ZEISS and KIT: Cooperation in Research, Academic Education, and Establishing Spinoffs

KIT and ZEISS Enter Strategic Partnership to Extend Joint Research Activities / Students and Startups Will Also Profit
Präsident Holger Hanselka, Professor Michael Kaschke, Vizepräsident Hirth, Ulrich Simon (Bild: KIT/Andreas Drollinger)
Partnership to foster cooperation: President Holger Hanselka (KIT), Professor Michael Kaschke (ZEISS). Back: Vice President Thomas Hirth (KIT), Ulrich Simon (ZEISS). (Photo: KIT/Andreas Drollinger)

Digital change in work and life is one of the biggest and most pressing challenges facing our society. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and ZEISS are now working on shaping and advancing digitization. The industrial company and the research and education institution have decided to turn their existing, long-standing cooperation in research and academic education into a strategic partnership. Joint product development and establishment of startups will be shifted into the focus. The corresponding agreement was signed on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, in Karlsruhe.


The partners agreed on first concrete research projects in the areas of digitization and robotics. Work will concentrate on machine learning, digital optics, and computer vision applications. In addition, KIT and ZEISS plan to cooperate in academic education, innovation, advanced training, internationalization, recruiting, and university marketing as well as in the public dialog on technology development.

Complete text: Press release 006/2018

mex, 23.01.2018