Climate Change: Protection against FloodsWolfgang Bader
Climate Change: Protection against Floods

KIT researchers study the effects of heavy rainfall in southern Germany to develop guidelines for municipalities.

Agile Production: More than 14 Million Euros for Battery Research
Agile Production: More than 14 Million Euros for Battery Research

KIT coordinates Agilobat2: Novel production system for battery cells  – flexible in formats, materials, and quantities  – BMBF funds second project phase

Sicherheit: WLAN-Router soll das Wachpersonal ersetzenChristian Doll
Security: WLAN Router Instead of Security Guards

WACHMANN research project uses the home router to detect and report burglaries. KIT involved in legally compliant implementation

Imaging: Making Molecular Processes VisibleUniversität Heidelberg / KIT
Imaging: Making Molecular Processes Visible

Innovative technique provides new insights into living cells and processes involving ribonucleic acids

Key Visual Coronavirus
FAQ on the Corona Virus

Updated questions and answers relating to the Corona virus: Oral Exams (As of February 22, 2021)

Bild Coronavirus
Corona Pandemic: Research at KIT

KIT supports efforts to manage the Corona crisis by research and material contributions and scientific and technical services.

Podcast Vision Assessment
Vision Assessment

In the current episode, the research podcast explores the question of where technology visions will lead us.



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