Press Release 112/2017

Futurologists: Our Everyday Technology Is Not Predictable

Scientists of the Institute of Technology Futures Explore Present and Past Visions of Tomorrow’s Technology – New Endowed Professorship
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Past vision of future technology: In 1930, a producer of margarine advertised with this vision of the fashionable woman making a visual telephone call in the future. (Photo: LWL-Freilichtmuseum Detmold)

The future waits for us in plural. This finding does not come from science fiction literature or the next parallel universe, where, according to the assumption of cosmologists, an exact copy of you is just reading this article. At the newly established Institute for Technology Futures (ITZ) of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), relationships of technology, society, and culture in technology development processes are studied. These studies yield new perspectives for current technology debates of e.g. future energy or mobility systems.




Being “The Research University in the Helmholtz Association”, KIT creates and imparts knowledge for the society and the environment. It is the objective to make significant contributions to the global challenges in the fields of energy, mobility, and information. For this, about 9,600 employees cooperate in a broad range of disciplines in natural sciences, engineering sciences, economics, and the humanities and social sciences. KIT prepares its 23,300 students for responsible tasks in society, industry, and science by offering research-based study programs. Innovation efforts at KIT build a bridge between important scientific findings and their application for the benefit of society, economic prosperity, and the preservation of our natural basis of life. KIT is one of the German universities of excellence.

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