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lookKIT: New Mobility lookKIT: New Mobility
At the "Uni für Einsteiger" event on November 21, 2018, students get an impression of student life in taster courses (Photo: Harry Marx, KIT)
Day for Information About Studies at KIT

“Uni für Einsteiger” on November 21, 2018 will provide insight into study programs and training options.

The KIT in the excellence strategy (photo: Sandra Göttisheim, KIT)
The KIT in the Excellence Strategy

KIT has successfully acquired two “Clusters of Excellence” within the Excellence Strategy launched by the federal and state governments.

 The 10th Carl-Benz Lecture focuses on the advancement of the mobility system (Photo: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
Profiled Outlooks on Tomorrow's Mobility

10th Carl-Benz lecture with Minister of Transport Hermann, Daimler-CEO Zetsche and President Hanselka.

On the tenth anniversary of GAMI, the new research factory on artificial intelligence in industrial production was opened. (Photo: GAMI/KIT)
Research Factory for Artificial Intelligence Opened in Suzhou

Ten years of research in China - new AI platform also aims to promote young scientists.

Scientists have discovered that emotions such as joy, anger, anxiety or helplessness can be felt on a physical, mental or behavioural level. (Photo: Lydia Albrecht/KIT)
Football Coaches between Winning, Losing and Emotion

Influence of the emotional life of football coaches on sporting trends - Publication in "Sports".

Nanoscale Materials in the Computer

DFG funds new research training group at KIT on friction, materials and biology.

KIT Researchers work on making the cars of the future leaner. (Photo: KIT/FAST)
Car of the Future to be Safe, Light and Affordable

Researchers at KIT develop new assistance systems and tests for vehicles of the future.

Nanoscribe Wins State Prize for Start-ups

KIT spin-off receives award for revolutionary 3D laser printing process.

In Petri dishes and Erlenmeyer flasks, Christoph Syldatk's team cultivates microorganisms that can turn biomass into chemical raw materials. (Photo: KIT)
Microorganisms as Production Aids

Innovative biotechnology simplifies the use of biomass as an alternative to crude oil.

KIT Supports Repairing of the Rhine Bridge Maxau

KIT engineers are significantly involved in the establishment of the new repair technique.

Citizens in Favour of Liberalisation of Germline Therapy

The KIT participation project "Bürgerdelphi Keimbahntherapie" presented its final report.