Sustainability development is a challenge for humanity. KIT contributes to mastering this challenge in its core tasks of research, academic education, and innovation as well as in its daily business. In its Mission Statement, KIT commits to work sustainably by creating knowledge for the society and the environment.

At KIT, we are conducting cutting-edge research relating to climate protection and sustainable life and economy in order to develop knowledge-based contributions and solutions that will be incorporated in new climate-friendly and sustainable technologies and applications. Moreover, our education and training address the topic in a detailed manner. We are qualifying and sensitizing young people on the highest level in the relevant disciplines. In their academic life, their profession, and their social activities, they can use this knowledge in a gainful way and contribute to sustainable developments.

At KIT, we are committed to sustainability in science, administration, infrastructure, and every day working life. The 2022 – 2026 Structure and Development Plan (SEP) includes a range of structural measures to implement it. KIT’s contribution to a sustainable transformation of society is based on a participative process with an integrated view of all areas of action. Consequently, KIT has included the topic as  sustainability strategy in its KIT 2025 Strategy that is the basis for KIT’s further structural development.

The new portfolio “Digitalization and Sustainability” of Vice President Kora Kristof coordinates KIT’s sustainability activities to further enhance visibility and effectiveness of research, academic education, technologies, climate protection measures, and dialog with society. The Vice President is supported by the Sustainability Office (SO). As the central office for the sustainability management work of all stakeholders, it pushes KIT’s sustainable development in a pluralistic, integrated approach. To identify and refine sustainability issues in science and administration, the round table on sustainability was established as an internal discussion platform.



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