During Studies

Matters Relating to Studies

Documents and Certificates
Application for a leave, studies and exmatriculation certificate, graduation certificate or other documents – the Students Office helps in all organizational and administrative matters.

Dates and Deadlines
When does the semester begin? When does the lecture period end? All important data on the duration of the semester, lecture period, examination and re-registration periods at a glance.

Learning at KIT
Working at a calm place, preparing for an exam with a motivated study partner, or watching the recordings of a missed lecture online. Many tips and services will help you master your studies.

Transferable Skills
Time management, stress management, scientific writing, or convincing presentations – all these skills will help you succeed in your studies and job. At KIT, you will find a wide range of courses to acquire a variety of additional skills and transferable skills.

Staying Abroad
Getting to know other languages and cultures does not only broaden your horizon. Intercultural competences are also welcome by employers. Apart from worldwide exchange programs or internships, there are other, less known possibilities to stay abroad.

Internships, Side Jobs, Application, Start of Work
We operate a KIT job portal and support you when you want to apply for a job.

Learning Languages
Knowledge of foreign languages is indispensable for a career in science and industry. At KIT, you can learn 15 different languages from scratch and brush up or deepen existing language proficiency.

Brushing up STEM Knowledge
Do you lack basic knowledge in subjects like mathematics, informatics, physics or chemistry? Prior to your studies, we help you boost your knowledge in STEM subjects by additional courses during the first semesters.

On the intranet you will find all the electronic features and information you need in your everyday study life as well as exciting and current news from research and teaching.

A Student at the Student Advisory Services Markus Breig, KIT

Advice Services

Studies in Special Situations
A pregnancy during studies, studies with a child, or studies with a disability may be challenging. We provide support and advice.

Quitting Studies
Are you uncertain whether you have chosen the right subject and do you consider changing the subject or quitting studies? We help you decide.

Students Counseling
We counsel students in difficult situations and students having problems during their studies.

Psychotherapeutic Counseling
Worries about the future, stress, examination fears, trouble with the partner, or emotional hardship. The Studierendenwerk offers counseling, workshops, and presentations.

Safe on the Campus
The working group “Sicher auf dem Campus" (safe on the campus) provides support after violent attacks and gives information on how to handle criminal offences.


Student Advisory Services
First point of contact at KIT for all questions relating to studies.
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Students Office
Assistance with any questions regarding application and admission or enrolment.
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International Students Office
Information and services regarding study and funding opportunities, preparation, application and realization of a stay at KIT

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KIT Departments
Eleven departments organize teaching and academic affairs at KIT.
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Students Union
The Students Union (AStA) represents the interests of the KIT students towards university, politics, and society.
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Departmental Student Representations
Student contact persons providing orientation or solving problem solvers, and spokespersons in all aspects of the study programme.
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Online Services

Students Portal
Students Portal

Re-registration, certificates, examinations, or course catalog

IT Infrastructure

Data storage, printing, emailing, and more

Media Portal

Lectore recordings and other learning materials in audio or video format


Learning platform with various courses and teaching materials