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KIT at the City Hall: Technologies for the Materials of Tomorrow

KIT Materials Center presents itself and its fields of research to the general public
Cell struts made to order are among the fields of study at the KIT Materials Center. (Photo: Martin Bastmeyer, KIT)
Cell struts made to order are among the fields of study at the KIT Materials Center. (Photo: Martin Bastmeyer, KIT)

Batteries, drinking water, or thermal insulation: new developments and discoveries in material sciences have a major impact on almost any area of life. Being drivers of innovation, they can contribute to overcome ecological, technological, and social challenges. On Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 6:30 PM, scientists from the KIT Materials Centerwill present their research on new technologies in the Karlsruhe City Hall.


Production of clean water, manufacturing of efficient storage batteries, thermal insulation for energy-efficient homes – in each of these fields, the materials in use play a key role. The development of new materials is crucial for technical innovation. They are needed for technological progress in many areas of life and engineering – from climate, environmental, and health protection to safety applications – and for gaining a competitive edge in business.


The KIT Materials Center collaborates with various research institutes to ensure excellence in materials science research. It develops both new materials and the technologies required for manufacturing and designing them. Special focus is put on the development of nanostructured materials, including 3D printing of molecular structures – this allows for example the creation of the security features of banknotes to protect them from counterfeiting. Another focus of the KIT Materials Center lies on the development of eco-friendly technologies. Researchers from different disciplines, such as natural, engineering, and life sciences, are working hand in hand to achieve these and other goals.


The “KIT at the City Hall” series of events is intended to introduce this exciting, interdisciplinary research to the public. All interested persons, in particular pupils, are invited to take part in this event coordinated by KIT’s ZAK | Center for Cultural and General Studies. The presentations are followed by a reception where the citizens can meet the scientists and discuss with them. Concurrently with the event, an exhibition organized by the KIT Center is held from June 3 until 7, 2019 in the upper foyer of the Karlsruhe City Hall. Entry is free.


Program (Presentations in German)

Welcome speeches

Dr. Albert Käuflein, Mayor of Karlsruhe Municipality
Professor Oliver Kraft, Vice President for Research at KIT


Presentation of the KIT Materials Center

Professor Christof Wöll, Scientific Spokesman of the Helmholtz program “BioInterfaces in Technology and Medicine” (BIFTM)


Wie digitalisiert man ein Material?

Professor Christof Wöll, Director of the Institute of Functional Interfaces (IFG) speaks about the digitization of materials.


3D-Druck hin zur molekularen Skala

Professor Martin Wegener, Scientific Spokesman of the “3D Matter Made to Order” excellence cluster, speaks about 3D printing on a molecular scale.


Aufstieg der Quantenmaterialien

Professor Matthieu Le Tacon, Director of the Institute of Solid State Physics (IFP), speaks about the increasing importance of quantum materials.


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Being “The Research University in the Helmholtz Association”, KIT creates and imparts knowledge for the society and the environment. It is the objective to make significant contributions to the global challenges in the fields of energy, mobility, and information. For this, about 9,800 employees cooperate in a broad range of disciplines in natural sciences, engineering sciences, economics, and the humanities and social sciences. KIT prepares its 22,300 students for responsible tasks in society, industry, and science by offering research-based study programs. Innovation efforts at KIT build a bridge between important scientific findings and their application for the benefit of society, economic prosperity, and the preservation of our natural basis of life. KIT is one of the German universities of excellence.

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