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News 2016
(21.12.2016)Further Philipp Schwartz Scholarship Can Be Allocated

KIT convinced with the concept for the integration of vulnerable or escaped researchers.

Das Standbild aus der Video-Animation visualisiert die Windströme einer Anlage auf dem Windenergie-Testfeld WINSENT. (Bild: 2Dmedia/WindFors)
(21.12.2016)KIT Is Partner in the WINSENT Project

The wind energy project focuses on how wind turbines can be operated optimally in mountainous areas.

Logo KIT.audio (Bild: KIT)
(21.12.2016)Research Podcast "KIT.audio" Has Started

The free podcast addresses research topics that are of relevance to the public.

(21.12.2016)"Smart Growth:” Discussion of Green Economy

On January 10, Ralf Fücks will speak about the compatibility of growth and sustainability.

(16.12.2016)"FameLab" Contest in Karlsruhe

On March 15 a preliminary decision of the international contest will take place at the Tollhaus.

KIT Messstation auf dem Energieberg (Foto: Bianca Adler)
(16.12.2016)Studying Winter Storms in Karlsruhe

Meteorologists study the development of squalls with the help of measuring instruments on Karlsruhe’s “energy hill.”

(16.12.2016)New Residence Planned for 100 Students

Studentenwohnheim e.V. decided to build a new residence as of autumn 2017.

(16.12.2016)Stifterverband Honors Team for Innovative Teaching

A new teaching concept of KIT is awarded a tandem fellowship.

Die Netzstrukturen der Zukunft sind eine zentrale Herausforderung der Energiewende (Foto: Gabi Zachmann, KIT)
(16.12.2016)Kopernikus Projects: The Grid of the Future

Science, industry, and society develop new solutions for the energy transition in Germany.

Montage einer Förderanlage (Foto: K. Riester, KIT)
(15.12.2016)Water Supply for the North – Protection of the Mekong Delta in the South

KIT researchers coordinate joint projects in Vietnam, which are funded by the Federal Ministry of Research.

Der Kryptologe Dennis Hofheinz erhält dieses Jahr einen ERC Consolidator Grant. (Foto: Andreas Drollinger / KIT)
(14.12.2016)KIT Scientist Receives ERC Consolidator Grant

More security of cloud computing and big data: Dennis Hofheinz develops cryptography for the digital age.

(13.12.2016)ZAK Director in UNESCO Committee of Experts

Directorate of the German UNESCO Commission appointed Prof. Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha to the Culture Committee.

Vizepräsidentin für Personal und Recht des KIT Dr. Elke Luise Barnstedt (Foto: KIT)
(13.12.2016)Elke Luise Barnstedt Is Going To Retire

The KIT Vice President for Human Resources and Law is going to retire after numerous projects and successes on December 31.

(13.12.2016)Apply for X-Ment Mentoring Program

Interested scientists having the qualification of PhD student and higher can apply until January 31.

(13.12.2016)How the Mineral Feldspar Acts as Ice Nucleus

New and essential insights into the formation of clouds and precipitation.

Vertreterinnen und Vertreter aus den Mitgliedsuniversitäten Basel, Freiburg, Haute-Alsace und Strasbourg sowie dem KIT nahmen den Preis gemeinsam in Freiburg entgegen (Foto: Sandra Meyndt).
(12.12.2016)European Campus Receives Prix Bartholdi

Minister of Science Theresia Bauer presented the award to the university alliance.

Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler (Foto: Sandra Göttisheim, KIT)
(08.12.2016)Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize for Britta Nestler

KIT scientist is awarded the renowned Leibniz Prize in the amount of EUR 2.5 million for her contribution to computer-aided material science.

Symbolbild Energiemanagement in Privathaushalten (Bild: KIT)
(08.12.2016)Demonstration Project on Future Energy Supply

State Secretary Rainer Baake submits approval for the major project C/sells.

Auftritt von ARAMiS (rechts) auf der CeBIT 2016 am Messestand des BMBF und Demonstrator eines Steuergeräts aus ARAMiS (links). (Foto: Georg Hofstetter)
(08.12.2016)Multi-core Processors for Mobility and Industry 4.0

The ARAMiS II project researches the use of intelligent multi-core technologies.

(08.12.2016)Polymer Coating for Implants

Scientists close a gap in the research on biodegradable coatings.

Einblick in die bunte Unterwasserwelt – das bietet das Videoprojekt ab 17. Dezember in Karlsruhe und 2017 in weiteren deutschen Städten (Foto: Nils Pickert)
(07.12.2016)Science in the City: Window Shopping with Ocean View

"Schaufenster Ozean": KIT video project starting in Karlsruhe on December 19.

(07.12.2016)Highly Cited Researchers Ranking

Four scientists of KIT rank amongst the most cited researchers in their field.

(06.12.2016)"Enzyklopädien. Erzählen. Wissen."

The Institute for German Studies and KIT Library will be showing an exhibition in the foyer of the KIT Library South, starting December 7.

(06.12.2016)New Portal for Scientific Communication

The portal, which KIT also works on, is for everyone who is concerned with the communication of science and its exploration.

(05.12.2016)New Aid Programm for MINT Students

Aid program "Bronnbacher Stipendium": Application until January 15.

Prof. Jörn Mueller-Quade (Foto: Andreas Drollinger)
(01.12.2016)Jörn Müller-Quade Appointed to acatech

The Professor of Computer Science is now member of the National Academy of Science and Engineering.

Auf Licht basierende Technologien ermöglichen Innovationen in vielen Bereichen von Energie- bis Kommunikationstechnik. (Foto: Andrea Fabry / KIT)
(01.12.2016)Innovation: Optical Technologies Change the World

Ten years of excellent interdisciplinary research and teaching at the Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics (KSOP). Ceremony on December 7.

Gruppenfoto JointWatchR (Foto: KIT)
(01.12.2016)Awards for Outstanding Team Projects

This year's prizes of the Wissen + Kompetenzen Foundation and the HoC were awarded to student initiatives at KIT.

(01.12.2016)Charging Electric Cars without Plugs

In the BIPoLplus project, KIT and partners study cable-free charging of cars by inductive energy transmission.

(01.12.2016)Book: Climate Change in Germany

The authors, including KIT scientists, reflect the development, consequences and risks of climate change.

Symbolbild Elektroauto (Bild: KIT)
(28.11.2016)Bundestag Wishes More Scientific Advice

Bundestag increases funds for the KIT-coordinated Office of Technology Assessment that also gives advice on electric mobility.

(28.11.2016)Online Expertise for "Leadership for Syria"

ZML contributes to the blended learning concept of the "Leadership for Syria" program for Syrian scholarship holders.

(28.11.2016)Take Leave, Change, Move On?

Doubts about studies? Event for students of the KIT up to the third semester.

(25.11.2016)KIT Prepares Students For Career Excellently

QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2017: KIT is the best German university and is placed 20th in the world.

(25.11.2016)Idomeni – The Waiting of the Refugees

On December 8, photo journalist Martin Gommel will report about the situation at Idomeni refugee camp.

Armin Grunwald. Der Physiker und Philosoph ist Leiter des Büros für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung beim Deutschen Bundestag (TAB) sowie des Instituts für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS) am KIT
(24.11.2016)Search for a Final Repository: Bundestag Appoints KIT Expert

The advisory board’s task is to accompany and supervise the final repository location selection procedure.

(24.11.2016)Why Friction Depends on the Number of Layers

Scientists have studied the friction properties of graphene and gained new insights.

Gasleitungen (Foto: KIT)
(24.11.2016)Complementary Expertise: Shaping the Energy Revolution Together

Four partners from Karlsruhe, including the KIT have joined forces to form the "Research Partnership Karlsruhe Energy".

(24.11.2016)Piano Concerto of the Chamber Orchestra

The concerto for two pianos by Francis Poulenc will take place on December 10 at 8 pm in the Gerthsen lecture hall on campus south.

Der MZE-Neubau führt 150 Forscherinnen und Forscher aus Chemie, Physik, Materialwissenschaften, Elektrotechnik und Verfahrenstechnik unter einem Dach zusammen (Foto: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
(23.11.2016)KIT Materials Science Center Opened

Opening ceremony with Baden-Wuerttemberg Science Minister Bauer. New center focuses on materials for energy systems.

(23.11.2016)"Research to Business Live"

Event for companies on December 8: "New concepts for batteries: Small, safe, powerful".

Symbolbild World Science Café (www.pexels.com, CC0 license)
(22.11.2016)New Lecture Series: World Science Café

From November 30, escaped and threatened researchers will report their work and views.

Rennteam KA-RaceIng (Foto: KA-RaceIng)
(22.11.2016)KIT 16e Leads World Ranking

With its electric car, KA-RaceIng for the first time is top of the world ranking list.

(22.11.2016)Ammonia in the Upper Troposphere

Scientists have proven the existence of the trace gas at twelve to 15 kilometers altitude for the first time.

(21.11.2016)Career Entry for International Students

Start your Career: Event of KIT and the TechnologyRegion provided information about finding a job in Karlsruhe.

Grafik zu mechanisch-elektrisch-thermischen Vorgängen in Lithium-Ionen-Batterien (Grafik: KIT)
(17.11.2016)New Research Training Group "SiMET"

The new research training group will focus on the simulation of processes in lithium-ion batteries.

Porträt Prof. Dorothea Wagner (Markus Breig/KIT)
(15.11.2016)Professor of Computer Science Appointed to Acatech

Dorothea Wagner is now member of the National Academy of Science and Engineering.

(15.11.2016)Recent KIT News of November

The video news are amongst others devoted to the welcome event for first semester students.

(15.11.2016)10th Sustainable BioEconomy Colloquium

On December 2, the congress will discuss various aspects of bio-economy.

Erstes Partnertreffen des Kopernikus-Projekts ENSURE am 4. November am KIT (Foto: KIT)
(10.11.2016)Energy Turnaround: ENSURE Project Partners Meet at KIT

About 130 partners met at KIT to determine structures and interfaces for further collaboration.

Die Gründer des Spin-offs des KIT INERATEC: Tim Böltken, Philipp Engelkamp und Paolo Piermartini. (Foto: KIT)
(10.11.2016)Power-to-Liquid: Test of First Compact Plant

First compact plant for synthetic fuels worldwide made by INERATEC, a KIT spinoff, will start pilot operation.

Porträt Elke Luise Barnstedt (Foto: KIT)
(10.11.2016)Elke Luise Barnstedt Appointed to Group of Experts

Vice President for Human Resources and Law joins advisory board of the program for promotion of junior scientists.

Symbolbild: Studierende mit Smartphone (Foto: KIT)
(08.11.2016)Anxiety through Information?

Researchers found that information can increase perception of the risk of cell phone radiation.

Grafik der Kürbis-förmigen Molekül-Klasse Cucurbiturile (Bild: Jacobs University / Khaleel Assaf)
(08.11.2016)Specific Targets in the Body: New Host for Steroids

KIT scientists and partners have discovered new, promising transporters for active substances.

(08.11.2016)Forum for Critical Interdisciplinarity

Scientists established the forum to promote the dialog of different disciplines.

Der Biologe Johannes Eberhard Reiner vom KIT mit den Reaktoren zur mikrobiellen Elektrosynthese (Foto: Constanze Zacharias).
(04.11.2016)Organic Plastics from Flue Gas and Electricity

New biocatalyst uses CO2 as raw material and regenerative power for microbial electrosynthesis.

Grafik von Fassadenelementen (Bild: Fraunhofer ISE)
(03.11.2016)How to Sustainably Heat Apartment Houses

The “LowEx-Bestand” project focuses on sustainable energy concepts for apartment houses.

(03.11.2016)Women's Support Program Femtec.Careerbuilding

Until December 4, female students of engineering and natural sciences can apply for the course starting in March 2017.

(03.11.2016)”Humboldt-Club” for the First Time Met at KIT

On October 28 and 29, the German Society of Humboldtians met in Karlsruhe for its annual conference.

(03.11.2016)Discussions and Talks: Focus Future

On November 17, the presentations will focus on future mobility: “How will we get from A to B in 2050?”

Gruppenbild der Partner des Testfelds Autonomes Fahren (Foto: M. Breig/KIT)
(03.11.2016)Go-ahead for "Autonomous Driving" Test Field

Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Transport Hermann handed over the grant approval for the setup of the test field to the consortium headed by FZI.

Die Folgen der „Download-Kultur“ stehen beim Start der neuen Reihe „Wissenschaftsgespräche“ im Mittelpunkt (Foto: KIT)
(28.10.2016)"Science Talks": Is Digital Better?

At the start of the new series of lectures, experts discuss on digitization and its impact on science and economy.

(28.10.2016)Delicious and Sustainable Snacks

Student competition "ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2016": KIT team developed most innovative product idea.

Prozesskette für Synthese der Basis-Chemikalie Methanol (Foto: TVT/ TU Kaiserslautern)
(27.10.2016)Chemicals from Biomass

An alliance of research and industry, led by KIT, is studies on an innovative process chain for the synthesis of methanol.

Bosch-Aufsichtsratschef Franz Fehrenbach mit robodev-Mitgründern Dr. Julien Mintenbeck und Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
(27.10.2016)Module Building Set for Automation

The building set of KIT spin-off robodev is one of the winners of the initiative WECONOMY 2016.

(27.10.2016)Announcement Concerning Parked Bicycles

Cyclists are urgently requested to keep traffic and escape routes near the canteen and the library unobstructed.

(26.10.2016)Very Good Grades for KIT by Personnel Managers

KIT well placed in the latest ranking of "WirtschaftsWoche" magazine.

(25.10.2016)Four New Helmholtz Junior Research Groups at KIT

The junior staff have been selected to establish their own research groups.

(25.10.2016)KIT Students Discover Security Leakages

The bug was revealed  by a tool for security in IT communication developed by Felix Dörre and Vladimir Klebanov.

Gruppenbild der Partner: Barnstedt; Krabbe und Hirth (Foto:KIT)
(25.10.2016)KIT and ABB Continue Successful Cooperation

The partners extend collaboration in research and innovation and now also focus on promoting young talent.

Zweite "Nacht der Wissenschaft" am KIT am 28. Oktober 2016
(21.10.2016)2nd "Science Night" at KIT

Student group organizes public lectures on October 28/29 from 8 pm to 4 am.

blaue Vogelspinne (Foto: Tom Patterson)
(20.10.2016)Bright Colors by Nanotechnology

Microscopic analysis of the blue tarantula inspired scientists of KIT and partners to produce colors.

(20.10.2016)Favorites Make Games Boring

A research team with KIT participation analyzes the intensity of competitions and draws conclusions for economy.

(20.10.2016)Construction Kit for Designer Proteins

KIT scientists and partners establish a method to produce genetically modified proteins on a large scale.

Vizepräsident Professor Alexander Wanner (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
(19.10.2016)"Independent and Curious"

“Research-based Education” program to be continued at KIT – Campus Day presents initial assessment.

(18.10.2016)12th Humboldt Day at KIT

On October 27, the Humboldt Foundation will provide information on its programs to support internationally mobile researchers.

(18.10.2016)Camera Observes Plant Growth

RiSeGrAn system analyzes the growth of seedlings to adapt agricultural crops to climate change.

(18.10.2016)Award for Henning Bockhorn

International expert association honors the emeritus for his scientific contributions to combustion technology.

Christine von Vangerow (Foto: Michael Danner)
(17.10.2016)Vice President Human Resources and Law: KIT Senate Confirms Election

KIT Senate follows KIT Supervisory Board's vote for Christine von Vangerow.

v. l. n. r.: Prof. Oliver Kraft, Prof. Guido Drexlin, Prof. Johannes Blümer (alle KIT), Prof. Ernst-Wilhelm Otten, Universität Mainz, Prof. Hamish Robertson, University of Washington, Seattle (Foto: Patrick Langer, KIT)
(17.10.2016)Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN): "First Light"

KATRIN experiment has reached the next major milestone: For the first time, electrons flew through the whole facility to the detector.

(14.10.2016)TU9 Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

KIT president Holger Hanselka congratulates the alliance of leading technical universities on the jubilee.

Erstsemesterbegrüßung in der Schwarzwaldhalle (Foto: KIT)
(14.10.2016)Festive Event for the Start of the Winter Semester at KIT

Approximately 6,200 new students start their studies. On October 21, they will be welcomed at the freshmen's reception in the Schwarzwaldhalle.

Nahaufnahme Festplattenspeicher (Bild: KIT/SCC)
(14.10.2016)An Open Harbor for Research Data

The KIT coordinates a national network of data centers to manage big data in science.

Die Renationalisierungstendenzen in Europa stehen im Wintersemester im Fokus des Colloquium Fundamentale (Foto: pixabay.com).
(13.10.2016)Public Series of Lectures on "New Nationalisms"

Brexit, populism, right-wing parties getting popular: ZAK has a focus on nationalistic tendencies in Europe.

J. Menno Harms, Heinrich-Hertz-Gastprofessor 2016 (Foto: Privat)
(12.10.2016)J. Menno Harms Is Awarded 2016 Heinrich Hertz Guest Professorship

The chairman of the Hewlett-Packard GmbH supervisory board will give public lectures at KIT on October 19 and November 3.

(12.10.2016)Preservation of Monuments: Precise Restoration

KIT develops a new, custom-made approach to the restoration of a viaduct.

(12.10.2016)Top Results in Research Ranking

In international comparison KIT is the best German university in engineering and natural sciences.

(12.10.2016)Recent KIT News of September

Current news about the measuring campaign DACCIWA and the Karlsruhe tritium neutrino experiment.

(12.10.2016)Review of the TU9-ING Week

Pupils from 18 countries took part in the week for trial study courses in Karlsruhe.

Heinrich Hertz-Büste auf dem Ehrenhof des KIT-Campus Süd (Foto: Andrea Fabry)
(11.10.2016)50 Years Heinrich Hertz Association

For 50 years, the Heinrich Hertz Association has been promoting dialogue between science and public persons.

(07.10.2016)"Permanent Change at the Upper Rhine"

On October 13, Dr. Cornelia Lang will give a talk on nature protection at the Karlsruhe Zoo.

(06.10.2016)Vacuum Technology Education: Evaluated Quality

DVG awarded the lecture "Vacuum Technology for Chemical Engineers".

Porträt Armin Grunwald (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(06.10.2016)KIT Professor in Newly Founded Ethics Committee

Armin Grunwald is member of the new Committee “Automated and Connected Driving” of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Gruppenfoto der 5. HeKKSaGOn-Konferenz am KIT (Foto: Magali Hauser, KIT)
(06.10.2016)Fifth HeKKSaGOn Conference at KIT

Japanese and German scientists plan to intensify international collaboration.

(04.10.2016)KIT China Branch: Excellent Education

The KIT China Branch was awarded as "Advanced Education Unit" from Suzhou Industrial Park.

(04.10.2016)"Security and Trust in the Networked World"

On October 28, the AIK symposium will focus on challenges and ideas of science and industry.

Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
(29.09.2016)Energy System 2050: "We Want to Give Answers"

Interview of Holger Hanselka, President of KIT, about the challenges of the energy turnaround.

(29.09.2016)Research: Safer Lithium-Ion Batteries

Scientists of KIT and University of Ferrara improve the fire resistance of the battery.

(29.09.2016)Gandhi Medal for KIT Climatologist

Tirtha Banerjee receives the award for his outstanding international achievements and success.

(29.09.2016)"Energy of the Future - Future of Energy"

The public, all-day symposium on October 13 will be organized jointly by KIT and Heidelberg University.

Rennstrecke mit Läufern (Foto: KIT)
(27.09.2016)National Recommendations for Exercise

Reduce seating times - increase exercise: For the first time, recommendations are published nationwide.

(27.09.2016)New Record for Solar Modules

The modules' increase in efficiency is the result of a close cooperation of KIT, ZSW, and imec researchers.

(27.09.2016)Scientists Overcome Obstacle on the Way to a Quantum Computer

The results of a study by KIT as one of the partners have now been published in a scientific journal.

(23.09.2016)Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Association

Online dossier with video on the Helmholtz Science Talk on “Energy Research” with President Hanselka.

Dreidimensionale Mikrogerüste für die Kultivierung einzelner Zellen (Aktinfärbung in grün), die durch photochemische Prozesse mit zwei unterschiedlichen Proteinen (rot, magenta) gezielt funktionalisiert wurden (Foto: Benjamin Richter, KIT).
(23.09.2016)Erwin Schrödinger Prize for Specifically Designed Petri Dishes

Three KIT scientists receive the award worth EUR 50,000 for their interdisciplinary research into three-dimensional cell cultivation.

Logo KIT Stiftung
(22.09.2016)Information on Inheritance Law, Will, and Provision

KIT Foundation invites to a free public presentation by Bremenkamp law office on October 12.

(22.09.2016)Education Fair "Einstieg Karlsruhe 2016"

On October 7 and 8, the KIT informes about the prospects after graduation.

Zelle unter hochauflösender Echtzeitmikroskopie
(20.09.2016)Scavenger Cells Repair Muscle Fibers

KIT researchers gain new insights into the recovery of the cell membrane after rupture of a muscle fiber.

(20.09.2016)KIT and PH: Cooperation in the Education of Teachers

Collaboration is aimed at enhancing the quality of education of teachers.

(20.09.2016)How Plants Make Friends with Fungi

KIT researchers study the beneficial symbiosis between rooted plants and fungi.

Forschungsflugzeug HALO bei der Messkampagne POLSTRACC (Foto: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
(15.09.2016)How's the Ozone Hole Doing?

International day for the preservation of the ozone layer on September 16.

(15.09.2016)Welcome Package for New Students

For registering their principal residence in Karlsruhe, students of Karlsruhe universities receive a welcome pack.

(13.09.2016)Guidance: Study Counseling at KIT

The center for information and counseling offers students-to-be orientation on student issues.

(13.09.2016)The New Ones Are Here: Start of Training at KIT

In September 106 apprentices start their career at KIT.

(13.09.2016)September 18 to 24: TU9 ING Week at KIT

Pupils of German foreign and language diploma schools will gain an insight into the MINT studies.

(09.09.2016)Dragon Tree as a Model for Lightweight Design

Researchers find how bindings of branch and stem could be used as a model for lightweight construction.

For her research on the composition of clouds, Professor Corinna Hoose is awarded an ERC Starting Grant in the amount of EUR 1.5 Million. (Foto: Sandra Göttisheim)
(09.09.2016)Cloud Physics: KIT Researcher Is Awarded ERC Starting Grant

For her research into the composition of clouds, Professor Corinna Hoose is awarded an ERC Starting Grant in the amount of EUR 1.5 million. 

(08.09.2016)Award for Geo and Environmental Research

ARCADIS award for outstanding master and doctoral theses. Application deadline: November 1.

Kongressteilnehmer (Bild: kasto/fotolia)
(08.09.2016)Congress: Integration as Educational Task!?

From September 22 to 25, the Karlsruhe education congress covers the importance of education for integration.

Ehrenhof auf dem Campus Süd des KIT (Archivfoto: Bernd Seeland, KIT)
(07.09.2016)KIT Ranks in the Top 100 of the Universities in the World

KIT reaches place 98 worldwide in the QS World University Ranking 2016/2017 and ranks among the Top 50 in the "employer reputation" category.

(06.09.2016)Uni for Beginners Day 2016

November 16, teaching and research activities at KIT will open their doors to those interested.

(06.09.2016)Portal "Understanding Anmial Testing"

Alliance of science organisation starts information initiative on animal experiments.

(06.09.2016)Conference on Climate Change Impacts

Focal points of the REKLIM regional conference will be extreme events and challenges of climate modeling.

(06.09.2016)Border Crosser: A Portrait of Holger Hanselka

The Helmholtz Association on the career of KIT President, Holger Hanselka.

Querschnitt des Kreuzleiters CroCo
(06.09.2016)EU Grants EUR 50,000 Prize to Researchers

KIT and SPC are awarded the EU SOFT Innovation Prize for fusion research for the development of a superconductor concept.

(02.09.2016)Campus Life in Photos: KIT on Instagram

People, impressions, and places of interest on the campus - KIT is now on Instagram.

Leuchtende Fasern auf dem Kleidungsstück
(01.09.2016)Computer in the Jacket, in Glasses and on Skin

The conference ISWC/UBICOMP on computers in everyday life was also organized by KIT.

(01.09.2016)Nobel Prize Winner James W. Cronin Has Died

The KIT Center Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics values the KIT honorary doctor highly with an obituary.

(01.09.2016)Report on Earthquake in Italy

The CEDIM at KIT has published a short report on the earthquake in Amatrice in central Italy.

(01.09.2016)Recent KIT News now Online

The video news from August are amongst others devoted to the Children's University at KIT.

Forscherin mit Messboje
(30.08.2016)Effective Measurement of Water Pollutants

KIT researchers and partners develop intelligent sensor system to monitor water bodies.

Gewitterwolken über Savé
(30.08.2016)Fires Pollute the Air in West Africa

KIT coordinates EU-funded project DACCIWA that studies the air over the coastal region of West Africa.

(25.08.2016)English Further Education Courses on Energy at KIT

New in-service courses for professionals and managers start in November.

(23.08.2016)International Networking Days at KIT

Members of KIT can register for the workshops and talks that take place between September 26 and 28.

Nahaufnahme der Wasserpflanze Salvinia molesta
(23.08.2016)Learning from Water Fern

KIT researchers found that some water ferns can absorb large volumes of oil within a short time.

(23.08.2016)Annual Report 2015 Published Now

Review of exciting events, changes, and trends at KIT in 2015.

(20.08.2016)Damage to Property by Deflagration

Deflagration in organic chemistry laboratory: No persons injured, no hazardous gases emitted.

(17.08.2016)Award for Student Research at KIT

KIT students can apply for an award for a research paper until September 2.

Gruppenbild der INERATEC-Gründer
(17.08.2016)KIT Participates in INERATEC Spinoff

KIT promotes an innovative company that may revolutionize chemical engineering.

(17.08.2016)KIT 16e: Overall Victory at the Hockenheimring

For the first time KA-RaceIng wins the overall standings in the Formula Student Germany with its electro racing car.

(11.08.2016)Two Become One: Green Light Turns Blue

Research of KIT scientists opens up new options for solar cells and LEDs.

(09.08.2016)Register for GridKa School until August 22

This year’s GridKa School from August 29 to September 2 will focus on “Data Science on Modern Architectures”.

(09.08.2016)Tailored Probe Tips for Atomic Force Microscopes

Publication in Applied Physics Letters: Scientists of KIT produce customized probe tips using 3D printing.

(04.08.2016)Heisenberg Professorship for Martin Dienwiebel

German Research Foundation funds the research into applied nanotribology.

(04.08.2016)Latest KIT News Now Online

The July issue informs about networked and automated driving, for example.

(01.08.2016)ZML Courses Now Offered in English

Online-based advanced education courses on energy will start in November.

(28.07.2016)Ultra-Compact Photodetector

Researchers of KIT developed a photodetector, that sets new standards with its small space requirement.

Kinder im Uni-Hörsaal
(28.07.2016)KIT Children's University Has Started

Until August 18, children can attend lectures and interactive thematic workshops.

Studentin des IfR bei ihrer Arbeit
(26.07.2016)Anniversary of the Institute of Regional Science

For 50 years now, the Institute has been standing for interdisciplinary planning experience and intercultural exchange.

KIT SC Engineers feiern mit Pokal
(26.07.2016)KIT SC Engineers Celebrate Championship

The away win over the Freiburg Sacristans not only brought the trophy, but the promotion to the higher league.

Porträt Dr. Elisabeth Wilhelm
(26.07.2016)German Thesis Award for Braille Display

Elisabeth Wilhelm, KIT, developed a display which makes graphic elements tangible for the visually impaired.

Grafik elektronisches Navigationssystem
(22.07.2016)Navigation System for Visually Impaired

The TERRAIN project of KIT and several partners develops a new assistance system for the blind and visually impaired.

(19.07.2016)KIT Economist Awarded

Philipp Schuster was honored with the research prize of the Frankfurt Institute of Risk Management and Regulation.

(19.07.2016)Students from Nanjing Visited KIT

Students of the Chinese partner university of Nanjing completed a summer course at the INT.

Gruppenbild der Podiumsdiskussion
(19.07.2016)New Approaches in Teaching Degree Programs

Research-oriented didactics and high practical orientation improve teaching degree programs.

Forschungsboot auf einem Stausee
(19.07.2016)Annual Meeting of The KIT Climate and Environment Center on July 25

Five young researchers of KIT will receive the Sparkassen Environmental Award for their outstanding works.

(18.07.2016)Arctic: Early Warning System of Climate Change

Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute closes the Colloquium Fundamentale with a speech on July 21.

(14.07.2016)Call for Short Film Competition

KASTEL invites young artists to present film concepts on IT security.

(13.07.2016)2016 Computer Science Day

Farewell ceremony for the past year’s graduates of the KIT Department of Informatics.

Suresh Garlapati, INT, Frank Mentrup, OB Stadt Karlsruhe, Prof. Thomas Hirth, Vizepräsident des KIT für Innovation und Internationales, sowie Dr. Aiswarya Bhaskar, IAM (Foto: Lars Hübner)
(13.07.2016)KIT at the 2016 "Stallwächterparty"

KIT was represented at the political summer party of the State of Baden-Württemberg in Berlin.

(13.07.2016)Land of Ideas: Big Data Research Awarded

Project ABIDA – Assessing Big Data is winner in the competition „Selected Places in the Land of Ideas“.

(12.07.2016)International MINTernship Program

Four exchange students from North Carolina have completed a research internship at KIT.

(12.07.2016)Studying in The Theatre: "TheaBib" open again

About 100 additional learning spaces are available at the State Theatre during exam period.

(07.07.2016)Karlsruhe Becomes Pioneer Region for Autonomous Driving

Consortium can now establish “Test Field for Networked and Automatic Driving”.

Solar Power Storage Park at KIT Campus North
(07.07.2016)Forecast of Photovoltaic Output

PerduS project investigates the reduced output of photovoltaic facilities due to desert dust.

(05.07.2016)Research Alliance: Focus on Digital Transformation

KIT and the University of Mannheim study and organize digitization under the “ForDigital” initiative.

Cloud-Dienst bwSync&Share
(30.06.2016)KIT Cloud Service Available All over Germany

Also users outside of Baden-Württemberg can now use KIT’s bwSyn&Share storage system.

Die Gewinnerin des Julius Wess-Preises 2015, Lisa Randall. (Bild: Rose Lincoln)
(30.06.2016)Lisa Randall Receives the 2015 Julius Wess Prize

The Prize will be handed over to the the theoretical physicist of Harvard University on July 8.

(30.06.2016)Start of the "Sustainability Experiments"

On July 4, the winners of the research and development project will present their ideas.

(30.06.2016)Cell Migration: The Right Grip with Cadherin-11

Knowledge on the protein Cadherin-11 provides a new explanatory approach for the spread of tumors.

(28.06.2016)Mobile Website: Research-Alumni KIT

The new app consolidates the exchange with former international scholars.

(28.06.2016)KIT Environment Lecture on July 12

The next KIT Environment Lecture will discuss the role of cities as engines of future development.

(28.06.2016)Baden-Württemberg Funds „MoWi-KIT“ Project

KIT’s successful proposal focuses on the development and maintenance of scientific skills.

(27.06.2016)Scholarships Granted to Highly Gifted Students

Gunther Schroff Foundation again supports students of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Gruppenbild der Sieger des Elevator Pitch BW
(23.06.2016)"Elevator Pitch BW:" KIT Startups Win

Three startups of KIT reached the first three places in the state’s startup competition.

Grafische Darstellung einer Epidermis eines Rosenblütenblatts
(23.06.2016)"Flower Power“: Photovoltaics Modeled after the Rose

KIT researchers enhance the efficiency of solar cells by imitating the structure of rose petals.

(21.06.2016)Record-breaking Rainfalls in the Southwest

The KIT Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology reports on the flooding in May and June.

Symbolbild Flaggen Europas
(21.06.2016)"Horizon 2020:" KIT Is Top in Acquiring Third-party Funds

The monitoring report of the European Commission reveals that KIT is in eighth place of all European universities.

Prostatakrebszellen (grün) in einem hochporösen Cryogel mit gewebeähnlicher Elastizität (Rasterelektronenmikroskop-Aufnahme: Bettina Göppert, KIT)
(20.06.2016)"Top Story" of Cancer Research

Paper on three-dimensional prostate model is top story of the week in "Prostate Cell News."

(17.06.2016)First GRK Insight Lecture and Schools Day

Topic of the first GRK Insight Lecture: "Transportation of active agents and medication into the brain."

(16.06.2016)Student of KIT Receives DRIVE-E Study Award

Tino Megner honored for his outstanding, innovative Bachelor thesis at KIT.

Unter dem Motto „Ideen anfeuern: Innovativ für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft" veranstaltet das KIT am 29. Juni 2016 seinen Innovationstag (Foto: KIT)
(21.06.2016)Innovation Day at KIT: Venture Festival 2016

Innovative for economy and society: On June 29, the focus will be on inventive projects.

Gruppenbild der Heinrich-Hertz-Preisverleihung
(16.06.2016)Annual Meeting of the KIT Energy Center

The focus was on “Looking into the Future” and awarding the Heinrich Hertz Prize to Hartmut Schmeck.

Ausbilder erläutert jungen Flüchtlingen die Arbeit
(14.06.2016)Trial Days for Young Refugees

The teenagers wer informed about the training profession of an industrial mechanic on Campus North.

(14.06.2016)Long Night of Student Advisory Service

On June 23, prospective students can inform themselves about all study-related topics at KIT.

(14.06.2016)Presentation Series “KIT at the City Hall”

The KIT Climate and Environment Center informed about climate change, adaptation, and preservation of resources.

Ensemble Kammerorchester
(14.06.2016)Music at KIT: Concert of the Chamber Orchestra

On Saturday June 18, the Chamber Orchestra of KIT invites to its concert on Campus South.

(10.06.2016)KIT Supports Baden-Württemberg and Jiangsu

KIT helps the cooperation with its strength in research, teaching and innovation.

(10.06.2016)"iBridge": Interactive Access to Geophysics

Prospective geophysicists can benefit of the web-based course for the master program.

(08.06.2016)Chemical Scientists of KIT Awarded

Christof Wöll and Lars Heinke (both IFG) received prestigious awards.

(08.06.2016)Student Ambassadors for Refugees

KIT students inform about universities studies at refugee accommodations in the Karlsruhe region.

(07.06.2016)Finding Free Places for Learning Easily

Room for learning: KIT Library develops "Seatfinder" guidepost software.

Team „AnnieWay“ meisterte die fahrerischen Disziplinen, wie das Überfahren einer Kreuzung in Abstimmung mit anderen Fahrzeugen, problemlos (Foto: FZI / KIT)
(07.06.2016)Team AnnieWAY: Success in Inter-linked Driving

FZI and KIT team comes in second in international competition for autonomous and interlinked driving.

(06.06.2016)Online Now: Latest Issue of the KIT News

The news cover the Humboldt Professorship, the KA-RaceIng rollout, and the YIN Lecture Series.

Mit frischen Mathematikkenntnissen das Studium beginnen – das ermöglicht der Online-Brückenkurs (Foto: MINT-Kolleg Stuttgart)
(06.06.2016)Online Preparation Course of STEM Subjects

Well-prepared for studies: Online preparation course closes knowledge gaps of future students.

Stefan Quandt, Prof. Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT, und Rainer Stiefelhagen, Leiter des SZS (Foto: Lydia Albrecht)
(03.06.2016)Test Laboratory for Barrier-free Access to Information

Study Centre for the Visually Impaired of KIT establishes new "Accessibility Lab".

(03.06.2016)Research into the Society’s Digital Change

First selection round: KIT develops concept for a prospective German Internet Institute.

Gruppenbild von der Preisverleihung
(02.06.2016)Honorary Award for KIT Product Developers

The Schaeffler FAG Foundation honors IPEK and its director Albert Albers for their achievements in research and teaching.

Gruppenbild von der Preisverleihung
(02.06.2016)KIT Receives Alumni Award "Premium D-A-CH"

alumniclubs.net e.V. awards the Relationship Management of KIT for its successful work.

(02.06.2016)KIT Receives Philipp Schwartz Fellowship

With this fellowship, a refugee scientist can now be supported in his/her field of research.

(01.06.2016)Master Fair "Anything But Engineering!"

Cross-univerity fair for humanities and social science degree courses on July 7.

(01.06.2016)Computer Navigation and Robotics in Medicine

KIT and Städtisches Klinikum Karlsruhe open series of public lectures "EFFEKTE auf dem Schlachthof".

(31.05.2016)LHC at CERN Is Ready for Operation again

KIT assumes leading role in a large-scale experiment. KIT staff makes up largest university group in the project.

(31.05.2016)Glass Components Baked as Cookies

Researchers of KIT developed a glass-plastic mixture that can be handled like cookies.

Grafik der Outdoorspeicherlösung des KIT
(31.05.2016)Energy Revolution in the Front Garden

On the "Intersolar und ees Europe", KIT will present innovative concepts for the energy transition.

Gedenktafel im Ehrenhof
(31.05.2016)KIT Commemorates Persecution in the Nazi Era

Members of the Presidential Committee and Senate unveiled a memorial plaque for the persecuted members of the former Technical University.

(25.05.2016)Studying Successfully in Baden-Württemberg

Starting well prepared – and graduating successfully: ministry funds two KIT projects.

(24.05.2016)University Festival 2016 on Campus South

On 18 June, visitors can look forward to concerts, cabaret, and numerous shows.

Phänomen der optischen Täuschung
(24.05.2016)Research Training Group in Asymptotic Geometry

New Research Training Group of KIT and the University of Heidelberg will begin its work by October.

(24.05.2016)Via Online Exchange to Innovative Technologies

KIT supports companies with the platform RESEARCH TO BUSINESS in solving technical problems.

(19.05.2016)4th KIT Championship in 10 km Run

On June 26, all running enthusiasts can participate. Registration deadline is June 17.

Stand auf der KIT-Karrieremesse
(19.05.2016)KIT-Career Fair with more than 240 companies

From May 31 to June 2, the fair will provide the opportunity to meet potential employers.

Tour Eucor
(19.05.2016)Five Days, Three Countries: Tour Eucor

On May 25, the tour of Eucor - The European Campus will start at Karlsruhe Palace.

E-Band-Sender mit Parabolantenne. Die darin verbauten integrierten Schaltungen weisen besonders große Leistungsfähigkeit auf. (Foto: Jörg Eisenbeis, KIT)
(18.05.2016)World Record in Terrestrial Data Transfer

Research team transfers data at a rate of 6 gigabit per second over a distance of 37 kilometers.

(18.05.2016)KIT Joins SAP University Alliances

Research, teaching, and innovation will benefit from the membership in the SAP university program.

(17.05.2016)“Research to Business”: Innovation Day in Suzhou

KIT organized the first Innovation Day with partners of Chinese universities and industry.

(17.05.2016)Sustainability: Your Experiment in the Oststadt

New competition launched by KIT and the Karlsruhe citizens foundation to promote community and deceleration.

(17.05.2016)KIT Produces Langmuir Probes

70 of these probes have been delivered to the Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research in Cadarache within the project "WEST".

Autobahnkreuz aus der Luft
(12.05.2016)Infrastructure: Prevention Is Better than Cure

Helmholtz Association and KIT start the innovation hub “Prevention in Construction".

Auszeichnung Projekt KARIS PRO
(12.05.2016)Award for Intelligent Conveying System

KIT’s KARIS PRO project is honored as exemplary industry 4.0 solution.

Feierliche Eröffnung von "Eucor - The European Campus" (Foto: Catherine Schröder / Université de Strasbourg)
(11.05.2016)Official Opening of the ”European Campus“

First European university association: New dimension of cross-border cooperation of Germany, France, and Switzerland.

(09.05.2016)Symphony Orchestra of KIT in First Place

Orchestra won competition of the German Music Council in Ulm.

Teststände am KIT
(09.05.2016)Solar Power Home Storage Systems Put to Test

KIT and partners launch largest study on the safety, quality, and grid suitability of home storage systems so far.

(09.05.2016)Public Lecture Series: About the Seven Seas

From May 12, the ZAK concentrates on the conflict between protection and use of the oceans.

(04.05.2016)Karlsruhe Start-up bundles Topics in the Web

The start-up HashtagNow offers its service in the world wide web under the new name #Now.

Preisverleihung in Berlin
(04.05.2016)KIT Brings Outstanding Experimental Physicist Back to Germany

Alexander von Humboldt Professorship awarded to Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, who will conduct research at KIT from June.

(04.05.2016)The More People, the Less Fires

KIT researchers find that demographic change influences fires as much as climate change.

(04.05.2016)Adaptation to Climate Change

A study of KIT shows what climate change means for the concrete acting of cities.

(02.05.2016)Ranking: Very Satisfied Students at KIT

Subjects of KIT reach positive results in the university ranking of the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit".

(29.04.2016)Innovative: Clean Water Without Chemicals

The EU supports the research project "Eco-UV", in which the KIT participates.

Konsortium KIT und Partner (Bild: Stadt Karlsruhe)
(29.04.2016)Karlsruhe Wants to Become Pioneer Region

A consortium of KIT and regional partners is applying for funds to establish test field for autonomous driving.

Screenshot KITcrowd
(29.04.2016)KITcrowd: Online Funding of and Investment in Ideas

The platform supports innovative projects by crowdfunding and now opens for crowdinvesting campaigns.

(28.04.2016)Current Issue of the KIT News

Latest KIT news in research, teaching, and innovation in a video broadcast.

Nach der Reaktorkatastrophe von Tschernobyl wurden Mitarbeiter deutscher Firmen und ihre Angehörigen, die sich in Russland aufhielten, im damaligen Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe dekontaminiert und untersucht.
(26.04.2016)30 Years after the Chernobyl Disaster

Helmholtz researchers remember how they witnessed the days and weeks after the disaster.

Porträt Thomas Lützkendorf
(25.04.2016)Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit for Thomas Lützkendorf

Professor of KIT was honored for his merits in the development of scientific principles for sustainable construction.

(25.04.2016)Additive Production: New Innovation Center at KIT

KIT explores a new production technology in cooperation with Arburg GmbH + Co KG.

KIT-Bibliothek von außen
(25.04.2016)KIT Library Celebrates Anniversary

Open all around the clock seven days a week – the KIT Library celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)
(22.04.2016)President Hanselka on the New Initivative for Top Level Research

Strong signal – boost for German universities in international competition.

(21.04.2016)Light Source For Faster Chips

Researchers of the KIT publish their results for developed electricity-light-signal converter.

Studierende in Hörsaal
(21.04.2016)Which University Is the Right One for Me?

On April 28, KIT, HsKA and DHBW Karlsruhe inform about their study programs.

(18.04.2016)International Scientists and Partner Lounge

Informal get-together for international scientists of KIT and their families On April 28.

(18.04.2016)The Funding Program Femtec.Careerbuilding

The course-related program supports female students of engineering and natural sciences.

(18.04.2016)CATDAT Database with Socioeconomic Analysis

Natural disasters since 1900: Eight million deaths, seven trillion US dollars damage.

Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(15.04.2016)Sustainable Solutions for Pressing Problems

On its annual celebration KIT presented the research fields energy, mobility, and information as well as their interfaces.

Symbolbild Wäscheleine mit Kleidern
(14.04.2016)Symposium on Flight And Migration

ZAK participates in the European Days of Culture with the event "Unterwegs. Nirgends daheim?" on April 22.

(14.04.2016)How Much Noise Is Produced by Wind Turbines?

This question will be answered by the TremAc cooperation project, in which KIT is one of the partners.

Deutschlandstipendium: Apply Now
(14.04.2016)Deutschlandstipendium: Apply Now

Students may apply for the "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarship until April 29.

(12.04.2016)Geman-French Institute: Future Industry

KIT and French partner university Arts et Métiers Metz intensify cooperation by establishing a joint institute.

(11.04.2016)Campus Map as App: The New KIT Navigator

The updated interactive campus map helps with the search for building data at KIT.

Lukas Geschwender in Berlin
(11.04.2016)Biology Lab Assistant Is Granted Apprenticeship Award

Lukas Geschwender of KIT was honored with the Helmholtz Apprenticeship Award for his achievements.

(07.04.2016)Tumors: Active Ingredient Proven in Laboratory

Researchers of KIT test a photoswitchable molecule successfully for its effect against tumors.

(07.04.2016)EU Ranking: KIT Very Well Positioned

"U-Multirank": KIT made it into the leading group for a number of  indicators - especially in research.

(07.04.2016)Mobile Radio Network Measures Rainfall

Radiation variations of mobile radio networks provide KIT meteorologists with information about rainfall.

Schnell und sicher: Das am KIT entwickelte Schweißverfahren ermöglicht das Zusammenschalten einzelner Zellen und leistungsfähigen Batteriepacks (Foto: KIT)
(05.04.2016)Hannover Messe: Battery Packs And Solar Cells

Innovative technologies for future energy supply, lighting, and lightweight construction.

Effiziente und zukunftsweisende Stromnetze aus zentraler und dezentraler Energieversorgung wird das Projekt ENSURE erforschen. (Bild: Gabi Zachmann, KIT)
(05.04.2016)Conditioning Grids for the Energy Turnaround

ENSURE consortium is one of four “Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Turnaround” of the Federal Government.

Das sanierte Mathematik-Gebäude am KIT-Campus Süd (Foto: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
(05.04.2016)KIT Receives "Deutscher Hochschulbaupreis"

The restored building on KIT Campus South is an example of sustainable campus architecture.

(04.04.2016)Battery: EU Promotes Pioneering Project

"LiRichFCC", coordinated by Maximilian Fichtner from HIU of the KIT, has been selected for the promotion.

(04.04.2016)The "Star Trek Replicator" as The Ideal

KIT scientists get closer to science fiction: for the first time printable microsystems have been produced.

(01.04.2016)Current KIT News Now Online

Important news of the past month of March have been compiled and are now available online.

(01.04.2016)Silicone Caps against Infant Mortality

KIT-graduate Theresa Maier helped creating a possibility to administer medication to ill infants easier.

(01.04.2016)American Football in Karlsruhe

The KIT SC Engineers play American football for over 25 years and are open for all groups of ages.

(31.03.2016)Division of Labor in The Bioreactor

Scientists of KIT and Phyton Biotech GmbH want to gain active components against cancer and Alzheimer's more efficiently.

Girls‘ Day 2016: Mitarbeiterin stellt ihren Beruf vor
(31.03.2016)Girlsʼ Day 2016: Studies and Training at KIT

Get a taste of science and technology: Registrations for the Girls' Day on April 28 are still possible.

Lehrer mit Schülern
(31.03.2016)Computer Science Teachers in Great Demand

Extension of computer science education at schools: KIT will include computer science in the teaching degree program.

Zukunft Elektromobilitaet
(24.03.2016)Future Mobility: Start of Two Networks

The networks are intended to develop efficient and intelligent solutions for future mobility.

Schülerlabor Mathematik
(24.03.2016)Pupils Laboratory for Mats Welcomes 1000th Class

Math in a playful manner – that is the goal of the mathematics laboratory for students.

Wiederkäuer, wie diese Ziegen in Kenia, sind für den größten Teil der Methan-Emissionen aus der Landwirtschaft verantwortlich (Foto: Klaus Butterbach-Bahl)
(22.03.2016)Livestock Farming: Reducing Greenhouse Gases

International group of researchers studies methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Symbolbild KIT
(22.03.2016)QS Ranking: KIT in the World's Top 100

"QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016": Eight subjects of KIT in the top 100.

(22.03.2016)KIT Coordinates EU Project ARGO

Research and industry develop innovative solutions for fast and efficient programming.

(21.03.2016)"KIT Stands for Open-mindedness and Dialog"

Recent public Friday prayer at KIT was dedicated to the "Karlsruhe Weeks Against Racism".

(17.03.2016)FameLab: KIT Contestant Reaches German Final

Student Thomas Huber comes in second and wins audience award of the Karlsruhe FameLab.

Angela Merkel besucht den Stand des KIT auf der CEBIT 2016
(16.03.2016)CeBIT 2016: High-Ranking Visit in Hannover

On her tour of the CeBIT on March 15, Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the shared stand of KIT and FZI.

(16.03.2016)The Grammar of Biological Cells

Researchers at KIT have developed a method to decrypt the grammar of cell signals.

Collage: Energiesystem aus Nutzersicht
(16.03.2016)The Energy System from the User’s Perspective

ENERGY-TRANS Helmholtz Alliance proves relevance of public participation to the energy transition.

Gipfelobservatorium des KIT auf der Zugspitze
(15.03.2016)Methane Emissions Increased by Oil And Gas Boom

A KIT study shows that the production of oil and natural gas supports the increase of methane concentration.

(15.03.2016)Free Mobility and Energy Advices

Experts of the IfV reveal how personal mobility can be handled easily and cost-efficiently with apps.

(14.03.2016)KIT-News for February 2016

Key Information about the new  high-performance computer ForHLR and the project Kinemic.

(14.03.2016)KIT at the Girls' Day 2016

The KIT offers over 30 workshops at the nationwide Girls' Day on April 28.

(14.03.2016)idw Award for the Best Press Release

The idw awards the Public Relations and Marketing Department (PKM) of the KIT with the award for science communication.

(14.03.2016)Learning how to teach: New tutor program

Prospective tutors for the summer semester can achieve new competences to improve their teaching skills.

(10.03.2016)Shanghai Jiao Tong University visits KIT

The further development of new and ongoing cooperations where being discussed.

Grundsteinlegung für den 1. Bauabschnitt des Engler-Bunte-Instituts auf dem Campus Süd (Foto: KIT)
(08.03.2016)Groundbreaking for Engler-Bunte-Institute

The new building will be utilized by all divisions of the Engler-Bunte-Institute and by the MINT-Kolleg.

(08.03.2016)Laser Source for Bio-Sensors

Researchers of KIT manage the integration of an organic laser on silicon photonics chips for the very first time.

Mann nutzt die Kinemic-Software (Bild: KIT)
(08.03.2016)CeBIT 2016: "The Digital Transformation is Here"

How the fruits of the digital revolution can be used more effectively and even safer, will be answered together by the KIT and FZI.

(07.03.2016)Central Specimen Bank for Research

In order to preserve substances developed in research, the KIT generates the archive ComPlat.

(04.03.2016)Focus on China – BMBF Visits KIT

A representative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) recently visited KIT.

Der neue Forschungshochleistungsrechner des KIT (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(04.03.2016)Supercomputer in the Service of Top Level Research

New high-performance computer ForHLR at KIT enables scientists to process complex problems in new dimensions.

Lanza und Gauck / Bildnachweis: Bundesregierung-Sandra Steins
(04.03.2016)Gisela Lanza Receives Federal Cross of Merit

Professor Gisela Lanza (wbk) was awarded on March 7 by Federal President Joachim Gauck.

Prof. Holger Hanselka und Roland Mack
(03.03.2016)Roland Mack New Honorary Citizen of KIT

President Holger Hanselka awarded the honor to Roland Mack at the President's gala evening.

KIT-Simulation: Kosmische Strahlen
(03.03.2016)Simulations at KIT Analyze Cosmic Rays

Developed at the KIT, the simulation code CoREAS leads to new insights about cosmic rays.

(02.03.2016)Balu und Du - Info Events in March and April

Mentoring Programm looking for students willing to take up individual sponsorships for pupils.

Die räumliche Struktur von Biomolekülen wie Proteinen, DNS oder RNS ist entscheidend für ihre Funktion als „molekulare Maschinen“ in der Zelle (Bild: Alexander Schug).
(01.03.2016)3D structure of biomolecules predictable

KIT researcher rewarded with „Google Faculty Research Award“ for research of biomolecules.

(01.03.2016)New SOS telephones at Campus Süd

The Facility Management (FM) installed eight new SOS telephones at Campus Süd.

Je nach Wetterlage erreicht die Windgeschwindigkeit hinter Offshore-Parks erst nach zehn bis 100 km ihren ursprünglichen Wert: Mögliche Auswirkungen auf andere Parks und örtliches Klima untersucht das Projekt WIPAFF
(01.03.2016)Offshore Wind Farms: Impact And Climate

The KIT coordinated project „WIPAFF" supports the expansion of wind farms in the german North Sea.

(01.03.2016)KIT Doctoral Awards Ceremony on March 1

KIT honors six outstanding doctoral researchers.

(26.02.2016)KIT at the "Week of the Environment" in Berlin

On June 7 and 8, KIT will join the exhibition at Bellevue Palace.

(25.02.2016)Students Develop New Battery Concepts

Innovative product ideas of KIT students to improve electric mobility.

(23.02.2016)New "MOOCs" to Be Launched

Two online courses of several weeks´ duration relating to energy will start in March and April.

Lernfabrik für globale Produktion am KIT
(23.02.2016)Unique: "Training Factory" for Global Production

The Training Factory of wbk prepares students for production in worldwide distributed networks.

(22.02.2016)Presenting Science – but how?

New research project at KIT investigates presentation forms in science.

Neues Jahresgutachten der EFI
(22.02.2016)Annual Expert Report Handed over to German Chancellor

Ingrid Ott, Professor of Economic Policy, contributed to the annual report of the "Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI)".

(19.02.2016)Cluster "Decommissioning" to establish Know-how

New cooperation for the upcoming decommissioning of nuclear facilities in Europe.

(19.02.2016)Award for "Industrie 4.0 Collaboration Lab"

KIT project wins award in "100 Orte für Industrie 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg" contest.

(19.02.2016)Strong Signal for Teaching and Knowledge Transfer

State of Baden-Württemberg and Klaus Tschira Foundation create new learning spaces for students.

Der KIT15e, KA-RaceIng
(17.02.2016)KA-RaceIng: Second Place in Worldwide Ranking

The electric racing car "KIT15e" convinced in the international competition "Formula Student Electric".

Welcome2Work unterstützt Flüchtlinge bei der Integration in den Arbeitsmarkt
(17.02.2016)Welcome2Work: Jobs for Refugees

Enactus helps refugees get a job by launching the Welcome2 Work employment service platform.

clicKIT Logo
(16.02.2016)Students' Online Magazine clicKIT

Multimedia online magazine - made by students for students.

(16.02.2016)Studies: Long Night of Thesis

On March 3, from 5 pm the HoC invites to the KIT Library to help with any questions related to academic working.

(15.02.2016)Advanced Studies on Energy

Application deadlines at KIT's Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning have been extended.

(12.02.2016)Share Economy - Award for Startups

Innovative project ideas of KIT graduates win award for digital change in today´s society.

Per Lasersignal misst das Forschungsflugzeug HALO polare Stratosphärenwolken (Foto: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
(12.02.2016)POLSTRACC Measurement Campaign: Ozone Depletion above the Arctic Possible

A team of climatologists finds conditions for significant ozone depletion in the stratosphere.

Kraftstoffe, die keine schädlichen Abgase produzieren
(11.02.2016)OME Project: No Harmful Exhaust Gases

BMEL funds project on environmentally friendly fuel produced from renewable resources.

Einzeller mit Durchblick: Wie Bakterien "sehen"
(11.02.2016)Protozoa with Visual Capacity: How Bacteria "See"

Scientists of KIT have solved a big mystery: Bacteria can see and move towards a light source, because they work like human eyeballs.

(10.02.2016)Prof. Dr. Peter Gumbsch New Member of the NAE

The US National Academy of Engineering elected Prof. Dr. Peter Gumbsch as their new member.

(10.02.2016)3D-View: Fossil Beetles from the Inside

Using the ANKA at KIT the anatomy of fossil beetles were visualized for the very first time.

(08.02.2016)Symposium "Mag-Batt": Call for Papers

Call for Abstracts for the symposium on magnesium batteries organized by the Helmholtz-Institut Ulm.

2016 Tour Eucor from May 25 to 29
(08.02.2016)2016 Tour Eucor: Five Cities in Five Days

The cycling tour through Germany, France, and Switzerland takes place from May 25 to 29.

Deutlich erhöhte Manövrierbarkeit etwa beim Einparken ermöglichen die hochintegrierten Längs- und Querführungssysteme des Projekts OmniSteer (Bild: KIT / OmniSteer)
(05.02.2016)Automated Driving: Steering without Limits

OmniSteer project to increase automobiles’ urban maneuverability begins with a € 3.4 million budget.

(05.02.2016)2016 Heinrich Hertz Guest Professorship

On February 15 and 16, this year's guest professor Hasso Plattner (SAP SE) will give lectures.

(05.02.2016)Two Start-ups of the KIT Are Award-Winning

"Best of BW": Two start-ups were successful at the Venture Capital-Pitch Baden-Württemberg.

(03.02.2016)KIT-News for January 2016

Latest news topics, featuring the Overarching KIT 2025 Strategy, and others in a video broadcast.

Weltweit kleinstes Fachwerk
(03.02.2016)Nature Materials: World's Smallest Lattice Structure

New 3D lattice with glassy carbon struts and braces has higher specific strength than most familiar solids.

(02.02.2016)Studies and Care: Taking Part in Survey

The market research institute "Sonar" is searching for students with relatives in need of care.

(02.02.2016)TheaBib Is Open Again

During the exam period students can study in the Staatstheater between 9 am and 4.30 pm.

(02.02.2016)Advanced Education Courses Start Again

Three new courses on energy economics will start at KIT's Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning.

(01.02.2016)FameLab 2016: Entertaining With Science

Students of natural and technical science can compete in the contest Famelab on March 16.

Graffiti digital
(01.02.2016)InGrid Project: Archiving and Investigating Graffiti

The Information System on Graffiti in Germany (InGriD) contains more than 120,000 photos.

(29.01.2016)Academic Dialogue with the Islamic World

IfSS hosts workshop for doctoral researchers from Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Israel.

Professor Holger Hanselka, President of KIT (Photo: KIT)
(29.01.2016)Hanselka on Imboden Commission Report

Recommendations are a "positive signal for the universities' capability of strategic actions."

(29.01.2016)Award for Doctoral Researchers of KIT

Helmholtz Award for Doctoral Researchers: Interview of winners Michael Kühn and Benjamin Schmidt.

(28.01.2016)Science-Vision at the Film Festival "Foresight"

For the Festival, founded by the BMBF, films about the technolocigal change can be submitted.

(28.01.2016)How Metall Clusters Arise

Scientists from Marburg and Karlsruhe observed the building of metall clusters for the first time.

(26.01.2016)Efficient Processes in Tiny Facilities

DFG establishes ProMiSe research group on electronic and optical microsensors and measurment technologies.

Dr. Katrin Schulz leitet am KIT die Gruppe „Kontinuumsformulierung versetzungsbasierter Kristallplastizität” (Foto: Tanja Meißner, KIT)
(26.01.2016)KIT Researcher Chosen for Funding under the Wrangell Program

Dr. Katrin Schulz will be funded under Baden-Württemberg´s Margarete von Wrangell program for post-doctoral lecture qualification.

(25.01.2016)Concert of KIT Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra will be supported by piano soloist Anna Zassimova on Febraury 6, 2016.

(25.01.2016)Success of KIT and University of Education

MINT²KA teaching-learning labs of the two universities will be funded with EUR 2 million.

Supraleiter-Projekt erhält Deutschen Innovationspreis für Klima und Umwelt
(21.01.2016)Award for AmpaCity Superconductor Project

AmpaCity is granted the German Award for Innovations Relating to the Climate and Environment in the Amount of EUR 25,000.

(21.01.2016)Sustainable Batteries With Organic Waste

Active material from apple leftovers could help to reduce the costs for energy storages.

(21.01.2016)Strong Partners at Tech Center a-adrive

University Ulm, KIT and FZI pool their competences in the field of automated driving.

(20.01.2016)KIT Frontrunner in Master Expansion Program

By the academic year 2017/18, KIT can establish 290 additional places in Master programs.

(20.01.2016)First "Night of Science" at KIT

18 lectures from ten faculties between 8 pm and 4 am on Friday, January 29.

KIT – Die Forschungsuniversität in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft
(19.01.2016)KIT 2025 Umbrella Strategy

New future course: Research for the good of society - focused on energy, mobility, and information.

(v. l. n. r.) Stefan Müller, Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär des BMBF, Profesor Jörn Müller-Quade, Präsident Professor Holger Hanselka (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
(18.01.2016)Federal Government Funds KASTEL

KIT competence center for IT security will get further funding for at least four years.

(18.01.2016)Registration for the "Badische Meile 2016"

Students pay a reduced registration fee for the Run (Registration only in the KIT net possible).

Neue Messplätze an ANKA eingerichtet
(18.01.2016)Set Up of New Measuring Stations at ANKA

The two new measuring stations should help to examine catalysts and nuclear waste.

(18.01.2016)1st International Symposium "Mag-Batt"

The symposium on July 21 and July 22 aims at the exchange of knowledge about magnesium batteries.

(14.01.2016)"Hochschulperle 2015": Podcast Reaches Finals

Online voting for the math podcast of KIT as 2015 "Hochschulperle digital" open till January 25.

(11.01.2016)Keeping an Eye on Greenhouse Emissions

KIT does research on material and heat exchange of grassland for European ICOS project.

(11.01.2016)Wendelstein 7-X Ignites First Plasma

The microwave heating of the new fusion plant was developed by scientists of KIT.

Funktionsweise des AVARE-Systems: AVARE kapselt die Anwendung und kontrolliert ihre Interaktion mit der Umwelt. Ein AVARE-Server verteilt die Einstellungen (Abbildung: FZI).
(08.01.2016)AVARE Project: Data Protection on all Devices

Application to protect personal data on various terminal devices like smartphone, or tablet.

(08.01.2016)"ProximityHat" Makes Rooms Palpable

Navigational aid for visually impaired and sighted people uses pressure on the head.

Thanks to knowledge of their quantum mechanics, dyes can be customized for use in organic light-emitting diodes. (Photo: KIT)
(08.01.2016)How Copper Makes OLEDs more Efficient

Copper as a fluorescent material allows for the manufacture of inexpensive and environmentally compatible OLEDs.

Das aktuelle Präsidium des KIT seit Januar 2016 (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(08.01.2015)New Composition of KIT’s Presidential Committee

From 2016, new vice presidency for innovation and international affairs – new vice president research.

(07.01.2016)New Reservation System for Group Work Spaces

The KIT Library has started the testing phase for a new electronic reservation system.