Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Tool Chain for Real-time Programming

ARGO EU Project Develops Innovative Efficient Code Generation Solutions for Rapid Parallel Multi-core Computer Systems
The ARGO approach can be tested in practice in the AVES flight simulator of DLR. (Photo: DLR)

In aerospace, automation, and automotive technologies, smart electronic computer systems have to meet a number of security and real-time requirements. In case of critical incidents, for instance, the software’s response time has to be very short. Programming of the corresponding applications is time- and cost-consuming. Partners of industry and research are now developing a tool chain for efficient, standardized, and real-time-capable programming under the EU consortium ARGO that is coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Development is based on the open source software Scilab.

Further information in the Press Release 039/2016.

le, 21.03.2016