Microgrids: Resilient City  for EveryoneGabi Zachmann, KIT
Microgrids: Resilient City for Everyone

KIT researchers have developed a model that takes into account the fair design of decentralized energy systems

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Millions for the Everyday Product Hydrogen PeroxidePantherMedia / Boris Zerwann
Millions for the Everyday Product Hydrogen Peroxide

The German Research Foundation (DFG) grants 3.9 million euros to KIT research group that is investigating sustainable production methods for hydrogen peroxide

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Data Protection: Secure Systems in Digital School LifeMagali Hauser, KIT
Data Protection: Secure Systems in Digital School Life

In the DIRECTIONS project, KIT researchers present criteria for educational information systems ensuring compliance to data protection regulations

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More Inclusive Ways of Citizen ParticipationPia Laborgne, KIT
More Inclusive Ways of Citizen Participation

KIT researchers show how real-world labs with a mix of digital and face-to-face forms of participation can reach more people than before

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Demonstration against right-wing extremism in Karlsruhe. The colors of the KIT (blue and green) are laid over it as a color gradient. Foto: Stadt Karlsruhe, Boris Burghardt / Collage: KIT
For Respect and an Open Society

Science thrives on exchange and tolerance.

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Cover of the current issue of lookKIT

Methods and technologies to improve healthcare in the current issue of lookKIT.

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Studierende am KIT KIT
Degree Programs

More than 100 degree programs in natural and engineering sciences, economics, humanities, social sciences and teaching.

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Hauptgebäude des KIT an der Kaiserstraße am Campus Süd Harry Marx, KIT
200 Years of KIT

KIT. Place of the future. Since 1825.
In 2025, KIT will celebrate its 200th anniversary.

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As a University of Excellence, KIT strengthens excellent research, maintains intensive dialog with society, and offers reliable career paths.

Research University in the Helmholtz Association

KIT is the only German university of excellence that combines a long university tradition with large-scale national research.


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