ERC Consolidator Grant

The ERC Consolidator Grants support promising scientists at the beginning of an independent career. The target group is excellent researchers with 7-12 years of postdoctoral experience whose own independent research group is in the consolidation phase and who have a promising scientific track record. As a rule, up to EUR 2 million can be requested for a period of up to 5 years.



  • Prof. Dr. Inge Hinterwaldner, Institute for Art and Building History (KG-IKB), research project “COSE - Coded Secrets: Artistic Interventions in Digital Fabrics”
  • PD Dr. Lars Heinke, Institute of Functional Interfaces (IFG), research project “DYONCON - Dynamic Ions in Nanoconfinement for Porous Membranes with Ultrarapid Gas Permeation Control”
  • Prof. Dr. mont. Christoph Kirchlechner, Institute for Applied Materials - Mechanics of Materials and Interfaces (IAM-MMI), research project “TRITIME - Isolation, Observation and Quantification of Mechanisms Reponsible for Hydrogen Enbrittlement Using Tritium-based Microdynamics”


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laurent Schmalen, Communications Engineering Lab (CEL), research project "RENEW – Reinventing Energy Efficiency in Communication Networks

  • Dr. Tonya Vitova, Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (INE), research project "The Actinide Bond – Actinide Bond Properties in Gas, Liquid and Solid State"


  • Dr. Christian Greiner, Institute for Applied Materials - Computational Materials Science (IAM-CMS), research project "Deformation Mechanisms are the Key to Understanding and Tayloring Tribological Behaviour (TriboKey)"

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Koos, Institute for Photonics and Quantum Electronics (IPQ), research project "Terahertz Waveform Synthesis and Analysis Using Hybrid Photonic-Electronic Circuits (TeraSHAPE)"


  • Prof. Dr. Dennis Hofheinz, Institute of Theoretical Informatics (ITI), research project  "Preparing Cryptography for Modern Application


  • Dr. Martin Weides, Physical Institute (PHI), research project "Interfacing Spin Waves with Superconducting Quantum Circuits for Single Magnon Creation and Detection" (Grantee has left KIT.)