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The topic of compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations has become more and more important in recent years.  At KIT, a compliance team makes sure that rules in diverse areas are consequently observed.

Equal Opportunity

KIT aims at equal opportunities for women and men in all parts of research and teaching and at possibilities of developing and using their qualifications. With an integrated concept and various actions, the Equal Opportunities team tries to increase significantly the number of women in leading positions and engineering. On the ground of the basic elements for the further development of KIT from April 2011, which were agreed upon by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Republic of Germany, KIT is able to settle aspects of equal opportunity autonomously and consistently.

Data Protection

Regarding questions of data protection the Data Protection Team is the main contact for all members of the KIT. The team consists of the KIT Data Protection Commissioner and staff members of ZENDAS (Central Data Protection Office of the Universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg).


The KIT Occupational Safety Officers advise the executive board, heads of institutes and facilities or project managers on questions of health and safety measures and prevention of occupational accidents.

Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

The KIT has adopted rules for safeguarding good scientific practice. The ombudspersons Heinz Kalt and Johannes Orphal are responsible for their implementation and are the contact persons for KIT employees.