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Advanced Training and Education

Advanced Training at KIT

Advanced training and education is one of the key activities of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In line with their professional situation, interested persons have a broad range of advanced training and education facilities from which to select their specific programs, from part-time study courses to on-line based courses to individual seminar events. 



Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt am Campus Nord

The courses offered by the Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training comprise topics such as safety at work, environmental protection and protection of health; management; information and communication technology; new technologies; and international know-how transfer as well as project management; presentation; conflict management; time management; foreign languages.




MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are freely accessible and flexible online courses. They combine knowledge transfer with interactive elements as video clips, quizzes and tasks. Forums for discussions and mutual exchange are provided for participants and tutors. Unlike other online-based advanced trainings, there is no maximum number of participants and no restriction on admission. KIT offers English courses on the topics "Idea Generation Methods" or "Power Up: English for the Energy Transition" as well as German courses, for example against chronic procrastination.


Supplementary Study Courses alongside Professional Activities


HECTOR School of Engineering and Management am Campus Süd

Junior staff can attend six master study courses part-time at the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management. The courses are run in English and provide engineers, computer scientists, and economists with specialized knowledge in engineering combined with management know-how. The programs are designed for a period of 18 months including ten attendance periods of two weeks each at Karlsruhe. After successful completion, students are awarded the Master of Science degree of the KIT.

Architecture Department (Photo: Gabi Zachmann, KIT)

In addition, the KIT offers an advanced study course in the field of “Refurbishing Old Buildings”. The standard time required for these study course is four terms, including attendance times of several days a month. After successful completion of the course, graduates receive a master’s degree.