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Portrait Monika Landgraf
Monika Landgraf
Chief Press Officer, Head of Press Office

Phone: +49 721 608-47414
Fax: +49 721 608-43658

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Press Releases

Current Press Releases
No. Date Image Title
158 22.11.2016 2016_158_Erstmals_Ammoniak_in_der_oberen_Troposphaere _nachgewiesen_72dpi
156 09.11.2016 2016_156_Power-to-Liquid_-_Erste_Kompaktanlage_im_Pilotbetrieb_72dpi
153 04.11.2016 2016_153_Informationstag_zum_Studium_am_KIT_72dpi
152 03.11.2016 Biologist Johannes Eberhard Reiner, KIT, with the reactors for microbial electro-synthesis. (Photo: Constanze Zacharias)

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