Hurricane Harvey is one of the top 10 most costly natural disasters of all-time

Texas suffers direct losses of $58 billion – Further increases in costs may be expected – Only Sandy and Katrina were more expensive
Due to Hurricane Harvey, this is now the 8th year in a row where global losses have exceeded 100 billion USD (Figure: KIT).

Hurricane Harvey, which at the beginning of the week has hit the US state of Texas with devastating damage and now rages over Louisiana, is in third place among the world’s most expensive storm disasters. This was found out by researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Their estimated expected damage of around $58 billion for Texas alone puts this ravaging tropical storm already now among the ten most expensive natural disasters since the year 1900. Depending on how the weather patterns and flooding develop, the cost could increase to over $80 billion.

More information: Press release 118/2017

mex, 31.08.2017