Water Droplets

The 5th issue of the KIT research podcast explains how clouds make weather.

(03.05.2017)Wastewater Is More than Waste

From energy-saving houses to resource-efficient urban quarters: ITAS theme night on May 11.

(02.05.2017)"My Erasmus" Photo Competition

To celebrate the 30 years of the Erasmus program the photo competition “My Erasmus!” is launched.

KIT-Karrieremesse (Foto: Farima Narimani)
(02.05.2017)KIT Career Fair

Meeting point for students and companies: 250 employers present themselves at the KIT Career Fair from May 16 to 18 on the KIT Campus.

Seminar am NaWik (Foto: ©NaWik/Tim Wegner)
(02.05.2017)Promoting Science Communication in Germany

Communicating science comprehensibly is the aim of NaWik. The Klaus Tschira Foundation and KIT permanently support the institute as of 2017.

(28.04.2017)Mini Test Tubes Made of Water Drops

Spin-off from KIT develops laboratory technology that supersedes expensive pipetting robots in high-throughput screening.

Lackierung im Tauchbad (Foto: Eisenmann)
(27.04.2017)Electric Impulses Clean Industrial Water and Paints

KIT coordinates BMBF-funded project for the sustainable sterilization of industrial water and paints by electric impulses.

Der globale Risikoindex für Weinregionen (Abbildung: James Daniell/KIT).
(27.04.2017)Global Risk Index for Wine Regions

KIT scientists examine which regions are affected by natural disasters and how climate change may affect winegrowing.

Professor Oliver Kraft, Vizepräsident des KIT, beim March for Science Heidelberg (Foto: Andreas Drollinger, KIT)
(25.04.2017)KIT Joined Heidelberg March for Science

Professor Oliver Kraft, Vice President of KIT, held a speech at the Heidelberg March for Science.

(25.04.2017)Robustness of Chained Production Systems

For her thesis on this topic, Nicole Stricker was awarded the "Südwestmetall-Förderpreis."

Johanna Wanka und Professor Holger Hanselka (Foto: Andreas Drollinger, KIT)
(25.04.2017)Hannover Messe: Minister Wanka Visits Stand of KIT

Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister of Education and Research, visited the Hannover Messe with Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT.

(25.04.2017)Survey on Participation in the March for Science

Results of a non-representative survey on participation in the "March for Science" in Germany.

(25.04.2017)3D-Ink Eraser Developed

KIT developed a procedure that enables the erasing of 3D-printed microstructures from printers using Direct Laser Writing.

Presse Preview auf der Hannover Messe 2017 (Foto: Andreas Drollinger, KIT)
(24.04.2017)Hannover Messe: Lenses with Transparent Organic Solar Cells

At the start of Hannover Messe, KIT presented mobile applications of organic solar cells to about 80 media representatives.

(24.04.2017)Concert of KIT's Chamber Orchestra

The chamber orchestra of KIT will give its next concert on May 6 on KIT Campus South.

Komplizierte, hochgenaue Strukturen aus Glas lassen sich durch eine am KIT entwickelte Methode im 3D-Druck fertigen (Foto: KIT)
(20.04.2017)Nature: 3D Printing of Glass Is Now Possible

Using a new process developed by KIT, complex forms of glass can be printed in 3 dimensions.

(19.04.2017)Ten Years European Research Council

Video review of the event "erc = science²" at KIT on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ERC.

(13.04.2017)Charity Swimming for "Schwimm Fix" Project

15-hour charity swimming for the "Schwimm Fix" project for elementary school children in Karlsruhe.

Die streifenförmigen Nanostrukturen in Perowskit-Solarzellen lassen sich mithilfe einer Form der Rasterkraftmikroskopie (schematisch dargestellt) nachweisen (Abbildung: Holger Röhm, Tobias Leonhard/KIT)
(13.04.2017)Photovoltaic Cells with Nanostrips

KIT scientists gain new insights into Perovskite solar cells.

(12.04.2017)American Football in Karlsruhe

27 years excitement for American Football: the KIT SC Engineers will compete in the regional league southwest this year.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Andrea Fabry, KIT)
(10.04.2017)Op-ed Article: "Science Has to Promote Its Values"

Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT, comments on whether science has to engage politically when its freedom is threatened.

Holger Puchta (links) und Wolfgang Wernsdorfer (Foto: KIT)
(07.04.2017)Two Researchers of KIT Receive ERC Advanced Grants

European Research Council (ERC) selects Holger Puchta and Wolfgang Wernsdorfer for funding through an ERC Advanced Grant.

(07.04.2017)"High Quality of Vocational Training"

Focus Money business magazine: KIT is one of Germany’s best training enterprises.

(06.04.2017)KIT is Partner Company of Top-class Sports

KIT was honored for supporting the sports career of the canoeist and KIT employee Cathrin Dürr.

Sonnenturm Jülich (Foto: DLR)
(06.04.2017)Storing Solar Power with Sulphur

KIT and partners develop solar tower power plant for cost-efficient power production based on the combustion of sulphur.


MINT-students at KIT can apply for the program from April 10 to May 7. An info event takes place at April 25.

Organische Solarzelle (Foto: Janek Benz, KIT)
(04.04.2017)KIT at the Hannover Messe

KIT presents innovative technologies for the energy turnaround, e-mobility and materials sciences as from April 24 at the Hannover Messe 2017.

(30.03.2017)Internationalization and Innovation at KIT

Thomas Hirth, vice president for innovation and international affairs, visits strategic partners in the Chinese province of Jiangsu and in Shanghai.

U-Multirank des KIT (Abbildung: U-Multirank)
(30.03.2017)KIT Strong in Research and Knowledge Transfer

In the "U-Multirank" especially research at KIT is in the top group in a series of indicators.

(30.03.2017)Well sorted: Bulk Material Plants Become Smarter

Optimized sorting system developed by KIT and Fraunhofer-Institute IOSB could save enormous resources.

(30.03.2017)Successful Annual Meeting on Dosimetry at KIT

The 16th annual meeting of EURADOS about monitoring and protection from radiation exposure took place at KIT.

(29.03.2017)FameLab: Success for KIT Earthquake Expert

Andreas Schäfer, PhD student at the Geophysical Institute of KIT, came second place.

(28.03.2017)Holiday Internship for Pupils

Engineering internship "design and construction" for pupils during the Easter holidays.

Wirbel unter der Borke (Abbildung: Claus Mattheck/KIT)
(28.03.2017)Vortexes as Wheels of Nature

KIT biomechanics expert Claus Mattheck transfers universal forms of trees to technical components.

Bikescanner (Foto: KIT/Markus Breig)
(28.03.2017)Top Performance Thanks to Optimal Settings

200 years after the invention of the bicycle, KIT’s Bikescanner can adjust a racing bike exactly to the cyclist.

(28.03.2017)Big Data Approach to Predict Protein Structure

Using a big data approach, researchers of KIT have developed a method to predict protein structures.

(27.03.2017)Enhanced Safety and Productivity at Shipyards

SchiV 3.0 project: KIT and partners develop indoor location system for dynamic surroundings.

Karlsruhe Science Film Award 2017 (Grafik: ZAK)
(24.03.2017)Karlsruhe Science Film Award 2017

Until May 15, filmmakers and scientists can submit competition entries for the "KIT Science Film Award."

Girls' Day (Foto: Tanja Meißner, KIT)
(06.04.2017)Girls' Day 2017 at KIT

On April 27, KIT will present studies, vocational training, and work at various workshops.

(23.03.2017)Eucor Summer School 2017

"Economy – Science – Society: How do we shape our future?" - Application until April 30.

(23.03.2017)Bioinformatics: Parasites Stabilize Ecosystem

Bioinformaticians of KIT take part in the discovery and exploration of new species in tropical rainforests.

More, Folge 4: Nationalismus in Europa – neue Gefahr oder altes Gepäck? (Grafik: Ken Pekarsky, KIT)
(23.03.2017)Nationalism in Europe – New Danger or Old Burden?

The current issue of the podcast covers the resurgence of nationalism.

Vorsicht, kein Trinkwasser. Lediglich 0,3 Prozent des Wassers auf der Erdoberfläche eignet sich als Trinkwasser (Foto: KIT)
(21.03.2017)Energy from Toilet Wastewater

Experts of the “Water-Energy Group” of KIT study possibilities to improve the handling of wastewater.

Weltweiter Marsch für die Wissenschaft am 22. April (Grafik / Logo: Science March Germany)
(20.03.2017)Worldwide March for Science

Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT, is one of the supporters of the "March for Science" on April 22.

Fünf Jahre KIT-Stiftung (Grafik: IRM, KIT)
(17.03.2017)KIT Foundation: Lecture on Heritages

Lecture on the topic of inheritance, will, and provision for old age on March 30.

Ineffiziente Getreideernte (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(16.03.2017)A Fifth of the World’s Food Is Wasted

International study on the global food system: Overeating and “throwaway mentality” reduce global food security and damage the environment.

Seismograph SEIS am BFO (Foto: Björn Oldsen)
(16.03.2017)On The Way to Mars: Instrument Test in The Black Forest

Collective observatory BFO of KIT and the university of Stuttgart tests seismometer for NASA Mars mission.

(16.03.2017)Models for Customized Energy Systems

KIT coordinates “energy systems integration“ project under the “key future research topics“ program of the Helmholtz Association.

Damit Autos zukünftig alleine durch Karlsruhe fahren können, müssen bei Testfahrten erst die Streckendaten erhoben werden (Foto: FZI).
(15.03.2017)CeBIT: Autonomous Driving and Other Glimpses into the Future

At the joint CeBIT stand of KIT and FZI Research Center for Information Technology, visitors are invited to experience fascinating research.

(14.03.2017)KA-RaceIng In the Race With Autonomous Car

For the Formula Student Driverless KA-RaceIng constructs an electric racing car that is able to run the course autonomously.

(14.03.2017)The Wild Jungle – Not That Wild?

Data of KIT confirms that indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest domesticated tree species even before America’s discovery.

(14.03.2017)Application for the "Deutschlandstipendium"

From April 1 to 27, students can apply for a "Deutschlandstipendium."

(13.03.2017)Which University Suits Me?

The information event for students at March 15 at the DHBW Karlsruhe helps with choosing the right university.

(10.03.2017)Ten Years School Laboratory for Mathematics at KIT

The laboratory's goal is to familiarize children and youths with math in fun and games.

(Foto: Martin Lober, KIT)
(09.03.2017)KIT in the World’s Top 100 in Nine Subjects

KIT is in the top 100 of the "QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017" in nine subjects.

Haupt-Spektrometer des Experiments KATRIN (Bild: KIT)
(09.03.2017)Network for Neutrino Research and Sensors

The international network Neutrino mass develops more precise detectors for particle physics experiments like KATRIN.

(09.03.2017)Reliable Molecular Toggle Switch developed

Scientists at KIT develop an electromechanic toggle switch measuring only one nanometer.

(09.03.2017)Information Event "Parents and Choice of Study Courses"

Information event on March 24 for partens who want to support their children in choosing study courses.

(07.03.2017)International Students are highly satisfied

Therefore KIT has been awarded with the „International Student Satisfaction Award“ 2016.

Kinder in Bewegung (Foto: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
(07.03.2017)Congress: "Wie bringen wir Kinder in Schwung?"

Long-term study of KIT sports scientists on physical fitness of children and adolescents.

Professor Thomas Hirth und Dr. Sybill Storz KIT (Foto: Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG)
(07.03.2017)KIT Foundation Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Vice President Hirth awarded founding donor Dr. Sybill Storz with the KIT Medal for Merit.

Zehn Jahre ERC (Grafik: ERC)
(06.03.2017)Ten Years ERC: European Top Level Research at KIT

Ten years European Research Council (ERC): KIT scientists present outstanding research projects in a ceremony at KIT.

(03.03.2017)Resource Protection: Foam Structures for Lightweight Construction

KIT develops innovative materials for lightweight construction in a cooperation project.

(03.03.2017)From Knowledge Management to Web Science

The 33. AIK-Symposium at March 24 discusses methods for gaining knowledge and value out of large data quantities.

Mit ihrer Bonuskarte sammeln Konsumenten beim Bezahlen Punkte. (Bild: KIT)
(01.03.2017)Privacy: Secrecy Obligation for the Digital Piggy Bank

KIT develops a digital bonus and payment system to better protect customer data.

(24.02.2017)Smart Data: SDIL of KIT Is in the TOP5 in Europe

The Smart Data Innovation Lab (SDIL) is one of five European research platforms receiving the title “BDVA i-Space”.

(24.02.2017)Julius Wess Award 2016 Goes to Robert Klanner

Experimental physicist Robert Klanner is granted award for his contribution to the development of silicon trackers.

(24.02.2017)KIT’s Support of Startups Is Exemplary

KIT ranks 2nd in the 2016 Gründungsradar ranking of startup support services by the Stifterverband for Promoting Science and Education.

More (Bild: KIT)
(22.02.2017) Industry 4.0 in 9.0 Chapters

The 3rd episode of the science podcast addresses hopes and concerns relating to the Industry 4.0 vision.

21. Karlsruhe Dialogues (Picture: ZAK).
(22.02.2017)Karlsruhe Dialogues about Diversity, Democracy and Populism

From March 3 to 5, the 21st Karlsruhe Dialogues invite to public discussions.

Autobahnen und andere Transportwege werden mit dem Modell HIGH-TOOL abgebildet (Bild: KIT).
(22.02.2017)HIGH-TOOL Supports Transport Planning in Europe

KIT coordinates successful EU project that helps to evaluate the impact of transport policy measures.

(22.02.2017)KIT Spring Days of Sustainability

Project days from March 8 until March 10 offer workshops about sustainability for Bachelor students.

(21.02.2017)Organometallic Scaffolds Function as Looms

Researchers at KIT create two-dimensional textiles from monomolecular polymeric threads.

3. Doktorandentage des KIT vom 14. bis 17. März 2017 (Foto: KHYS)
(17.02.2017)Information – Orientation – Networking

From March 14 to 17, KIT invites doctoral researchers and students at KIT to attend the 3rd KIT PhD Days.

(17.02.2017)Three Stars for Vegan Food from PETA Germany

„Vegan-friendly canteen“: Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe receives highest award from PETA Germany.

(17.02.2017)Measuring the Real Size of Gods and Giants

Project HEiKA MUSIEKE creates 3D-computer models of cultural objects by using standard digital camera technology.

(17.02.2017)An Eye on Future Energy Systems

Exchange and cooperation possibilities were main topics at a visit of a delegation of University of Alberta at KIT.

(16.02.2017)NAE Elected Horst Hahn as New Foreign Member

The United States National Academy of Engineering elected Professor Horst Hahn as one of its foreign members.

Übergabe des EFI-Gutachtens an Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (Foto: Svea Pietschmann / EFI)
(15.02.2017)Germany Does not Exploit Its Full Potential for Establishing Business

The Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation presented their annual report on research, innovation, and technological performance.

Pflanzaktion am Campus Süd des KIT (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(14.02.2017)KIT Setting an Example for Sustainability

Symbolic tree and flower planting - KIT Masterplan 2030 on sustainable campus development.

Datensicherheit (Foto: Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe)
(14.02.2017)Cybersecurity in Germany

KASTEL and other competence centers for IT security research submitted position paper on the current status of cybersecurity.

AERO-TRAM (Foto: Patrick Langer, KIT)
(14.02.2017)Back in the Depot: AERO-TRAM Measurements Completed

The AERO-TRAM cooperation project for measuring air quality in the conurbation of Karlsruhe has ended.

(13.02.2017)"Biotechnology in a Bioeconomy" Workshop

Report: "3rd German-Chinese Workshop on Biotechnology in a Bioeconomy" in cooperation with Universität Hohenheim.

(09.02.2017)"Pelican" Helps Learn German

“Pelican” helps find a tandem partner for cultural integration of refugees.

(09.02.2017)On Refugee's Lives, or a Note on Human Condition

Closing event of the World Science Café on February 15. Presentation in English.

IMK-IFU am Fuß der Zugspitze (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT).
(07.02.2017)Campus Alpine of KIT Joins Bavarian Climate Alliance

KIT's Campus Alpine strengthens the "Bavarian Climate Alliance" for climate protection.

Allen Ali Mohammadi (Bild: KIT/Victor Ackerheim).
(07.02.2017)Student of KIT on Forbes List "30 Under 30"

US business magazine ranks Allen Ali Mohammadi among the most influential young Europeans.

(06.02.2017)KIT Among the World's Most International Universities

According to a THE ranking, KIT is among the 100 institutions with the strongest global connections.

(02.02.2017)Make Innovation from Research

The ERC funds commercialization of basic research at KIT.

(02.02.2017)Long Night of the Final Thesis

At March 5 the HoC offers an entire evening of mentoring and workshops around academic work.

(02.02.2017)Porous Materials for Chemical Processes

With her PhD thesis, chemist Alexandra Schade reaches 3rd place in the Gips-Schüle Young Scientist competition.

(02.02.2017)Higher CO2-Emissions than expected

Climate research shows so far underestimated impact of land-use change on carbon dioxide household.

(02.02.2017)Climate Forecasting for the Near Futur

MiKlip research project develops climate forecasts for the next one to ten years.

Vertreter von Caterpillar und KIT bei der Eröffnung des gemeinsamen gemeinsames Gasmotoren-Erprobungslabors (Foto: Sandra Göttisheim , KIT)
(01.02.2017)Energiewende: Cogeneration Plant for Research

At their joint gas engine test laboratory, Caterpillar and KIT want to enhance the advantages of gas-fired power plants.

(31.01.2017)Universities Call Upon the US to Lift Entry Ban

KIT supports several science organizations’ calls to repeal or clarify President Trump’s executive order.

(31.01.2017)Survey on Organisation of Study and Exams

With their voluntary participation in this survey, students help to form KIT.

Eine Krebszelle unter dem Mikroskop: STED-Bild (links) und STEDD-Bild (rechts) (Abbildung: APH/KIT)
(31.01.2017)Background Suppression for Super-resolution Light Microscopy

KIT-developed STEDD nanoscopy yields enhanced image quality for analyzing three-dimensional molecules and cell structures.

KIT tritt ForschungsVerbund Erneuerbare Energien (FVEE) bei. (Bild: KIT)
(31.01.2017)KIT Joins the German Renewable Energy Research Association

KIT will contribute its competences regarding the storage and efficiency of energy in the German Renewable Energy Research Association.

(31.01.2017)Encourage Enthusiasm – Promote Talent

Booster club "Chemie-Olympiade e. V." celebrated its 25th anniversary.

(27.01.2017)Graduates Are Well Prepared for Working Life

Baden-Württemberg universities surveyed how graduates started into their professional life.

More | Der Forschungspodcast des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (Grafik: Ken Pekarsky, KIT)
(26.01.2017) Batteries for the Future

The 2nd episode of the science podcast addresses different aspects of energy storage research.

(26.01.2017)Lightweight Construction of Electric Motors

KIT's new PTLEA laboratory at KIT focuses on weight-optimized electric motors.

(26.01.2017)Poster Exhibition about Female Physicists

Exhibition "Lise Meitner and her daughters" at KIT portrays women in science until March 5.

Sicht aus einem autonomen Fahrzeug (Bild: PAKoS)
(26.01.2017)Optimal Interaction between Man and Car

BMBF research association "PAKoS" develops assistance system for smooth interaction of driver and autonomous vehicle.

(26.01.2017)German Council of Science and Humanities

Professor Peter Gumbsch, KIT material scientist, is new chairman of the scientific commission of the "Wissenschaftsrat".

Rekonstruktion des Heidelberger Schlosses um 1683 (Bild: KIT)
(25.01.2017)Heidelberg Castle Reconstructed by a Computer Simulation

KIT scientist reconstructed Heidelberg Castle as it looked before its destruction – as a three-dimensional virtual model.

(24.01.2017)Materials Research: New Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

Junior research group to develop nanostructured thin films is funded by DFG with EUR 1.4 million.

KIT Big Band (Foto: KIT)
(24.01.2017)Music at KIT: Concerts during this Semester

Collegium Musicum, Young Talents, Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir will give concerts in February.

(23.01.2017)Balu und Du: Volunteering plus Course Credits

Informational event about the mentoring program "Balu und Du" on February 1.

(20.01.2017)Ministry of Science Funds Digital Teaching at KIT

With the aid of the funding, the online course "information literacy" will be expanded.

(20.01.2017)Carbon Uptake by Terrestrial Ecosystems

Climate research: Temperature and water influence the fluctuation of carbon dioxide concentration.

(19.01.2017)Helmholtz International Fellow Award

Two of the five awarded international top scientists were nominated by KIT.

Die Stadt Bad Waldsee nutzt bereits Thermalwasser etwa zum Beheizen des Schwimmbads. (Foto: Waldsee-Therme)
(19.01.2017)Harvesting Summer in Winter

Geothermal energy: project is aimed at efficiently using excessive heat over the year.

Hochleistungsrechner (Bild: KIT)
(17.01.2017)KIT in Town Hall: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The KIT Information Systems Technologies Center introduces itself at the Karlsruhe town hall at 25. January 2017.

(12.01.2017)Graduation - and then What?

The zib offers courses for prospective students on how to decide on a degree program.

(12.01.2017)Economical LED Street Lighting

Scientists develop a special array of light spots to create an even more economic LED street light.

(12.01.2017)New Zealand: Ground Conditions and Vegetation

Sebastian Schmidtlein researches how the development of grounds influences vegetation.

(10.01.2017)Neurons Modulate Growth of Blood Vessels

Researchers are shaking a dogma of cell biology in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

(10.01.2017)Magnetic Carbon with Minute Patterns

For the first time, a research team produced pyrolytic magnetic carbon by lithography.

(10.01.2017)Luminous Quantum Dots Track Cancer Cells

Scientists are researching the early diagnosis of cancer cells.

Sturmschäden im Schwarzwald bei Baiersbronn (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(09.01.2017)Risks of Extreme Weather Events

New endowed professorship: Joaquim Pinto’s research focuses on regional climate and weather hazards.

V.l.n.r.: Vizepräsident und Präsident des KIT, Thomas Hirth und Holger Hanselka, Mitglied des Vorstands der SAP, Gerhard Oswald, und Bernd Welz, Chief Knowledge Officer, SAP (Foto: SAP)
(09.01.2017)KIT and SAP® - Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Digital Solutions

Partnership in research, academic education, and innovation aims to develop digital solutions for industry, science, and society.