European Prizes

European Research Council

ERC Advanced Grant

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latest winners (2022):

Prof. Dr. Mehdi B. Tahoori

Prof. Dr. Mehdi B. Tahoori, Chair of Dependable Nano-Computing (CDNC), research project “PRICOM - Printed Computing”
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Prof. Dr. Alexey Ustinov

Prof. Dr. Alexey Ustinov, Physikalisches Institut (PHI), research project “Milli-Q - Millimetre-Wave Supercomputing Quantum Circuits”
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ERC Consolidator Grant

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latest winners (2022):

Prof. Dr. Inge Hinterwaldner, Institute for Art and Building History (KG-IKB), research project “COSE - Coded Secrets: Artistic Interventions in Digital Fabrics”
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PD Dr. Lars Heinke, Institute of Functional Interfaces (IFG), research project “DYONCON - Dynamic Ions in Nanoconfinement for Porous Membranes with Ultrarapid Gas Permeation Control”
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Prof. Dr. mont. Christoph Kirchlechner, Institute for Applied Materials - Mechanics of Materials and Interfaces (IAM-MMI), research project “TRITIME - Isolation, Observation and Quantification of Mechanisms Reponsible for Hydrogen Enbrittlement Using Tritium-based Microdynamics”
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ERC Starting Grant

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latest winners (2022)

Prof. Dr. Johannes Brumm, Institute for Macroeconomics (ECON-MACRO), research project “SOLG (Stochastic Overlapping Generations Models) for Policy”
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Jun.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Matti Schneider, Institute of Engineering Mechanics (ITM), research project “BeyondRVG”
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Dr. Dominic Bresser, Research Group for Electrochemical Energy Storage at Helmholz Institute Ulm (HIU), research project “RACER - Highly Redox-active Atomic Centers in Electrode Materials for Rechargable Batteries”
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TT-Prof. Dr. Katharina Scherf, Institute of Applied Biosciences (IAB), research project “GLUTENOMICS - Tracking gluten immoreactive peptides from the grain to the gut and beyond”
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ERC Proof of Concept Grant

latest winners (2017):

Prof. Dr. Pavel Levkin, Institute for Biological and Chemical Systems - Functional Molecular Systems, research project "Platform for on-demand nano-scale printing of live cells and compounds for miniaturized and high-throughput cell screening applications"

Prof. Dr. Alexander Nesterov-Müller, Institute for Microstructure Technology (IMT), research project „Scanner for novel chemical reactions and Facebook of chemistry”


ERC Synergy Grant
latest winners (2020):

Prof. Dr. Jan G. Korvink, Institute for Microstructure Technology (IMT), and Dr. Benno Meier, Institute for Biological Interfaces, research project "Highly Informative Drug Screening by Overcoming NMR Restrictions (HiSCORE)" in collaboration with partners from Paris and Nimwegen


Académie des sciences

Gay-Lussac Humboldt Prize

winner 2017:

Prof. Dr. Johannes Orphal, Head of Division IV - Natural and Built Environment
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French Republic

Ordre des Palmes Académiques

winner 2014:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Seemann, Institute of Engineering Mechanics (ITM)