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Code coupling Methodology of an Integrated Safety Assessment.

Donnerstag, 09. Februar 2012, 14:00-16:00
KIT Campus Nord, INR, Bau 521, 2. OG, Raum 302
Abstract: Many codes have been developed for the analysis of Nuclear Power Plants. These codes focus on the simulation of the reactor core, the primary cooling system, and the secondary cooling systems. Other codes have been developed for the analysis of the containment systems or for the analysis of severe accidents. These codes focus on the thermal-hydraulic behavior of the systems being simu-lated. Still other codes have been developed for a detailed analysis of the neutronic behavior of the reactor code or of the power plant control and safety systems. Depending on the primary focus of a system simulation code, it will usually have simple models for other aspects of the simulation, i.e. point kineitcs for the kinetics, and trips and simple control models for the control and safety systems. The current Safety Assessment trend is to couple codes to achive a broader point of view of an ac-cident, as relap-parcs coupling or CFDs-TH codes does. This fact of multiple codes to simulate Nu-clear Power Plant behaviour, among other things, led Spanish Nuclear Safety Council CSN to de-velop a methodology to integrate distinct codes in order to perform an Integrated Safety Assessment (ISA). Fruit of this development born SCAIS and its code coupling methodology. The methodology is founded in the fact that any simulation code can follow a standarized simulation flux and helped with paralelization paradigms (PVM, Sockets, MPI) we are able to couple them and fully use the strenghts of each code to develop a full scope simulation. This course will be focused on the description and the application of ISA methodology, but taking care of how to couple codes with PVM (SCAIS-MAAP) and Sockets (SCAIS-TRACE).
Javier Mundina Gomez

Indizen Technologies, Madrid
Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik
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