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IFMIF Neutronics Analyses

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011, 14:00-16:00
KIT Campus Nord, INR, Bau 521, 2. OG, Raum 302
Abstract: IFMIF is an accelerator-based intense neutron source in which will candidate fusion reactor materials will be irradiated under similar conditions as expected in a future fusion power plant. The IFMIF project is currently in the so-called EVEDA phase which aims at producing a detailed, complete and fully integrated engineering design of the facility. The current neutronics activities for IFMIF are fo-cused on 1) the development of the McDeLicious Monte Carlo code, which is an enhancement to MCNP and simulates the neutron and photon generation due to d+Li nuclear reactions, 2) the provi-sion of nuclear data above 20 MeV neutron energy in cooperation with the FENDL-3 project of the IAEA, and 3) the generation of a detailed neutronics geometry model and calculation of nuclear re-sponses for the entire Test Facility for which KIT is responsible. Recently a very detailed Monte Car-lo geometry model for the whole Test Facility was successfully prepared directly from a CAD model by using the McCad conversion software which has been also developed at KIT. The computational methodology for IFMIF neutronics calculations will be presented in detail as well as the latest results of the nuclear analyses.
Dr. Keitaro Kondo

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, CN, INR, Germany
Institut für Neutronenphysik und Reaktortechnik, INR
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