Representatives / Commissioners

At KIT, a large number of commissioners make sure that legal requirements and internal regulations in diverse areas are consequently observed.


Compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations is of great importance to  KIT and the basis for trusting and good cooperation. At KIT, the Compliance Officer and her team advise on and raise awareness of issues of compliant behavior, support the organizational units of KIT in designing and optimizing processes, and initiate the investigation of compliance violations.

Equal Opportunity

KIT aims at equal opportunities for women and men in research, studies and teaching as well as innovation and administration. With an integrated concept and various actions, the KIT ─ supported by the Equal Opportunities team ─ tries to increase the number of women in all areas where they are underrepresented, and supports the compatibility of family and work.

Data Protection

KIT has appointed a data protection officer to ensure compliance with the State Data Protection Act and other legal provisions on data protection. She supports and advises employees and students in all data protection issues and in ensuring and complying with data protection requirements at KIT.


The Chief Digital Officer of KIT is responsible for the technical, organizational, and usage-related integration and coordination of all activities in the fields of digital information and communication, for the use of information technologies, and for the digitization strategy of KIT. She is appointed by the Executive Board and is involved in the IV-related decisions of the Executive Board.

Climate Protection and Sustainability

KIT advocates climate-friendly technologies and sustainable solutions - both as a developer in science and as a user in everyday work. In order to strengthen its diverse activities, the Executive Board has appointed a Climate Protection and Sustainability Officer who acts as a central contact person in matters spanning the organization, tasks, and disciplines.


The Safety Officer is responsible for implementation and compliance with the requirements related to safety of KIT employees and environmental protection. Furthermore, the KIT Occupational Safety Officers advise the executive board, heads of institutes and facilities or project managers on questions of health and safety measures and prevention of occupational accidents.

Scientific Integrity

The KIT has adopted rules for safeguarding good scientific practice.  Two ombudspersons are responsible for their implementation and are the contact persons for KIT employees.