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Energy Supply for Tomorrow Energy Supply for Tomorrow
Proben aus der bioliq-Anlage werden entnommen
Complete Process Chain of the bioliq-System is running

The System for the conversion of residual biomass in synthetic fuel was formally comissioned.

Studie zu Super-WiFi
Scientists of KIT Plead in Study for a "Super-WiFi"

Arnd Weber and Jens Elsner propose to expand existing wireless networks with TV frequencies, which may become free.

(Bildrechte: TU Braunschweig/Marek Kruszewski)
TU9 MOOC: KIT Lecturer on Virtual Enginneering

In the week from November 24, Petra von Both will be lecturer at TU9 online course.

Das Karlsruher Expositionssystem ist kompakt und kann auch Feinstaubbelastun-gen am Ort der Belastung messen (Bild: VITROCELL Systems GmbH)
Measuring the Effect of Fine Particles Easily

New exposition system determines lung burden caused by fine dust pollution.

Neue Ausgabe: Wechselgeld
New Issue of clicKIT: "Wechselgeld"

How will the funds be allocated at KIT in the future? clickit asks Alexander Wanner.

"On the Road to Man-Machine?"

"technik.kontrovers": Series of events by ITAS starts on November 25 with a theme night.

Foundation Prize Wissen + Kompetenzen

"Engineers Without Borders" gets two prizes for the building of a suspension bridge in Sri Lanka.

Information Event "Parents and Choice of Study"

On November 28 the zib informs parents, who want to support their children with the choice of study.

COPY & PASTE - Talk and Exhibition

The association Young Lawyers invites to a talk about intellectual property on November 25.

DFG Funds Graduate Colleges of KIT

The graduate college at the Institute for Organic Chemistry gets a funding for four and a half years.

Concert Tour of the KIT Chamber Orchestra

The program of the successful tour to Spain will be played again on November 29 at KIT.