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News 2019
Der Large Hadron Collider, kurz LHC, am CERN in Genf ist der weltgrößte Teilchenbeschleuniger. (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
(16.01.2019)KIT at the City Hall: Particle Accelerators

The KIT Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics Center presents itself and its research acitivities.

Students with notebook (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
(15.01.2019)Students Develop Open Source Educational Software

Tools and programs for computer science classes to be developed in a new teaching laboratory,

LED cube (Photo: Patrick Langer, KIT)
(09.01.2019)Strengthening Research on Artificial Intelligence

Two new professorships for AI methods in IT security and materials research at KIT.

Erdbebentätigkeit am Laacher See (Abbildung: Hensch et al.)
(07.01.2019)Deep Earthquakes beneath Laacher See

Study indicates deep low-frequency earthquakes caused by magma migration.

From left: Dr. Olaf Sauer, Prof. Jürgen Beyerer, Prof. Holger Hanselka, Prof. Jürgen Fleischer, Prof. Frank Henning beim Spatenstich (Photo: Amadeus Bramsiepe, KIT)
(07.01.2018)On the way to the Karlsruhe Research Factory

KIT and Fraunhofer establish development and demonstration center for the factory of the future.

Researchers at HIU assemble magnesium batteries under argon shielding gas. (Photo: Laila Tkotz/KIT)
(04.01.2019)Start of the Post-Lithium Age

In the European research project E-MAGIC, a magnesium-based energy storage technology is to be developed.