For Respect and an Open Society

KIT Is a Member of the Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights Karlsruhe and Is Committed to Diversity Far Beyond That

As a member of the Bündnis für Demokratie und Menschenrechte Karlsruhe (Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights Karlsruhe), which was founded in April this year, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), together with more than 40 initiatives, churches, religious communities, parties, associations, clubs, and institutions from Karlsruhe, advocates our free democratic basic order. 

“Science – like any social interaction – is only possible if we treat each other as equals and with respect. Only if we acknowledge differences and promote diversity can we all work together to find solutions to pressing challenges,” says Professor Oliver Kraft, Acting President of KIT. “Our students and employees come from more than 120 countries. Together, we stand for open-mindedness and tolerance, and we foster a welcoming culture for all people who study and work at KIT. We therefore strictly reject any discriminatory, racist, anti-Semitic or Islamophobic statements and actions. They do not at all conform to our philosophy as a scientific institution.”

KIT’s Executive Board supports the German Rectors' Conference in its appeal for a decisive rejection of anti-Semitism at universities as well as in its current demand to protect universities as an open space for discourse. By adopting its Diversity Statement, KIT as a public institution and employer has already emphasized the value of diversity of all people.

mle, May 15, 2024

Im Hintergrund ist das Foto einer Demonstration gegen Rechtsextremismus in Karlsruhe. Darüber liegt das Logo des KIT. Foto: Stadt Karlsruhe, Boris Burghardt / Collage: KIT
As a scientific institution, KIT stands for cosmopolitanism and tolerance.