How KIT Deals with the Coronavirus

Important Information at a Glance (Status: February 8, 2023)
This page will not be updated any further. The information below is therefore not up to date. Please refer to the Corona info pages of the state and federal governments for any regulations. Should it become necessary again in the future, this page will be put back into operation. (Status: March 2023)

In February 2023, the last legal Covid protection regulations valid for KIT were lifted. Still, taking of infection protection measures may be reasonable depending on the situation. Please respect life situations and protection needs of other persons, as Covid-19 is no harmless cold and there is no 100% protection against infection. If it will be required again in future, important information and recommendations will be given on the websites of the Medical Services (MED) of KIT. Whenever you need personal advice relating to SARS-CoV-2, you are free to contact MED.

Work at KIT

Depending on the conditions and individual work and life situations or as a result of a risk assessment, superiors can offer support to their staff on an individual basis. Of course, employees are free to take own health protection measures in their responsibility. Correctly worn high-quality masks, distancing, and regular airing of rooms are very effective. Hence, there are many ways to protect one’s own health and the health of other persons.

Please note: The only legal obligation for protection against Covid-19 that continues to exist at KIT until April 7, 2023 is the requirement to wear an FFP2 mask in the building of the Medical Services.

In accordance with the Works Agreement on Teleworking and Mobile Working, employees are generally allowed to work from home or to do mobile work for up to 40% of the monthly working time.

Academic Education at KIT

At KIT, academic education takes place on campus and in person in principle. There is no right to online education, although online and hybrid courses continue to be possible. Academic education also has to consider and respect the individual life situations and different protection needs of persons. Correctly worn high-quality masks, distancing, and regular airing of rooms continue to be effective measures to protect one’s own health and the health of others. If you have questions concerning courses or examinations, contact the responsible lecturers, examiners, or the examination board.

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