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POLSTRACC Measurement Campaign: Strong Ozone Depletion above the Arctic Possible

Climate Researchers Find Pre-Conditions for Significant Ozone Depletion in the Stratosphere – Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Redistribution of Reactive Nitrogen, and Signs of Chlorine Activation
Per Lasersignal misst HALO polare Stratosphärenwolken (Foto: Laila Tkotz, KIT)
HALO measures polar stratospheric clouds by laser signals (Photo: Laila Tkotz, KIT)

This winter, the Arctic stratosphere so far has been unusually cold. Hence, all prerequisites are given for strong ozone depletion in the next weeks. This conclusion is based on first results of the POLSTRACC measurement campaign, coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), that has been conducted in the Arctic since December 2015. Of particular importance are vertically extended polar stratospheric clouds that have been observed to cover wide areas of the Arctic. At their surface, chemical reactions take place, which constitute the ground for ozone depletion. This winter, these clouds have been observed down to the lowermost stratosphere, which is very unusual for the Arctic.

For more information see the full english version of press release 022/2016, "POLSTRACC Measurement Campaign: Strong Ozone Depletion above the Arctic Possible".

le, 12.02.2016