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Kaiserstraße 12

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acting CIO representative Dr. Nußbaumer
Acting CIO Representative
Dr. Martin Nußbaumer

Phone: +49 721 608-48073
martin nussbaumerCer2∂kit edu

Authorized CIO Representative

Digitalization increasingly influences our everyday life at KIT, whether in the field of research, teaching, innovation or administrative tasks. Thus it is vital to look at IT* from an overall strategic perspective. According to this the president of KIT, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka himself takes responsibility for the position of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). At the same time, the tasks of the CIO have been assigned to Prof. Dr. Hannes Hartenstein as authorized CIO representative. In German this function is called IV-Bevollmächtigter (IV-B).

According to the KIT’s articles of association (Gemeinsame Satzung) the IV-B is responsible for the technical and organizational integration and the coordination of all activities in the field of digital information and communication as well as for the use of information technologies at KIT. From a strategic point of view the focus is on principles for digitialization, enterprise architecture, IT infrastructure strategies, business application needs as well as IT investment and prioritization.

For more information about the IT Governance at KIT please take a look at the IT Governance Framework.


* By saying IT we mean information and technology. With this expression we address the digital workplace as such. In German the equivalent abbreviation would be „IV“ which stands for „Informationsverarbeitung und -versorgung“. A common translation would be „processing and supply of information“.