Elektronenmikroskopische Aufnahme des „leeren“ Gerüsts (ohne Hydrogel), mit dessen Hilfe ein internationales Forschungsteam einzelne Zellen deformiert hat.
“Stretching Rack” for Cells

An ingenious device, only a few micrometers in size, enables to study the reaction of individual biological cells to mechanical stress

Sevda Abadpour and Axel Diewald from the Institute for High Frequency Technology and Electronics (IHE) of KIT position a chip on a circuit board.
Development of Ultra-Compact Radar Sensors for Companies

DFG and FhG fund project to transfer KIT scientific findings to industry

Probenahme von N2O in aufgegebenen Pferchen in der Subsahara-Zone in Afrika (Foto: Dr. Lutz Merbold)Dr. Lutz Merbold
Climate Change: Influence of Nitrous Oxide Studied in More Detail

Livestock farming in Africa is a source of the greenhouse gas N2O that has been greatly underestimated to date

Schematische Abbildung eines Edelmetallkatalysators mit inaktiven Einzelatomen (links) und aktiven Clustern (rechts; Edelmetall: weiß; Trägermetall: gelb; Sauerstoff: rot). (Grafik: Florian Maurer, KIT).KIT
Noble Metal Clusters Can Make Catalysts More Efficient and Save Resources

Production at Lower Costs Thanks to Optimized Distribution of Atoms - Publication in Nature Catalysis

Key Visual Coronavirus
FAQ on the Corona Virus

Updated questions and answers relating to the Corona virus: Face Masks (As of September 25, 2020)

Bild Coronavirus
Corona Pandemic: Research at KIT

KIT supports efforts to manage the Corona crisis by research and material contributions and scientific and technical services.

Bäume, Wald
The German Forest

KIT.audio podcast on the situation of German forests and ways out of the crisis.



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