Press Release 108/2009

Can Water Be Stacked?

KIT Offers Do-It-Yourself Experiments for Pupils During the Science Days
Ausflug in die Welt der Wissenschaft.
Excursion into the world of science. (Photo by: Markus Breig)

Why do clouds not fall down from heaven and why can water be stacked? These questions of pupils will be answered at the KIT booth during the Science Days at Europa-Park Rust. From October 15 to 17, the Europa-Park will open its gates to provide children, young people, and adults with exciting insights into the world of science and engineering. The 2009 Science Days are dedicated to “Climate” and “Expedition to Space”.

While conducting the experiments relating to weather and climate at the KIT booth No. 8 in the entrance hall of the Europa-Park-Dome, the young researchers will find out where clouds, lightings, and hailstorms come from. It will be shown how thunderstorms develop and how man influences the weather. The exhibits on cloud formation come from the AIDA aerosol chamber for environmental and climate research of the KIT Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research.

The do-it-yourself experiment “Can Water Be Stacked?” is on the trail of the mysteries of oceans and antarctic ice. The children will learn how sea flows develop, which influence the climate of entire continents. The do-it-yourself experiment on stacking water comes from the Network of School Laboratories of the Helmholtz Association and is also applied in pupils’ seminars of the Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training (FTU) on the KIT Campus North.

At the KIT booth, the children may also take part in an exciting science quiz, where they can win a puzzle game.

The Science Days will be open daily from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs and give pupils the opportunity to directly address experts from research and education and to link learning, fun, and fascination. The offers of the Science Days are tailored to pupils from all schools and of all ages. The presentations on Thursday (October 15, 09) and Friday (October 16, 09) will be reserved to school classes mainly.

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