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011 11.02.2021 Autonomous vehicles and Urban Air Mobility are among the applications that benefit from XANDAR. KIT's project partners include DLR and BMW. (Photo: XANDAR)
009 04.02.2021 The agreement signed by the Federation and the State means more flexibility and agility for KIT, says the President of KIT, Professor Holger Hanselka. (Photo: Manuel Balzer, KIT)
006 29.01.2021 Visualization of a quantum processor: Its core contains a chip on which superconducting qubits are arranged in a checkered pattern. (Figure: Christoph Hohmann)
005 28.01.2021 On 12,000 square meters the new building offers space for current and future startups and spin-offs by both partners. (photo: ZEISS)

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