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Outlook on the Future of Work Outlook on the Future of Work
Jahresfeier 2018: Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT
Digital Transformation and its Effect for Working Life and Society

"Working Worlds of the Future" in the focus of the annual celebration of KIT 2018.

The KIT in the excellence strategy (photo: Sandra Göttisheim, KIT)
The KIT in the Excellence Strategy

With four full proposals, the KIT is in the final round of the funding line “Clusters of Excellence.”

Examples of simulated tsunamis (photo: Andreas Schaefer, KIT)
Tsunamis: Multi-Million Dollar Losses for Tourism

Scientists develop global risk index for beach tourism loss by tsunamis.

Invisible password: The information for encryption is in the molecule, for example as liquid dripped onto paper. (Photo: Amadeus Bramsiepe, KIT)
Organic molecules as carriers of secrets

Chemical compounds can be used as passwords for encrypted information.

Battery management (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
Grid Store for the Energy Transition

Researchers at KIT expect a breakthrough in flow technology and present automatic battery management.

Analyse einer zerstäubten Flüssigkeit mit VR-Brillen am virtuellen Prüfstand. (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
KIT at the Hannover Messe 2018

KIT presents innovative technologies for Industry 4.0, e-mobility, and the energy transition.

Julius Wess Prize Winner 2017: Belgian Francis Halzen researches and teaches in the USA (Photo: EL PAIS/Bernardo Pérez)
Julius Wess Prize 2017 goes to Francis Halzen

He received the award for his achievements in astroparticle physics and in the international experiment IceCube.

At an information event at KIT, parents can find out how they can support their children in choosing a course of study. (Picture: KIT/Manuel Balzer)
Parents and choice of studies

KIT's Centre for Information and Counselling provides information on topics such as the role of parents in the choice of studies.

Studying in Karlsruhe: Yes, it's #Humboldt

Project presentation on teaching and learning with Science Minister Bauer on 25 April 2018.

Pierre-Auger-Observatorium (Foto: Auger Collaboration, Steven Saffi los Morados)
New Graduate School for Astroparticle Physics

„Helmholtz International Research School for Astroparticle Physics and Enabling Technologies“ to be inaugurated.

European University to be Established on Upper Rhine

Minister-President Kretschmann and French partners sign Memorandum of Understanding.