Cloud Physics: KIT Researcher Receives ERC Starting Grant

Corinna Hoose Will Study the Composition of Clouds in the Next Five Years – Relevant to Weather and Climate Models – European Research Council Provides Funding of EUR 1.5 Million
For her research into cloud physics, Corinna Hoose, Professor of Theoretical Meteorology at KIT, receives an ERC starting grant. (Photo: Sandra Göttisheim, KIT)

Clouds are of crucial importance to weather and climate: The height and the composition of clouds determine whether they shield the earth from solar irradiation and have a cooling effect or contribute to warming. Investigation of the thermodynamic cloud phase, i.e. of the question whether clouds consist of liquid water, ice, or both, is in the focus of research conducted by Professor Corinna Hoose of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). By combining simulations of cloud formation with satellite observations, she is looking to decisively enhance process understanding and predictability. In the next five years, this project will be funded by a starting grant of the European Research Council (ERC) in the amount of EUR 1.5 million.

Further information in the Press Release 125/2016.

le/bw, 09.09.2016