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News 2015
(22.12.2015)New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

(21.12.2015)Farewell From KIT: Detlef Löhe Retires

Detlef Löhe has decisively influenced the fusion of the former Universtiy with the Research Center.

Wasserqualität in China: Hilfe für den Tai-See
(21.12.2015)Water Quality in China: Help for the Tai Lake

Scientists fight for a better water quality in the third biggest freshwater lake in China.

(18.12.2015)Survey: Nursing and Studying

Student marketing research institute search for survey participants.

(17.12.2015)"KompetenzKompass" for Students

Til January 31 students can apply for the program for personality and career development.

"Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig": Geschichten von Fluechtlingen aus aller Welt
(17.12.2015)Book Project "Fluchtweg Fünfundzwanzig"

The student group Enactus has published a book about the life stories of refugees.

(17.12.2015)EUR 5.5 Million for European Campus

The European Union funds three joint projects of Upper Rhine region universities

(16.12.2015)Award for Geophysics Pupils Laboratory

The Laboratory familiarizes adolescents with physical fundamentals of geophysics.

(15.12.2015)Sustainable Energy: Urban Heat Islands

Scientists of KIT identify urban heat islands with satellites.

(15.12.2015)Paris Climate Protection Agreement

KIT president Hanselka comments on the Paris world climate conference: task for science.

(14.12.2015)Campaign Day for Female Pupils at KIT

On January 27, female pupils will get an insight into the “Working Life of Female Scientists”.

(11.12.2015)New Cooperative Doctoral Courses

Federal State funds two new cooperative doctoral courses at KIT.

Smog in Peking (Fotos: Stefan Norra)
(11.12.2015)What Leaves the Citizens of Beijing Breathless

For ten years now, KIT researchers have been studying air quality of the Chinese capital.

(11.12.2015)sunsteps.org - Shopping for a Good Cause

Students of KIT develop a platform for online shopping for a good cause.

Ozon und Klima: Mit dem Forschungsflugzeug HALO zum Nordpol
(10.12.2015)With the HALO Research Aircraft to the North Pole

KIT-coordinated measurement campaign studies impacts of climate change on arctic ozone layer and processes in the tropopause region.

Aktuelle lookKIT-Ausgabe: Mathematik
(10.12.2015)New Issue of lookKIT: Mathematics

This lookKIT issue highlights current research projects conducted by the Department of Mathematics.

(10.12.2015)Students Receive Roland-Mack-Scholarship

Eleven students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering will be financially supported.

Signing of the founding documents (Copyright: Eucor - The European Campus)
(09.12.2015)EVTZ Sign Founding Documents

KIT joins the European Network for Territorial Cooperation in the Upper Rhine region.

(08.12.2015)New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

Projekt EAGLESolar errechnet aus 3-D-Karten, Wetterdaten und Stromtarifen die Eignung für Solaranlagen und das Einsparpotenzial für einzelne Häuser. (Foto: IPF, KIT)
(08.12.2015)Solar Energy Potentials of Private Homes

EAGLESolar project for calculating potential energy savings of buildings.

(08.12.2015)Information Event "KompetenzKompass"

Program for career development for students: Information event on December 16.

(04.12.2015)Further Education about Energy

Three different courses to start on February 15 at the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning.

(04.12.2015)Technology for Mobility of the Future

KIT scientists receive "Carl-Freudenberg" award for their work about efficient driving.

(03.12.2015)Founding of "ICOS ERIC" Sets Clear Signal

EU founds infrastructure "ICOS ERIC" for the investigation of greenhouse gas in Europe.

(03.12.2015)KIT Is a Partner of the "TechnologieAllianz"

As new partners the KIT and Helmholtz Association strengthen the network for knowledge transfer.

Landeslehrpreisträger 2015: Peter Nick (links) und Mathias Gutmann vom KIT (Foto: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
(02.12.2015)2015 State Teaching Award for Two Professors

Biology meets ethics: Courses enhance students' interdisciplinary discussion.

(01.12.2015)New: Reservation System for Group Work Spaces

On December 1, the KIT Library started the testing phase for a new electronic reservation system.

(01.12.2015)Ten Thousand Days of Teamwork

Successful work of the student consulting group delta e.V.

(01.12.2015)Cooperation Between KPMG and KIT

Intelligent data analysis: The auditing company KPMG and KIT cooperate.

(30.11.2015)Start-ups of KIT Chosen for Aid Program

Two groups of KIT students convinced in a national start-up support program.

(27.11.2015)Innovative Ideas for Better Higher Education

KIT researcher is granted Teandem Fellowship by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation.

(27.11.2015)Illumination: Change of Epoch

The exhibition "Welterfahrung und Innovation" is open until January 19.

25 Jahre wissenschaftliche Politikberatung: Technikfolgenabschätzung beim Bundestag
(26.11.2015)25 Years of Scientific Advice for Politics

Technology assessment: Ceremony acknowledges successful advisory work of KIT in Berlin on December 2.

(26.11.2015)KIT China Branch Opens Demonstration Center

At Suzhou, KIT offers training courses for companies producing in China.

Das neue Herstellungsverfahren für organische Solarzellen haben Stefan Gärtner (links) und Alexander Colsmann vom KIT mit einem Industriepartner entwickelt (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(25.11.2015)Ecofriendly Production of Organic Solar Cells

Gips-Schüle research award for interdisciplinary project of KIT on sustainable production processes.

Hervorragende Promotions- und Betreuungsbedingungen sind zentral bei der Nachwuchsförderung am KIT (Foto: Irina Westermann)
(25.11.2015)KIT Wins Competition "Qualitätssicherung Promotion"

Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts grants EUR 100,000  to "QualityDoc@KIT".

Elektromobilität trägt wesentlich zum Klimaschutz bei (Foto: Martin Lober, KIT)
(23.11.2015)Study: Electric Mobility and Climate Protection

Electric mobility could reduce CO2 emissions more than previously assumed.

Maßgeschneiderte Makromoleküle, die definierte Funktionen ausüben, sind das Ziel des neuen SFB 1176 (Abbildung: SFB 1176 / KIT)
(20.11.2015)Custom-tailored Materials

KIT again acquired a Collaborative Research Center (SFB) of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Ein Prototyp von AugerPrime: Jeder existierende Wasser-Cherenkov-Detektor mit 12 000 Litern Wasser wird um einen vier Quadratmeter großen Szintillator erweitert (Foto: Pierre Auger Collaboration)
(20.11.2015)AugerPrime: Looking for Cosmic Rays

Pierre Auger Observatory with KIT participating will be continued and expanded.

(20.11.2015)National IT Summit: "Shaping Digital Future"

From big data to smart data: The national IT summit discussed the digital change.

(20.11.2015)THE Ranking: KIT Makes It into Top 50

Category "Engineering and Technology": KIT is among the top 50 universities in the world.

Sitz des ITAS in der Karlsruher Innenstadt (Bild: ITAS / Bernardo Cienfuegos)
(18.11.2015)At the Interface between Technology and Society

KIT's Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Nous pleurons avec vous: Aufruf zur Mahnwache und zum Gedenken an die Opfer der Terroranschläg in Paris am 13. November 2015
(16.11.2015)Vigil for Victims of Paris Terror Attacks

KIT supports call for vigil on Monday, November 16, 17 hrs, Platz der Grund­rechte in Karlsruhe.

Crack it: Fossile Energie ohne Klimagase
(16.11.2015)Crack It: Fossil Energy Without Emissions

KIT and IASS develop new method for the sustainable and efficient production of hydrogen from methane.

(16.11.2015)Material Scientist of KIT Honoured

The Masing Memorial Award of the German Society for Materials Science goes to Christian Greiner. 

(16.11.2015)Christmas Concert of KIT Chamber Orchestra

On December 5, the chamber orchestra will play pieces of Carl Czerny and Antonin Dvorák.

(13.11.2015)Series of Lectures: Middle Kingdom – Quo vadis?

Colloquium Fundamentale addresses the worldwide effects after Chinas's economic rise. 

(13.11.2015)9th Colloquium "Sustainable BioEconomy"

The colloquium "Sustainable BioEconomy" will take place at KIT Campus North on December 2.

Logo der Aktion „Weltoffene Hochschulen – Gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit“ (Grafik: HRK)
(11.11.2015)Sending Clear Signals for Open-mindedness

KIT supports action "Against Xenophobia - Universities for a Global Community" initiated by the German Rectors' Conference.

(10.11.2015)"Start Your Career in the TechnologyRegion"

Career fair for international students and (soon to be) graduates on November 17.

 Photovoltaik als eine wichtige Säule der künftigen Energieversorgung. (KIT / Markus Breig)
(10.11.2015)Better Energy Systems by Data Analysis

DFG supports a new graduate college that analyzes data and shows ways of optimization.

(10.11.2015)Schubert Remains Chairwoman of the Board

The professor for national economies is confirmed for the next four years.

(10.11.2015)High Qualified Young Researchers

Two research teams of the Helmholtz Association will be developed at KIT.

Sensor entdeckt Kabelbrand, bevor es brennt
(09.11.2015)Hybrid Sensor Detects Cable Fire

New sensor detects emerging cable fires before human eyes or noses perceive something.

(Foto: Martin Lober, KIT)
(06.11.2015)Qualitätspakt Lehre: KIT Succeeds with Proposals

KIT's "Lehre hoch Forschung" program and "MINT-Kolleg" will receive support in the next four years.

Bibliothek bei Nacht (Foto:KIT)
(06.11.2015)Refugees at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

New website provides information about help for refugees at KIT.

(06.11.2015)Information Event for Parents

How can parents help their children choose the right study program? - Event on November 20.

(05.11.2015)Pupil Paul Discovers the World of Energy

With explanatory videos featuring the character Paul, "Explore House" has started a new series on energy.

Die Zellen eines Pankreastumors: Die gelben Bereiche zeigen die Ko-Lokalisierung der Proteine c-Met und CD44v6 (Bildquelle: ITG/KIT)
(04.11.2015)Cancer: Protein Influences Metastases

Peptides fighting tumors: KIT researchers have established basis for new therapeutic approaches.

(03.11.2015)New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

Theresia Bauer, Ministerin für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg (Quelle: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst des Landes Baden-Württemberg)
(03.11.2015)"Young Scientists in the Focus"

Minister of Science Theresia Bauer will discuss with young scientists of KIT on November 25.

(02.11.2015)Ten Years Union for Chinese Students

Anniversary celebration in the mid of October acknowledged the commitment of the union.

Urban Voids - Lücken in der Stadt neu codieren
(02.11.2015)"Urban Voids": New Meaning for City Areas

German-Korean cooperation project wants to give functionless areas a new meaning.

(30.10.2015)"Femtec Careerbuilding" for Female Students

Female students of natural and engineering science can apply for the programm till November 15.

Auf der Mikroarray-Plattform (rot) bleiben die Zielzellen (grün) haften (Bild: Michael Hirtz / KIT)
(30.10.2015)Method to Detect Cancer Cells

Scientists develop a new method to detect cancer cells before they form metastases.

(29.10.2015)Fine Dust: Separator Is Licensed for Use

KIT spin off develops dry separator for installation in big boiler plants. 

Energiewende: Batterie und Kondensator vereinen
(29.10.2015)Combining Battery and Capacitor

KIT tests hybrid system that recuperates kinetic energy of machines.

Lichtbasierte Technologien sind die „Alleskönner“ des 21. Jahrhunderts (Foto: KIT )
(28.10.2015)KIT at the City Hall: Research with and into Light

"International Year of Light": On November 3, the KIT Materials, Structures, Functions Center will present key technologies of the 21st century.

(28.10.2015)"Tel Aviv Shorts" on Karlsruhe Movie Screens

On November 4, ZAK will present a selection of short movies by young Israeli filmmakers.

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer (Fotoquelle: Eric Lichtenscheidt)
(26.10.2015)KIT Receives Humboldt Professorship for Physicist

The internationally acknowledged physicist Wolfgang Wernsdorfer will come to KIT.

(23.10.2015)Students Develop Small Power Stations

The student group reech arrange a competition about construction for students.

(23.10.2015)"NanoVision Fall 2015" in Erlangen

The regristration for the symposium about Nanotechnology is possible until November 6.

(23.10.2015)Discussion About Traffic and Energy in the City

Speakers and audience together discuss opportunities and risks of technological development.

(23.10.2015)Hardened Steels for More Efficient Engines

Scientists usa for the first time a new process for hardening steel.

(22.10.2015)Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)

DPG elects Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn, Head of KIT Division IV, into its board council.

(22.10.2015)Robotics: Walking and Grabbing on Mars

Team of FZI with robot LAURON takes part in 2015 DLR SpaceBot Camp.

Übergabe der CO2-Einsparzertifikate der Stadtwerke Karlsruhe an das KIT: KIT-Vizepräsident Dr. Ulrich Breuer (links) und Roland Schwarz, Vertriebsleiter Stadtwerke (rechts) (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
(21.10.2015)District Heating and Green Power at KIT

Less carbon dioxide, more "green" energy: Initiative pushes energy turnaround at KIT.

(20.10.2015)Application Training for Visually Impaired

Study Centre for the Visually Impaired will offer a two-day workshop in January.

Prof. Mojib Latif leitet den Forschungsbereich Ozeanzirkulation und Klimadynamik am GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel. (Foto: Jan Steffen, GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel)
(20.10.2015)KIT Climate Lecture with Professor Mojib Latif

The Climate Lecture on October 27 adresses the role of oceans on climate change.

(20.10.2015)Historical Expert Opinion about Dr. Greifeld

The historical expert opinion about Dr. Greifeld is complete - Ethics commission is preparing a proposal.

(20.10.2015)Research Initiative BonaRes starts

The ground as a sustainable recource - scientists research the use of alpin grassland.

(16.10.2015)Seminar "Barking up the Wrong Tree?"

Quit, switch, pick up? Seminar for students who are dissatisfied with their study on November 26.

Titelseite des ClicKIT "Leben und Studieren in Karlsruhe"
(16.10.2015)New Issue of clicKIT: Living in Karlsruhe

Different ways of living, culture, and volunteer projects - studying and living in Karlsruhe.

Wissenschaftler des KIT und Mediziner des Universitätsklinikums Mannheim mit dem Prototyp (v. l. n. r.: Nicole Ruiter, Elisa Walker, Clemens Kaiser, Torsten Hopp, Julia Knaudt, Michael Zapf; Foto: Markus Mertens)
(14.10.2015)New Breast Cancer Screening Method

A group of KIT scientists is awarded the "2015 NEO" of the Karlsruhe Technology Region.

Geld allein motiviert Mitarbeiter nicht
(14.10.2015)Money Does Not Bring Motivation

Employees accomplish more if financial benefits are accompanied by motivating words.

(13.10.2015)Information Events for Prospective Students

Students Counseling Center offers information events and workshops for prospective students.

(13.10.2015)Studying at KIT: Taster Week for Pupils

In the autumn holiday pupils have the opportunity to attend a taster week at KIT.

(12.10.2015)"KlarText!" About Organic LEDs

Chemist Daniel Volz receives the 2015 Klaus Tschira Prize for understandable science.

Chemie steuert Magnetismus
(12.10.2015)Chemistry Controls Magnetism

Scientists succeeded in reversibly changing magnetic properties of ferromagnets.

Digitale Trends 2025 – Entwicklungen in der akademischen Bildung
(08.10.2015)Symposium "Digital Trends 2025"

On October 15, the symposium will focus on digitization at universities.

(06.10.2015)31st AIK Symposium "Smart Energy"

On October 23, experts will present their latest projects relating to smart energy. 

(02.10.2015)New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

(02.10.2015)Refugees at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology

The website provides information about help for refugees at the KIT.

(01.10.2015)KIT Moves Up in THE Ranking

KIT rises to position 138 and is particularly strong in research, citations and third-party funding. 

(01.10.2015)Change of Division Managers at KIT

Wilfried Juling and Volker Saile retire – Joachim Knebel confirmed in office once again. 

(29.09.2015)Top-class Research Is to Remain in the Focus

Hanselka about the Excellence Initiative at the "Exzellenz 2017plus" in Stuttgart. 

Tarnkappe könnte Solarzellen-Effizienz erhöhen
(28.09.2015)Invisibility Cloak Might Increase Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells

Invisibility cloaks guide sunlight around objects that cast a shadow on the solar panel and, hence, reduce energy loss.

(25.09.2015)KIT-China Opened Innovation Center

Production engineering: The Center in Suzhou is an interface for KIT.

(24.09.2015)KIT Researches on Compact Power Poles

In the project "KoHöMaT" scientists investigate, how height and width of the poles can be reduced.

(24.09.2015)Quick Drawing of Complex Graphs

The tool "KaDraw" can draw complex graphs 30 times faster than previous tools.

"Wir müssen das gesamte Energiesystem umbauen"
(24.09.2015)"We Have to Reconstruct the Complete Energy System"

In an interview, President Holger Hanselka explains the “Energy Lab 2.0” approach.

(23.09.2015)KIT Publishes Annual Report

The report's intention is to inform about developments of the KIT within the reference period.

Volloptischer Datenspeicher: Ultrakurze Lichtpulse lassen das Material GST von kristallin zu amorph und zurück wechseln. Schwache Lichtpulse lesen die Daten aus. (Abbildung: C. Ríos/Universität Oxford)
(22.09.2015)Permanent Data Storage with Light

Researchers develop first non-volatile all-optical chip memory based on phase change materials.

(22.09.2015)KIT Scientist Is the New President of the ESAS

Professor Bernhard Holzapfel is the new president of the European Society of Applied Superconductivity. 

 Philippe Étienne informierte sich am KIT über aktuelle Kooperationsprojekte (Foto: Tanja Meißner, KIT)
(21.09.2015)French Ambassador Visited KIT

France's ambassador in Germany, Philippe Étienne, informed himself about current cooperation projects.

KIT ist "Ausgezeichneter Ort" im "Land der Ideen"
(21.09.2015)KIT Is "Selected Place in the Land of Ideas”

"e-Installation" data goggles and "ResCable" quick test provide innovations for the digital world.

(21.09.2015)KIT among the Most Innovative Universities

In the Reuters Top 100 “The World’s Most Innovative Universities” KIT ranks in place 100.

(18.09.2015)Explore House: Interview About Smart Grid

The sociologist Patrick Sumpf about the interface between the energy system and its users. 

Reinhold Würth wird Ehrensenator am KIT
(17.09.2015)Reinhold Würth Becomes Honorary Senator of KIT

For his merits in establishing a student startup culture at KIT, Würth is awarded the honorary senatorship.

KIT-Studis mit Flagge
(15.9.2015)KIT Climbs Higher in Worldwide QS Ranking

In the current QS World University Ranking KIT is among the 100 best universities in the world.

GridKa School 2015
(14.09.2015)2015 GridKa School about Big Data and Virtualization

150 experts met at the SCC’s GridKa School of KIT in early September.

Tritiumquelle für KATRIN am KIT angekommen (Foto: KIT)
(11.09.2015)Tritium Source for KATRIN Arrived at KIT

Video: Tritium source for the KArlsruhe TRItium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment arrives at KIT.

Ein wirtschaftlicher Betrieb von Elektrofahrzeugen ist möglich: So das Ergebnis des Flottenbetriebs im Dienst- und Pendlerverkehr bei Siemens und Michelin. (Foto: KIT)
(11.09.2015)Electric Cars Are Environmentally Friendly and Less Expensive

"RheinMobil" project: Electric cars already are environmentally friendly and less expensive.

Junge Spitzen-Forschung
(10.09.2015)New Issue of lookKIT: Young Top Research

lookKIT presents the “YIN” network and the research activities of some members.

(10.09.2015)Scientist of KIT Is Member of New IT Committee

Dorothea Wagner of the Institute of Theoretical Informatics is member of BMBF platform.

(10.09.2015)Scientist of Yale University Joins KIT

Sofja Kovalevskaja Award: The winner, physicist Ioan M. Pop, uses prize money to establish a working group.

(07.09.2015)Own Experiments at the Science Camp

From November 1 to 6, adolescents are familiarized with the use of geothermal energy.

(07.09.2015)Herbert Gleiter Receives Cothenius Medal

The Leopoldina Academy honors scientific lifetime achievement of Gleiter.

(07.09.2015)First Rice Symposium at KIT

Biologists discuss the future of a sustainable rice growing in the symposium on October 12.

(04.09.2015)Karlsruhe - Vision of the Future

"SmartQuarterVision KA 2030+" creates a vision of the future for two districts in Karlsruhe.

(03.09.2015)Future Campus: Energy Turnaround at KIT

Member of the KIT "Future Campus" Rupert Lohr talks about the energy concept of the KIT.

(02.09.2015)Study: Smokers Cause Lower Costs

Economist of KIT compared tax receipts, healthcare costs, and saving effects of smoking.

(02.09.2015)News President of the Helmholtz Association

On September 1, Otmar D. Wiestler assumed his office as president of the Helmholtz Association.

(01.09.2015)Primary Residence Campaign of Karlsruhe

Students, who register in Karlsruhe as their primary residence, receive a welcome present.

Strom regional erzeugen, nutzen und speichern
(31.08.2015)Local Generation, Use, and Storage of Power

RegEnKibo project: Solutions for smart grid technology on a regional level.

(31.08.2015)Free Places of Study for the WS 15/16 at KIT

Application for the Bachelor in Information Science, History of Art, and German Studies is still possible.

(28.08.2015)New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

An drei Stellen in Karlsruhe stellten Wissenschaftler des IMK Wettermessmasten auf, um unter anderem die Temperatur zu messen. (Bild: Lydia Albrecht / KIT)
(28.08.2015)2015 Heat Wave - Heat Island Effect in Karlsruhe

The city center of Karlsruhe was up to seven degrees warmer than the surrounding area.

Echtzeitdaten für die intelligente Elektromobilität
(27.08.2015)Real-time Data for Electric Mobility

ELISE joint project develops interfaces for flexible data transfer in real time.

Neues Kollegiengebäude Mathematik am KIt eröffnet
(27.08.2015)New Main Mathematics Building: Official Opening

The renovated mathematics building sets standards regarding energy efficiency.

(25.08.2015)iCAN'15: "JointWatchR" Ranked Second

With a smart running shoe catched the team the second place of the international competition.

Reale Mitbewerber steigern das Auktionsfieber (Bild: KIT)
(25.08.2015)Competitors Enhance Thrill of Auctions

KIT researchers unveil the influence of emotions on the behavior of electronic market users.

Computergrafik: weniger Rechenzeit für Sand
(24.08.2015)Computer Graphics: Less Computing Time for Sand

KIT and Disney Research develop a method for the computation of pictures of granular materials.

Klimaforscher warnen vor Folgen der Luftverschmutzung in Westafrika
(24.08.2015)Air Pollution in West Africa

International climate researchers warn of risks of strong population growth in West Africa.

Das Verbundprojekt QuartrBack soll Menschen mit Demenz soziale Teilhabe und Bewegungsfreiheit im vertrauten Quartier erhalten. (Bild: Alexandr Mitiuc / fotolia)
(21.08.2015)QuartrBack Project for People with Dementia

QuartrBack combines volunteer work with technology to enable social inclusion.

(21.08.2015)KIT Scientists Improve Image Processing

Computer scientists improve the automatic image processing in the infraded range.

(21.08.2015)46 million Euro for Energy Research

Helmholtz Association and KIT are founding a infrastructure for developing novel energy materials.

(20.08.2015)XAFS16 International Conference in Karlsruhe

KIT hosts 16th International Conference for X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy.

(18.08.2015)60 Years AFK Cinema "Uni-Kino"

The AFK cinema celebrates its 60th anniversary and the inauguration of a digital cinema projector.

(14.08.2015)Water Research in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Federal state invests six million euro in water research network coordinated by KIT.

(13.08.2015)Information – Orientation – Networking

PhD Days from September 29 to October 2 for doctoral researchers and students interested in doing a PhD.

(13.08.2015)Advanced Training in the Field of Energy

Extra-occupational refresher courses: "Energy English" and "Renewable Energies".

Organische Leuchtdioden (OLEDs) lassen sich einfach und günstig herstellen. Dank kompostierbarer Materialien werden sie auch nachhaltig (Foto: KIT).
(12.08.2015)Compostable Electronics for Printing

Young Investigator Group at KIT develops sustainable printing materials for biodegradable components.

(12.08.2015)Online Course: English for the Energy Transition

The new MOOC "Power Up: English for the Energy Transition" starts on September 21.

(06.08.2015)Information Events for Prospective Students

Students Counseling Center offers information events for prospective students.

Von der Natur inspiriert und per Laser auf einen Stahlbolzen gefraest: 3-D-Aufnahme der schuppenaehnlichen Struktur (Aufnahme: Christian Greiner, KIT)
(06.08.2015)Snake Scales Protect Steel against Friction

KIT researchers developed a process to make steel bolts more resistant to friction.

Studentinnen und Studenten der Enactus- Projektgruppe "Flüchtlingszeit": Kilian Schürger, Lisa Hess, Eva Schlosser und Leopold Spenner (v. l. n. r., Foto: Manuel Balzer)
(05.08.2015)Book Project: Stories of Refugees

Students of KIT present stories about the lives of refugees to promote mutual understanding.

Land der Ideen
(04.08.2015)Vote for RESOCABLE® Measurement System

Land of Ideas Competition: KIT-developed measurement system for bridges is put to the vote.

(03.08.2015)International Conference on Management Science

In cooperation with the Sichuan University the ICMSEM was held at the end of July.

(31.07.2015)Self-Learning Endoscope System

Medical Technology: KIT and Heidelberg University Hospital develop a self-learning endoscope system.

Studierende am KIT (Foto: Monika Müller-Gmelin)
(31.07.2015)Many Students at the KIT Live Multilocally

A survey shows: 25 percent of the students have more than one center of life.

(31.07.2015)Symposium "Digitale Trends 2025"

Symposium of the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learing about education in future on October 15.

"Tag der kleinen Forscher" 2015
(30.07.2015)2015 "Day of Small Scientist"

The day care centers of KIT participated in the nationwide campaign day with a variety of projects.

Selbstreinigungskraft der Erdatmosphäre
(30.07.2015)Self-cleaning Power of the Atmosphere

Scientists of KIT examine in an aircraft mission, how the monsoon affects the climatic change.

(28.07.2015)Nature: Compact Optical Data Transmission

A component which is micrometers in size for optical data transmission was presented in Nature.

Teilchenspuren nach einer Proton-Proton-Kollision, bei der ein Higgs-Boson erzeugt wurde; aufgezeichnet durch den CMS-Detektor am Beschleuniger LHC des CERN. (Bild: © 2012 CERN / CMS Collaboration)
(28.07.2015)Funding for Scientists of KIT at the CERN

4.6 Million Euro for KIT scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN.

(24.07.2015)Civil Courage at the Push of a Button

Students of the KIT take part in the 2015 Imagine Cup 2015 competition with their app "enCourage".

(24.07.2015)Learning Center Extend Opening Hours

The learning center "Fasanenschlösschen" opens at the weekend from August 1.

KIT-Kinder-Uni 2015: Von Wolken, Erdbeben, Rap-Songs und fabelhaften Wesen
(23.07.2015)Of Clouds, Earthquakes, and Fabulous Creatures

2015 KIT Children's University offers lectures and interactive topical workshops till August 20.

(23.07.2015)KIT Chamber Orchestra feat. David Amram

On July 30, the chamber orchestra and the composer David Amram will give a concert at ZKM.

(23.07.2015)Final Presentation MINTernship

Four students of the University of North Carolina completed an internship at KIT.

(22.07.2015)Molecules Stabilizing Magnetism

Spintronics: Building block for a compact and low-cost storage technology.

(21.07.2015)Scientific Lectures at the Pavilion

KIT ist part of "Wissenschaftsdienstage" at the pavillion from July 7 to September 22. 

(21.07.2015)KIT Children's University at the Pavilion

From July 28 to 31, the "Entdeckercamp" opens for children in the Karlsruhe palace garden.

Präsident Hanselka (Mitte) mit den neuen Vizepräsidenten Professor Thomas Hirth (li) und Professor Oliver Kraft (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(20.07.2015)Senate Confirms Election of New Vice Presidents

On July 20, the KIT Senate overwhelmingly accepted the in both cases solid vote of the Supervisory Board.

15 Jahre englischsprachige Aus- und Weiterbildung am KIT
(20.07.2015)15 Years of International Departmanet

International Department at KIT: 15 years of international and industry oriented education.

(17.07.2015)Good Results for KIT in Library Index

KIT Library again reached very good results in the 2015 BIX library index. 

(17.07.2015)3rd Sustainability Days at KIT

2015 Sustainability Days in June showed that at KIT energy is more than a research topic.

(16.07.2015)Expert Symposium on Sensor Technology

HybridSensorNet symposium on November 12 and 13 at KIT - call for papers.

KSRI verlängert Kooperationen
(16.07.2015)KSRI Prolongs Cooperations

Representatives of KIT, IBM and Bosch signed a cooperation agreement until 2019.

(16.07.2015)Insight Into Catalytic Converter

Scientists of KIT examine reaction steps with synchroton radiation.

Anlage zur Untersuchung der Verdampfung in solarbetriebenen Entsalzungsanlagen
(14.07.2015)Sparkasse Environmental Awards

Three junior scientists were granted the "Sparkassen-Umwelt-Preis".

(13.07.2015)Voting for the "2015 Professor of the Year"

Until October 10 students can vote at the competition of UNICUM.

(13.07.2015)Registration for Courses at the MINT-Kolleg

The MINT-Kolleg starts registration for the pre-courses on July 15.

New Issue of clicKIT: "Women and Engineering"
(13.07.2015)New Issue of clicKIT: "Women and Engineering"

Only ten percent of the PhD students of electrical engineering are women. Why is this so?

(10.07.2015)Science Camp about Energy for Teenagers

The Center for Technology-Enhaced Learning offers a Science Camp about energy in summer.

Professor Wiestler und Präsident Hanselka
(10.07.2015)Inaugural Visit - Otmar Wiestler at the KIT

The new president of the Helmholtz Association visited the KIT.

(09.07.2015)Survey About Organisation of Studies and Exams

Until September all students of KIT are invited to express their opinions.

(09.07.2015)Full Support for European Campus

Germany and France have assured their support for the Eucor-project.

(08.07.2015)Tapping the Innovation Potential of Research

Four projects of KIT are granted funding for the commercialization of basic research results.

The IAGOS-CARIBIC air inlet system mounted at the IAGOS-CARIBIC Airbus. (Source: Deutsche Lufthansa AG)
(07.07.2015)Volcanic Eruptions Slow Down Climate Change

Volcanic Eruptions reduce the solar radiation and thus prevent the increase of temperature.

KIT News
(07.07.2015)News Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

(03.07.2015)Solar Cells out of Nanocrystals

Project "NanoSolar": Researchers of the KIT work on the development of perovskite solar cells.

(02.07.2015)Gunther Schroff Foundation Grants Scholarships

Nine students were granted the Schroff Scholarship for Highly Gifted Students.

New lookKIT-Issue: "Stadt der Zukunft"
(02.07.2015)New Issue of lookKIT: "Stadt der Zukunft"

lookKIT presents the projects  "Quartier Zukunft" and "Energieoptimiertes Bauen".

Ministerin Theresia Bauer, Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann, KIT-Präsident Prof. Holger Hanselka, MdL Alexander Salomon und Prof. Frank Gauterin (v.r.n.l.; Foto: Patrick Langer / KIT)
(01.07.2015)Winfried Kretschmann and Theresia Bauer Visit KIT

Junior scientists presented their research to Minister-President Kretschmann and Minister Bauer.

Die Gründer des KIT-Start-ups RESTUBE, Christopher Fuhrhop und Marius Kunkis (Foto: Bärbel Schmidt / Deutscher Gründerpreis)
(01.07.2015)Deutscher Gründerpreis: RESTUBE Wins Final

Student startup wins with self-inflating buoy that may rescue lives. Nanoscribe spinoff among the finalists.

(30.06.2015)Award for KIT student Florian Jakob

Florian Jakob received the ITK Student Award 2015 for his bachelor thesis.

(30.06.2015)Podcast - 100.000 Times Downloaded

The "Modellansatz" podcast about mathematics was downloaded for the 100,000th time.

Wissenschaft zum Mitmachen beim Tag der offenen Tür am KIT: Präsident Holger Hanselka mit dem humanoiden Roboter ARMAR. Foto: Irina Westermann
(29.06.2015)Open Day at KIT - Report and Video

35,000 visitors experienced science and engineering first hand on KIT Campus South.

Besonders in den boomenden Megastädten der Welt – wie hier in Shanghai – birgt der Immobiliensektor ein enormes Nachhaltigkeitspotential (Bild: David Lorenz / KIT)
(26.06.2015)UN Guidelines for Real Estate Business

UN paper based on KIT expertise calls on the worldwide real estate sector to enforce responsible business.

(26.06.2015)Award for an KIT Online Course

The online course help students to prepare their final paper.

(25.06.2015)Students Didn´t Unlearn to Disconnect

Mathias Bogner has analyzed in a study, how fellow students use their Smartphone.

(25.06.2015)Experiments 410 Meter Deep

In the swedish city of Äspö a research group has done a hydraulic breakage experiment.

(23.06.2015)ZAK Stages Eight "City Talks"

Interdisciplinary, intercultural, controversial: Discussion meeting as part of the city anniversary.

(23.06.2015)Using of Biomass in the Upper Rhine Region

The OUI research project will present its latest findings on June 26 in Karlsruhe.

(23.06.2015)International CIRP Conference in Karlsruhe

wbk at KIT hosted the 15th CIRP conference on modelling of machining operations.

Internationale Plattform für Wissenschaft des Lichts
(22.06.2015)Platform for the Science of Light

From June 26 to 29, the “IONS Karlsruhe 2015” will offer presentations on optics and photonics. 

(22.06.2015)Pupils Laboratory Gets New Exhibit

The potential funnel in the entrance hall of the new mathematics building invites visitors to donate.

(19.06.2015)Efficient Process for the Use of Biomass

The xGaTe project developed an efficient process for the energetic use of biomass.

(19.06.2015)KIT Environment Lecture 2015

Professor András Bárdossy, University of Stuttgart, speaks about environmental research on June 30.

Metal organic frameworks for solar cells
(18.06.2015)New Type of Material for Solar Cells

New material based on metal-organic frameworks (MOF) is suited for photovoltaic cells.

(18.06.2015)Study on Cooperation with China

Joint study of KIT and HsKA: Baden-Wuerttemberg industry shuns cooperations in China.

Sommerausgabe 2015 der KIT-News
(18.06.2015)News Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

20 Jahre Helmholtz
(16.06.2015)20th Anniversary of the Helmholtz Association

The Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers is Germany's largest science organization.

(16.06.2015)Science Camps for Teenagers

The Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning offers Science Camps for teenagers in summer.

(15.06.2015)Trailer about the "Walk of Innovation"

A video trailer presents the installation which can be visited from June 27 till September 27.

Spracherkennung aus Gehirnströmen
(15.06.2015)Speech Recognition from Brain Activity

An interdisciplinary team for the first time succeeded in reconstructing whole sentences from brain activity.

(12.06.2015)Femtec.Network - Panel Discussion

Female top-managers discuss about career-paths of women on June 22.

(11.06.2015)ART@CMS – Vernissage at KIT

The exhibition „Art of Science – Beauty in Creation“ will be opened on June 26. Registraion by June 19!

Chemie: Polymere falten auf Kommando
(11.06.2015)Chemistry: Folding Polymers on Command

New methods of folding polymers to catalysts could make processes in chemistry more efficient.

(10.06.2015)The Global Challenge of Climate Change

Deutsches Klima-Konsortium reveals perspectives for climate research until 2025.

Horizontale Photobioreaktor mit transparenter Zickzack-Struktur (Bild: C. Steinweg/KIT)
(09.06.2015)KIT Presents Latest Processes at the ACHEMA

At the trade fair, KIT will present latest processes for the energy turnaround.

(08.06.2015)Summerschool "Organic Photovoltaic"

The international summerschool takes place in the black forest from August 23 till 27.

(08.06.2015)Study Information on Open House Day

Prospective students can inform themselves about studying at KIT on the open house day.

(08.06.2015)Student of KIT Programs "Anti Stress App"

Emanuel Jöbstl and his team have developed the app "Calm", which can reduce the stress level.

(08.06.2015)KIT Renews Cooperation With Bulgaria

The Technical University of Sofia and the KIT have extended their cooperation contract till 2018.

Feierliche Eröffnung des Zukunftraums am 13. Juni
(08.06.2015)Official Opening of the “Zukunftsraum“ in Karlsruhe’s Oststadt

On June 13, the project office of "District Future" and "Reallabor 131" will be opened in the presence of Minister of Science Theresia Bauer.

(03.06.2015)KIT at the City Hall: Future Mobility

The KIT Mobility Systems Center presents itself and its research activities on June 10.

Für die Effizienz von stationären Speichern ist unter anderem die Systemarchitektur entscheidend (Foto: KIT)
(03.06.2015)Finding Safe and Efficient Home Storage Systems

At the Intersolar exhibition, KIT will present latest findings of research into energy storage systems.

(02.06.2015)KIT Concert Events in the Summer

Events in June and July: KIT concert choir, KIT symphony orchestra, and "Young Talents - Science and Music".

Multicore-Technik sicher fuer Mobilitaet einsetzen
(01.06.2015)Safe Use of Multi-core Technology for Mobility

Aramis project presents multi-core processors for safety-critical systems.

Weltgrößte Elektroauto-Rallye macht Stopp am KIT
(01.06.2015)WAVE, the World’s Biggest E-Car Rallye, to Stop at KIT

While the 90 teams will stop at KIT on June 16, a framework program will present KIT’s mobility research activities.

(29.05.2015)New Master Course "WMK"

In winter semester starts a new master course - "Wissenschaft - Medien - Kommunikation".

Tour Eucor 2015
(28.05.2015)Tour Eucor 2015 Through three Countries

The Tour Eucor leads from June 3 till 7 on 700 km through Germany, France and Switzerland.

Nanoscibe-Gründer Michael Thiel (l.) und Martin Hermatschweiler an einem hochpräzisen 3D-Drucker für den Mikrometerbereich (Foto: Nanoscribe)
(26.05.2015)German Founder Award: KIT Spinoffs in the Finals

The spinoff Nanoscribe and the students' startup RESTUBE are among the finalists.

(26.05.2015)KIT Concert Choir at "Das Fest"

KIT concert choir is on stage at "Das Fest-Klassikfrühstück" on July 26.

Daimler-Chef Zetsche: „Das Auto der Zukunft ist emissionsfrei und fahrerlos“ (Foto: KIT)
(22.05.2015)Successful Premiere for EST Congress

600 participiants discussed on topics such as renewable energies, energy efficiency, and storages.

(22.05.2015)Energy Turnaround: Enhancing Power Grids

Material science: Researchers test the resilience of porcelain insulators on power poles.

(22.05.2015)Innovations for a Digital World

Initiative "Germany– Land of Ideas" honors two projects with the involvement of KIT.

Die Ausbreitung von Wellen zu verstehen, zu simulieren und zu steuern, ist Ziel des neuen mathematischen Sonderforschungsbereichs „Wellenphänomene: Analysis und Numerik“ am KIT (Abbildung: SFB 1173)
(22.05.2015)Understanding and Controlling Waves

DFG funds KIT Collaborative Reasearch Center on wave phenomena.

Landschaftspflege statt Monokultur
(21.05.2015)New Study: Landscaping Instead of Monoculture

In biogas production grass is an alternative to silage maize that blocks large areas for food production.

Das Programm zum Tag der offenen Tür am Campus Süd des KIT am 27. Juni 2015 ist online
(21.05.2015)Program of the Open Day of KIT Campus South Is Available Online

All events, all information: The program of the Open Day of KIT Campus South is available online now.

(18.05.2015)Bright Facades and Trees Against Heat and Smog

Temperature is closely linked to air quality in cities and both require joint solutions.

(15.05.2015)Reports about Nepal Earthquakes

CEDIM publishes scientific damage reports about the earthquakes in Nepal. 

Dr. Hong He (Leiter des Helmholtz-Büros in Peking), Stefan Ruhrmann (Leiter der KIT-Repräsentanz in Suzhou), Hanselka, Gisela Lanza (Direktorin GAMI und Institutsleiterin Produktionssysteme am wbk), Frau Paetz und Jiaying Tang (Manager). (Bild: KIT)
(15.05.2015)KIT Strengthens Partnership with China

KIT intensifies cooperation with universities and industrial companies in China.

(13.05.2015)Research Training Group 1694 Prolonged

DFG prolonged the group "Elementary Particle Physics at highest Energy and highest Precision".

(12.05.2015)School Class Discussed with Scientists

Pupils of Linkenheim Middle School presented their scientific school project at KIT.

Objekt das leuchtet
(12.05.2015)New Printing Process Makes 3D Objects Shine

The new process allows to print electroluminescent layers directly onto three-dimensional objects.

(12.05.2015)Presentations about Visions of the Future

Presentations about visions of the future and the life in 2050 - "Fokus: Zukunft. Unser Leben 2050".

Dritte Karrieremesse des KIT mit 230 Unternehmen
(11.05.2015)Third Career Fair of KIT with 230 Exhibitors

Meet your potential employers and establish first contacts at the KIT Career Fair from May 19 to 21, 2015.

Studierende im Labor (Foto: KIT)
(08.05.2015)Projects for the Unity of Research and Teaching

Excellent teaching follows excellent research: With federal money, KIT supports several projects.

(07.05.2015)Reducing Costs of the Energiewende

The KIT runs a new solar energy storage facility at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU).

(05.05.2015)More Learning Places for Students

Project ideas about improved utilization of learning places at KIT can be submitted until June 26.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Daimler AG
(05.05.2015)Dr. Dieter Zetsche about Future Mobility

The CEO of Daimler AG at the EST 2015 in Karlsruhe.

(05.05.2015)XAFS16 - Conference in August

16th International Conference on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure in Karlsruhe.

(05.05.2015)NaWik Symposium - Science Communication

The 2015 NaWik symposium on science communication took place in Karlsruhe.

(04.05.2015)Disposal of Hazardous Construction Materials

Mineral fibers can be disposed of at low costs with a mobile press of KIT.

KIT-Mathematikerin im FameLab-Finale
(04.05.2015)Mathematician of KIT in FameLab Final

Anastasia August of the Materials Science Section will compete in the final at the Tollhaus on May 13.

(30.04.2015)Exhibition "Architecture 1:1"

Students of KIT make the pavilion in the castle garden a special experience.

(30.04.2015)KIT Among TOP 50 in Worldwide Ranking

KIT made it with the subjects mechanical engineering and physics among the TOP 50.


Neue ClicKIT-Ausgabe: "Bauchgefühl"
(30.04.2015)New ClicKIT Issue: "Bauchgefühl"

Vegan or raw vegetables, canteen or self-made lunches - clicKIT focuses on nutrition in studies.

(28.04.2015)KIT is Part of the Project "KonsensOP"

Researchers develop an virtual assistent for operations.

(28.04.2015)"Deutschlandstipendium" Scholarship at KIT

Students can apply for the scholarship "Deutschlandstipendium" until May 12.

(27.04.2015)KIT President Hanselka Congratulates Hippler

Horst Hippler has received the order of merit of the state Baden-Wuerttemberg. 

(27.04.2015)Photovolatics in Agriculture

How can locals be involved in Agrophotovoltaics? The ITAS examines this with a model system. 

Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(24.04.2015)Annual Celebration: Materials Science - Basis of Technical Progress

The 2015 annual celebration of KIT focused on the high innovation potential of research in the field of materials science.

(24.04.2015)International Research: 11th Humboldt Day

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes internationally mobile scientists.

(23.04.2015)Lecture Series at KIT: Spectrum of Light

The Colloquium Fundamentale of ZAK starts on April 30 and focuses on light.

KIT koordiniert Helmholtz-Initiative zur Stadtforschung
(23.04.2015)KIT Coordinates Helmholtz Initiative

Seven Helmholtz centers cluster their expertise for a future-oriented urban development.

(23.04.2015)Photovoltaics: Forming of Polarons

Important step of the conversion of light into storable energy explained.

Reflexionsarme Flügel machen Schmetterling fast unsichtbar
(23.04.2015)Low-reflection Butterfly Wings

Irregular Nanostructures of the wings might be transferred to displays.

(21.04.2015)3rd KIT 10-km Running Championship

Now, it is possible to sign up for the "3. KIT-Meisterschaft" on June 27.

Der Präsident des KIT, Prof. Holger Hanselka (Mitte), mit den beiden Geschäftsführern der KCT GmbH, Dr. Hanns-Günther Mayer (links) und Prof. Albert Albers (rechts) (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(20.04.2015)Flexible Structures for Innovation

KIT Campus Transfer GmbH: transacting service contracts of the economy fast and flexibly.

(17.04.2015)KIT Supports "Karlsruher Bürgerbrief 2015"

"Bürgerstiftung Karlsruhe": New arrivals from other countries are welcome in Karlsruhe.


(17.04.2015)fuks Celebrates Association Anniversary

500 student consultants from throughout Germany gather in Karlsruhe from April 23 to 26.

(15.04.2015)Refresher Course "Energy Management"

The course that deals with relationships and interactions on the energy market starts in May.

(14.04.2015)KIC InnoEnergy Masterprogramms

Flying start in the field of sustainable energy: students can apply till May 24.

KIT beim Wissenschaftsfestival EFFEKTE 2015
(10.04.2015)KIT at the 2015 EFFEKTE Science Festival

KIT takes part in the 2015 EFFEKTE Science Festival in Karlsruhe.

(09.04.2015)Energy Turnaround: New Research Program SCI
Under the new program technologies for integrating renewable energies are developed.
Botanischer Garten Karlsruhe (Foto: Achim Mende)
(09.04.2015)KIT Alumni Meeting from June 26 to 28

Among others, KIT invites alumni to meet at the rooftop café near the Ehrenhof.

Mechanische Tanrkappen - ohne komplizierte Mathematik
(07.04.2015)Mechanical Invisibility Cloak for More Stability

New mathematical approach ensures stability of materials with a recess.

(07.04.2015)Additional Subject Sustainable Development

The ZAK will offer a new additional qualification for students from the summer semester 2015 onwards.

(02.04.2015)Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize for Pavel Levkin

KIT chemist Pavel Levkin is awarded the most important German prize for young scientists.

Klaus Tschira (Foto: Klaus Tschira Stiftung, Tim Wegner)
(01.04.2015)KIT Mourns the Passing of Klaus Tschira

President Holger Hanselka on the unexpected death of KIT's long-term benefactor.

(01.04.2015)Good Rating for KIT in EU Ranking

"U-Multirank" ranks KIT in the leading group regarding research and technology transfer.

KIT auf der Hannover Messe: Treue Laufburschen und virtuelle Bagger
(30.03.2015)KIT at Hannover Messe: Loyal Errand Boy and Virtual Excavator

From April 13 to 17, visitors of the fair can test the gesture-controlled transport vehicle "FiFi" at the main booth of KIT.

(30.03.2015)Soccer Tournament for Refugees

Students of KIT will organize a soccer tournament for refugees on April 10.

Projekt "e²-Lenk": Lenken mit dem richtigen Dreh
(30.03.2015)"e²-Lenk" Project: Larger Range of Electric Cars

The e²-Lenk project focuses on a new steering assistance concept.

(30.03.2015)Ernst-Denert-Foundation Award for PhD Student

Sven J. Körner is granted the Software Engineering Prize for the RECAA tool chain.

(26.03.2015)Final of KIT-Accelerator "upCAT"

Six teams of KIT presented themselves with their start-up projects at EnBW.

Neue lookKIT-Ausgabe: "Materialwissenschaft"
(26.03.2015)New Issue of lookKIT: "Materials Sciences"

This latest issue illustrates the wide range of research relating to materials sciences.  

(26.03.2015)Announcement: Presidium Recognises Commitment

Particularly active students can be suggested for the award till June 5 2015.

(26.03.2015)bwSync&Share Improves Its Usage

The online service provides now 25 instead of 10 GB storage space for students.

Girls' Day 2015 at KIT
(23.03.2015)Girls' Day 2015: Studies and Vocational Training

Girls of grades 5 and higher can inform themselves about jobs and studies at KIT on April 23. 

FameLab 2015: Publikumssiegerin Anastasia August vom KIT (Foto: Patrick Langer / KIT)
(20.03.2015)FameLab: KIT Contestant Reaches National Finals

FameLab Karlsruhe: Anastasia August of KIT reaches the second place and wins audience award.

(20.03.2015)Energy Technology: House Made of Seaweed

The research procejt "PHYKON" develop a house made of seaweed.

(20.03.2015)Ten Years Anniversary of "nanos!"

The nursery school "nanos!" celebrated 10 years anniversary. It was the first nursery school of KIT.

organic solar cells
(19.03.2015)Organic Electronics: Light of the Future

"Explore House Blog": New blog entry and video on how solar cells are being produced in the lab.

Wolkenforschung am KIT: Niederschläge besser vorhersagen
(17.03.2015)Improved Precipitation Forecasts

The new AIDA-2 facility will serve to study the impacts of clouds on the climate.

New Storage Principle for Lithium-Ion-Batteries
(16.03.2015)New Storage Principle for Lithium-Ion Batteries

New cathode material increases the storage density while maintaining the stability of the system.

(16.03.2015)Energy Science Technology Conference 2015

The conference focuses from May 20 till 22 on the newest developments in the field of energy systems.

Softwareentwicklung ohne Barrieren
(13.03.2015)Software Development without Barriers

Project aims at helping visually impaired information IT experts.

(13.03.2015)saai Mourns Architect Frei Otto

The Archive for Architecture and Engineering in Southwest Germany (saai) mourns the passing of Frei Otto.

Logo crowdfunding
(12.03.2015)KIT Crowdfunding Starting in March 2015

KIT is one of the first German science institutions running an own crowdfunding platform.

Coralline Algae: Model for Cell-Free Biomineralization
(10.03.2015)Haptophytes: Model of Biomineralization

ZeBiCa² project: Using biogenic calcite particles for innovative industrial products.

(09.03.2015)2015 Girls' Day at KIT

During the Girls' Day on April 23, girls can inform themselves about interesting fields of work at KIT.

(06.03.2015)KIT Open Day and "Unifest" on June 27

This year, both "Unifest" and Open Day take place on June 27 at KIT Campus South.

(06.03.2015)Online Now: Latest Issue of KIT News

Exciting news in short on research, education, and innovation at KIT as a video broadcast.

MINT Online-Brückenkurs
(06.03.2015)"Fit für MINT": Online Preparation Course of Mathematics Starts

Course closes knowledge gaps of future students and is coordinated by the MINT Kolleg of KIT and Stuttgart University.

Subtitles on the laptop: Foreign students can follow German lectures more easily with the simultaneous translation system (Photo: KIT/ M. Breig)
(05.03.2015)CeBIT: Security in a Smart World

Digital data: KIT presents latest security concepts at the CeBIT.

Roboter "ARMAR"
Television: SWR About Robotics Research

The TV show "made in Südwest" shows the robotics research at KIT.

Auf dem Weg zur feinstaubfreien Holzverbrennung
(03.03.2015)Towards Dust-free Wood Combustion

KIT Researchers present the innovative "Carola" precipitator at the ISH 2015 trade fair.

(03.03.2015)ALMA Generates Code for Multi-core Processors

Researchers have developed a toolchain that facilitates programming.

(02.03.2015)Annual Research and Innovation Report

The Commission of experts for Research and Innovation has submitted its 2015 annual report.

(02.03.2015)Digitization in Academic Education

Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning organizes a symposium on digital learning on March 26.

Big Data: Innovationspotenzial und Schutz der Privatsphäre
(02.03.2015)Big Data: Social Opportunities and Risks

ABIDA interdisciplinary project explores social opportunities and risks of the use of Big Data.

(27.02.2015)Brochure About Climate Simulations

The brochure explains climate simulations and conclusions in plain language.

(27.02.2015)Electrochemistry: Graphene in Batterys

Survey: Many studies overestimate the power of graphene in batteries.

(27.02.2015)KIT MOOC Wins Media Award

First KIT MOOC against procrastination receives German Education Media Prize.

(26.02.2015)Refresher Course "Energy Management"

The course deals with relationships and interactions on the energy market.

System MAFRO
(26.02.2015)Safe Decomissioning of Nuclear Facilities

Pooled Expertise for safe decommissioning of nuclear facilities within the Energiewende.

KIT-Physicist Gets ERC Consolidator Grant
(24.02.2015)KIT-Physicist Gets ERC Consolidator Grant

EU funds Martin Weides's project "QuantumMagnonics" with EUR 2 million.

(23.02.2015)"Die lange Nacht der Abschlussarbeit 3"

The event on March 5 focuses on all problems relating to academic working.

(23.02.2015)Learning Center Expands Space Supply

Until March 31,  the learning center provides two additional seminar rooms for learners.

Carsharing und öffentlichen Nahverkehr clever kombinieren? Wie das gelingen kann, untersucht das Verbundprojekt "BiE" (Foto: RAC)
(20.02.2015)Mobility Change: Combining Services More Easily

Partners of science and industry develop an evaluation system for the introduction of electric mobility in various sectors.

Um Klimasysteme zu testen, setzen die Wissenschaftler die Fahrerkabine realistischen Bedingungen aus (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(20.02.2015)Operating Air Conditioning Systems Efficiently

With the help of a new test rig, scientists develop more efficient air conditioning systems for trucks.

Faszination Stadt: Urbane Gesellschaften und Städtewandel stehen im Fokus der 19. Karlsruher Gespräche (Abb: Sahar Aharoni)
(20.02.2015)19th Karlsruhe Talks Focus on Urban Societies

From February 27 to March 1, "Global DemocraCITIES" are topic of lectures and discussions.

Lean Warehousing increases Productivity
(17.02.2015)Lean Warehousing Increases Productivity

New training concept: How companies can make their warehousing more efficient.

(16.02.2015)KIT Increases Commitment in Asia

With the "StratP_KIT – China" and "CLICS" projects, KIT expands its research networks.

New Issue of ClicKIT: "Happy End"
(16.02.2015)New Issue of ClicKIT: "Happy Ending"

What is the everyday life of student parents like? clicKIT interviewed mothers and fathers.

(13.02.2015)2015 Carolo-Cup: KITcar on the Winners' Podium

With its autonomous model vehicle "Mrs. Furious", KIT students' team comes third.

Beliebteste Hochschule der deutschen Top-Manager: das KIT – hier die Bibliothek am Campus Süd (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(10.02.2015)Most Top Managers in Germany Studied at KIT

Study on education biographies of board members of the 100 biggest companies.

Source: Deutscher Wetterdienst
(10.02.2015)Weather Forecast Model ICON Starts

ICON-ART module of the Institute of Meteorology simulates the propagation of aerosol particles.

(09.02.2015)Container for the City's Anniversary

KIT students of architecture design containers that will offer new perspectives on the "Nordweststadt".

(09.02.2015)3D Game for Teaching Foreign Language

With the game "EVEIL-3D" students can learn both German and French.

(09.02.2015)2015 Karlsruhe Service Summit of KSRI

On February 27, experts from research and industry will discuss trends in the area of service science.

Jürgen Hubbert neuer Ehrenbürger des KIT
(06.02.2015)Jürgen Hubbert Is New Honorary Citizen of KIT

KIT President Hanselka honored the engineer and manager as well as other sponsors at the gala night.

Wettermesstechnik für Forschung und Lehre
(06.02.2015)Weather Measurement for Research and Teaching

For ten years, the KIT meteorological station Rheinstetten measures weather data automatically.

Professor Norbert Henze (Foto: Emanuel Jöbstl, KIT)
(05.02.2015)Flexible Learning Thanks to Digital Media

Professor Norbert Henze receives "Ars legendi-Fakultätenpreis Mathematik" by the Stifterverband for outstanding dedication to academic teaching.

Stefanie Betz forscht am Institut für Angewandte Informatik und Formale Beschreibungsverfahren (AIFB) des KIT (Foto: Emanuel Jöbstl / KIT)
(04.02.2015)Wrangell Program: Grant for KIT Scientist

With the program, the state of Baden-Württemberg supports excellent female scientists on their way to postdoctoral lecture qualification.

(03.02.2015)Job Profiles of Female Scientists

About 110 female pupils took part in this year's information day at KIT Campus North.

(03.02.2015)KIT Is Awarded "Hochschulperle digital"

Stifterverband grants the "Hochschulperle" to KIT for audio podcasts about mathematics.

(03.02.2015)Presentation: "Integrated Product Engineering"

On February 20, students of IPEK will present products for daily life at old age.

Sport-Pfingstferienprogramm FoSS-SportsCamp 2015
(30.01.2015)Whitsun Holiday Program: "2015 FoSS SportsCamp"

Qualified sports and leisure program for kids aged twelve to fourteen at the KIT Institute of Sports.

(29.01.2015)Video Review: "Bauwettbewerb 2014"

71 students presented their models of hybrid roof constructions for a sports venue.

(29.01.2015)Music: Four Concerts in February

In February, various music groups of KIT will perform live for friends of music.

(27.01.2015)Two Experts of KIT New in the Council of Science

Federal President Joachim Gauck appoints Dorothea Wagner (ITI) and Peter Gumbsch (IAM).

(27.01.2015)Simulated Driving Scenes From Videos

In her master's thesis Jennifer Schoch transfers Videos automatically in driving simulations.

(23.01.2015)BEST PATH: Integration of Renewables

BEST PATH focuses on the development of high-capacity transmission networks. KIT ist part of it.

Logo der Veranstaltung
(23.01.2015)FZI Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary
Forschungszentrum Informatik celebrates with an open day on January 28 and 29.
(22.01.2015)Colloquium: Safety for Traffic Junctions

Colloquium on January 28 - experts present latest results from research and practice.

(22.01.2015)Research Project on Anti-seismic Buildings

Royal Society of New Zealand funds a research project on quakeproof wooden buildings.

Siliziumkarbid steigert Energieeffizienz _Quelle: Trumpf
(20.01.2015)Silicon Carbide Increases Energy Efficiency

New joint project "MMPSiC": enhancing the efficiency of power supply in industrial processes.

(19.01.2015)Registration for the "Badische Meile 2015"

Sports enthusiasts at KIT pay a reduced start fee of 15 instead of 17 Euro.

(16.01.2015)New Foundation for the HITS

The Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) has a new organizational structure.

(16.01.2015)FameLab - Competition for Scientists

"Talking Science" - competition for young scientists in Karlsruhe on March 18.

(15.01.2015)Student Advisory "Abitur - und dann?"

Central student advisory board zib offers various information events and workshops.

Solarspeicherpark am Campus Nord des KIT (Bild: Markus Breig, KIT)
(14.01.2015)Integrating Renewable Energies

The new SCI program focuses on the development of energy storage systems and infrastructures.

(13.01.2015)MOOC "Idea Generation Methods" Starts

This Massive Open Online Course will explain certain methods for idea generation.

6. Karlsruher Kongress "Wie bringen wir Kinder und Jugendliche in Bewegung?"
(12.01.2015)6th Karlsruhe Convention of IfSS and FoSS

"How can we put children and adolescents in motion?" The convention offers suggestions.

(12.01.2015)Work Science: Spring Convention of GfA

From February 25 to 27, the convention will identify new challenges for the working world.

(09.01.2015)ZAK Director Elected for Two Committees

Robertson-von Trotha was elected as member of the ifa advisory council and UNESCO expert committee.

KIT at the City Hall, January 20, 2015.
(09.01.2015)News of the World of Smallest Particles

The KIT Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics Center presents itself on January 20.

KIT president Professor Holger Hanselka
(09.01.2015)"Strong Signal for Research and Teaching"

KIT President Hanselka welcomes the new agreement on university funding "Perspektive 2020".

Steuerung der Zelldifferenzierung: Lange, blau markierte Zellfortsätze tragen an ihrer Spitze den rot eingefärbten Botenstoff Wnt. Kontaktstellen färben sich gelb (Aufnahme: Eliana Stanganello und Steffen Scholpp)
(08.01.2015)How Cells Communicate

Research on zebrafish provides insight into the development of the central nervous system of vertebrates.

(07.01.2015)Evaluating Energy Turnaround

Register now for the new refresher course "Technology Assesment and Energy Turnaround".