Press Release 107/2011

Applied Life Sciences in the Focus

KIT Presents Health Research at the City Hall
Grünalgen (Chlamydomonas) – nur eins von vielen Forschungsthemen im KIT-Kompetenzbereich Angewandte Lebenswissenschaften (Foto: KIT)
Green algae (Chlamydomonas) – only one of several research topics of the KIT competence area “Applied Life Sciences”. (Photo: Florian Lehr)

From microbiological fundamental research to medical engineering innovations: The competence area “Applied Life Sciences” pools all health research activities of KIT. On the occasion of the 2011 Science Year of Health Research, the competence area will present its activities to the public at the Karlsruhe city hall on Wednesday, June 29, 18.30 hrs.

What is robot-supported therapy? How are modern biopharmaceuticals produced and what does fish have to do with human diseases? These and other questions relating to health research will be answered by scientists working in the competence area “ Applied Life Sciences”. Insight will be provided into complex interactions of biology, chemistry, toxicology, medicine, and engineering. Research covers application-oriented telemedicine as well as risk evaluation of food ingredients, the use of nanostructures in medicine, and microbiology and its use in the health sector. 

In view of an increasing number of widespread diseases, such as cancer or diabetes, and their social and economic impacts and when considering newly arising phenomena, such as the EHEC pathogen, health research of KIT is of enormous importance. The series “KIT im Rathaus” (KIT at the city hall) offers popular scientific presentations informing about this exciting and diverse research area.

Interested citizens and in particular pupils are invited to come to this event. It will be followed by a reception that will provide the opportunity to talk to the scientists. In parallel, an exhibition at the upper entrance hall of the city hall will provide further insight into the issue from June 27 to 30, 2011. Admittance is free. The series “KIT im Rathaus” is part of the public scientific activities of KIT and coordinated by ZAK | Center for Applied Cultural Sciences and Studium Generale.

The Program:

Welcome Addresses 
Wolfram Jäger, Mayor of the city of Karlsruhe
Professor Volker Saile, Chief Science Officer, KIT

The Competence Area Presents Itself
Professor Andrew Cato, Scientific Spokesman of the competence area “Applied Life Sciences”

About Fish, Genetics, and Human Diseases

Professor Uwe Strähle, Director of the Institute of Toxicology and Genetics

Computer- and Robot-supported Diagnosis and Therapy in Medicine
Professor Heinz Wörn, Head of the Institute for Process Control and Robotics

From the Bioreactor to the Syringe: Production of Modern Biopharmaceuticals
Professor Jürgen Hubbuch, Head of the Biomolecular Separation Engineering Division

Further information:

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ak, 22.06.2011


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