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078 15.09.2020 On the Zugspitze, KIT researchers monitor CO2 concentration and other parameters of the atmosphere. (Photo: Markus Rettinger, KIT)
077 09.09.2020 Color change: The right microcylinder printed with the novel photoresist appears white, because light is scattered in its sponge-like structure, whereas the cylinder printed with conventional photoresist appears transparent. (Figure: 3DMM2O)
076 08.09.2020 Future mobile network: Small radio cells (orange) are connected by wireless high-speed terahertz links (green). (Figure: IPQ, KIT / Nature Photonics)
075 04.09.2020 2020_075_Vererbung bei Pflanzen laesst sich nun gezielt steuern_72dpi

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