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News 2011
(23.12.2011)lookKIT Focuses on a Jack of All Trades

The current issue shows the important role Materials research at KIT is playing for many disciplines.

(23.12.2011)Advice for Blind Prospective Students

Three-day seminar offers visually handicapped or blind students information about studies at KIT.

(21.12.2011)Sustainable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

KIT develops pressure-sensitive adhesive based on local renewable resources.

(20.12.2011)Student Engineering Office Wins Prize

studentec awarded for exemplary team project on the acquisition of key competences.

(19.12.2011)KIT Mathematics School Laboratory

KIT mathematicians stage workshop "Magic Math" at 2011 Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

(19.12.2011)South-German Climate Office: View on climate conference

What are the most important decisions made in Durban? KIT-researchers report.

(16.12.2011)Video: Anthropomatics and Robotics Focus at KIT

Professors of the KIT Focus explain anthropomatics and robotics in an video interview.

Der Thalamus ist die zentrale Schaltstelle im Gehirn
(15.12.2011)Video: "Towards a Therapy to Healing Stroke"

KIT biologists supply major results for understanding the thalamus, the "relay center" of the brain.

(15.12.2011)"CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility" at ZKM

Visitors of the exhibition can steer a model of the city of Karlsruhe on a display by their gestures.

(15.12.2011)KIT Expert on the Search for the Higgs Boson

KIT particle physicist Margarete Mühlleitner assesses the significance of the latest results.

Satellitenbild 15.12.2011
(15.12.2011)Warning of Storm “Joachim“

Low-pressure system is approaching South Germany. Upper Rhine valley has to prepare.

(12.12.2011)Colloquium Fundamentale: "Knowledge for All?"

Prof. Wassilios E. Fthenakis on requirements for educational systems in times of globalization.

FameLab-Gewinner 2011
(12.12.2011)2012 FameLab at Tollhaus Karlsruhe

FameLab regional decision on Friday, January 20, 19 hrs., at Kulturzentrum Tollhaus.

(09.12.2011)Young Talents – Science and Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert – on Dezember 15 at KIT Campus North.

(08.12.2011)Peter Sanders Is Granted Leibniz Prize

KIT scientist Peter Sanders is ranked as one of the key players in Algorithm Engineering.

(08.12.2011)delta Signs Karlsruhe Agreement

Student consultancy groups from southern Germany sealed a cooperation agreement.

Neues Nachrichtenformat KIT-News
(08.12.2011)Video Newscast "KIT News" on the Air

KIT News presents highlights in research, teaching, and innovation at KIT as a video newscast.

(07.12.2011)CHE Ranking: KIT "Strong University"

Three KIT disciplines evaluated in the CHE ranking "Diverse Excellence" prove their strong points.

Tomi Ungerer
(07.12.2011)Tomi Ungerer Honored with Eucor Medal

The artist received the award for outstanding achievements in cross-border cooperation.

(07.12.2011)Jean Monnet Keynote Lecture am KIT

Professor Klaus Hänsch: "Continent witout compass – where is Europe heading?" on December 8.

(06.12.2011)EERA SET-Plan Conference in Warsaw

EERA strikes positive balance: European cooperation in energy research pays off.

(06.12.2011)2011 "Uni für Einsteiger-Tag" at KIT

More than 3.000 pupils used the opportunity to inform themselves about teaching and research at KIT.

(06.12.2011)Online Voting "Klick dir deinen Kurs"

By online voting students can determine the topics of classes offered by the House of Competence.

(05.12.2011)2012 FameLab - Online Registration Open!

Countdown has started: Showcase your research theme to the audience - in only three minutes!

Fisch-Retina - Stammbaum der Stammzellen enträtselt
(02.12.2011)Stem Cell Genealogy Unraveled

All existing types of fish retina cells grow from one stem cell type.

Forschungsflugzeug Geophysica (Foto:Tobias Guggenmoser/FZJ)
(02.12.2011)GLORIA: Arctic Field Campaign Starts

Globally unique experiment for climate research starting on St. Nicholas' Day.

(01.12.2011)CyberChampions Award For Nanoscribe GmbH

Nanoscribe wins special prize in the category "University Outsourcing" including 1.500 euros.

(01.12.2011)KIT PhD Symposium 2012: Boost your Performance

3rd KIT PhD Symposium on March 22. Abstract submission deadline: January 16.

Der humanoide Roboter ARMAR
(01.12.2011)Video "ARMAR, The Humanoid Robot"

Video contribution shows ARMAR, KIT's humanoid robot, as a domestic help. English version available.

(30.11.2011)KIT Students Granted Karl Steinbuch Scholarships

Scholarship promotes projects that combine IT and media with other disciplines.

(30.11.2011)Do It Yourself: Create Your Own Weblog!

KIT and Jubez offer free computer course for young women aged 13 to 18 starting December 7.

(30.11.2011)Childcare over Winter Holidays at KIT

Bureau for Equal Opportunities at KIT offers holiday childcare from December to January 5.

Die Vortrags- und Konzertreihe verbindet verständliche Wissenschaft mit hochkarätiger klassischer Musik
(30.11.2011)Young Talents – Science and Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert – on Dezember 7 at KIT Campus South.

(25.11.2011)"Culture for Everyone? Art in a Global Present"

Colloquium Fundamentale on December 1: How does cultural globalization change a society?

Preisträger KIT-Doktorandenpreis 2011
(25.11.2011)2011 KIT Doctoral Award for Junior Researchers

KHYS awards outstanding doctoral research work within the KIT areas of competence.

Studienbegleitendes Trainingsprogramm KompetenzKompass
(24.11.2011)"KompetenzKompass" Enters the Next Round

Information event on the two-year training program on December 5 at KIT Audimax.

(22.11.2011)Colloquium "Sustainable BioEconomy" at KIT

Colloquium on December 1 and 2 at KIT combines different aspects of bioeconomy.

(18.11.2011)"Die Rolle des Diesemotors in der Zukunft"

Vortrag aus der Reihe "Donnerstag ist CareerService-Tag" am 22. November.

(17.11.2011)"Karlsruhe Dialog on IT Law" at KIT

November 21: Lecture on "Protection of intellectual property An impediment for development?"

(17.11.2011)Room Occupancy Rate Survey at KIT

From November 21 to 25 examiners visit various courses to capture the attendance.

(16.11.2011)catch-the-job: One Bus, Twelve Companies

November 23: Shuttle bus for IT professionals brings students and enterprises together.

(15.11.2011)25 Years Geoecology in Karlsruhe

KIT Institute of Geography and Geoecology celebrates 25 years geoecology in Karlsruhe.

(15.11.2011)Nanostructures Know the Ropes

KIT Doctoral Award for Dr. Michael Thiel, area of competence "Matter and Materials".

Dr. Peter Fritz (v.l.), KIT-Vizepräsident; Bernd Bechtold, IHK-Präsident; Prof. Hans-Peter Mengele, IHK-Hauptgeschäftsführer.
(15.11.2011)Science and Economy under one Umbrella

Scientific institutions and local Chamber of Industry and Commerce sign alliance of innovation.

(14.11.2011)World Philosophy Day: "Our Dear Dictators"

Contribution of the KIT Institute of Philosophy to the UNESCO 2011 World Philosophy Day.

(14.11.2011)NanoVision: Phenomena on the Nanoscale

9th NanoVision takes place on November 21 and 22 at the KIT Institute of Nanotechnology.

Video "Menschenzentrierte Robotik: Weiträumige Telepräsenz"
(11.11.2011)Video: "Long-range Telepresence"

KIT Anthropomatics and Robotics Focus: Scientists develop telepresence with head mounted display.

Vortrags- und Konzertreihe "Junge Talente" am KIT
(10.11.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert – on November 16 at KIT Campus South.

(09.11.2011)50 Years Food Processing Engineering

Institute celebrates 50th anniversary and hosts traditional alumni reunion on November 12.

100 Jahre IBM: KIT und IBM feiern gemeinsam
(08.11.2011)"100 Years IBM" - Gala at KIT

Strong partners: On November 8, IBM and KIT celebrate together 100 years IBM.

KIT-Zentrum Mobilitätssysteme
(07.11.2011)Carl Benz Commemorative Lecture 2011

KIT Center Mobility Systems invites to the Carl Benz Lecture on November 24 at KIT.

(04.11.2011)Open Access Publishing: KIT Goes Ahead

KIT signs international Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity (COPE).

(04.11.2011)Moisture Measurement in Research and Practice

6th CMM conference brought scientists and users of moisture measuring systems together.

Astronautentag am KIT
(03.11.2011)Meet the Astronaut - Endeavour Crew at KIT

Come and meet the crew of the space shuttle's last flight on November 10 at the Audimax.

(03.11.2011)Free Computer Courses for Girls at KIT

Bureau for equal opportunities offers computer courses for girls aged twelve to 15.

Aktuelle Ausgabe von clicKIT, Onlinemagazin für Studierende am KIT
(02.11.2011)New clicKIT Issue: "After The Tuition Fee"

Main topic of the current issue of the online magazine is the omission of the tuition fee.

(02.11.2011)Scholarship? Not Only Grades Matter

Begabtenförderungswerke and zib inform on schloraships on November 9.

(02.11.2011)Spanish Delegation Visited KIT

Delegates of Spanish prestigious universities informed themselves of "Initiative for Excellence".

Veranstaltung Junge Talente
(31.10.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert – on November 3 at KIT Campus North.

(26.10.2011)Colloquium Fundamentale Kick-off

Inaugural Lecture on November 3: "Prosperity for all? Inequalities in the process of globalization."

Erstsemesterbegrüßung 2011/2012
(26.10.2011)Video: KIT Welcomes Its Freshmen

Every year, KIT welcomes its new students at the beginning of the winter semester.

(26.10.2011)New Act: More Scope of Action for KIT

Amending law is said to reduce detail governance and to bring more autonomy for KIT.

(24.10.2011)KIC InnoEnergy PhD School

Information session: Discover what KIC InnoEnergy has to offer to PhD students.

(24.10.2011)KIT Experts Analyze Turkey Earthquake

Eastern Turkey Earthquake on October 23: CEDIM established a forensic analysis group.

(24.10.2011)KIT Takes Part in "PeerEnergyCloud"

Consortium explores peer-to-peer cloud services for future energy marketplace.

(20.10.2011)Freshmen Backpacks: Two Last Pick-up Dates

Two more opportunites for freshmen, who did not yet receive their KIT backpack, in October and November.

(20.10.2011)"Meeting point accessible studies" in October

Opportunity for contact and exchange of experience for chronically ill and handicapped students.

Die Celitement-Pilotanlage hat den Betrieb aufgenommen
(19.10.2011)Video: Opening Ceremony Celitement Pilot Facility

At the start the KIT outsourcing Celitement was awarded as "Ausgewählter Ort 2011".

Der Referent des Abends, Professor Deliang Chen, Generalsekretär der ICSU
(19.10.2011)Large Crowd at First KIT Climate Lecture

About 140 listeners came to the Gartensaal of Karlsruhe Palace to attend the first KIT Climate Lecture.

(18.10.2011)KIT University Sports: 40 Years of Yoga

The perhaps oldest yoga university sports group in Germany celebrates its 40th anniversary.

(17.10.2011)International Conference: Climate and Constructions

International conference on climate impacts on the construction sector on October 24 and 25.

(14.10.2011)Design Scheme Contest: KIT Students Successful

Three KIT students perform successful in design scheme contest "Sustainable Constructing".

Vortrags- und Konzertreihe "Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik" am KIT
(14.10.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert – on October 19 at KIT Campus South.

(13.10.2011)Lottery in Nine Bachelor Degree Courses

Numerus clausus (NC) courses: Free university places are allocated in a lottery.

(13.10.2011)Third Karlsruhe Science Slam at Jubez

Third Karlsruhe Science Slam on October 20 at Jubez. Wanted: the "Master of Slam".

Der KIT-Webshop - online seit 10. Oktober 2011
(13.10.2011)New KIT Webshop: Online Now

Since October 10 KIT offers a new and extended collection of merchandising products.

KIT-Professor Jörn Müller-Quade
(12.10.2011)KIT Expert Müller-Quade on "State Trojan"

Interview with the professor for cryptography and security and IT security chairholder.

(11.10.2011)Climate and Environment Center: "Climate Lecture"

First KIT Climate Lecture with Professor Deliang Chen at Gartensaal, Schloss Karlsruhe, on October 18.

Firmenkontaktmesse der KSOP am KIT
(11.10.2011)KSOP Contact Fair "Optical Technologies"

Numerous companies present themselves at 2011 KSOP career fair on October 26 at KIT.

Neuer Powertrain-in-the-Loop-Prüfstand am IPEK
(07.10.2011)Powertrain-in-the-Loop: New Testing Bench at IPEK

Testing bench allows the study of modern methods for the development of drive systems.

Einweihung des Gemeinschaftslabors BELLA von BASF und KIT
(07.10.2011)BELLA – Research for Batteries of Tomorrow

KIT and BASF officially inaugurated joint Battery and Electrochemistry Laboratory (BELLA).

Kinderbetreuung am KIT
(06.10.2011)"Explore Halloween": Holiday Child Care at KIT

Child care from October 31 to November 4 with a night walk, visit of a KIT institute, and sports activities.

(06.10.2011)ICHS2011 Successfully Concluded

Experts exchanged latest scientific results about safe handling of hydrogen technologies.

Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik, Vortrags- und Konzertreihe am KIT
(29.09.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on October 6 at KIT Campus North.

(29.09.2011)DECHEMA Students' Award for KIT Graduate

KIT graduate Anna Christina Schuch (chemical engineering) was awarded one of five DECHEMA prizes.

Zertifikatsverleihung beim YIN-DAY 2011
(28.09.2011)YIN Members Honored For "Academic Leadership"

YIN-DAY: Six members of the YIN network received the certificate "Academic Leadership".

Studieninformation Baden-Württemberg
(27.09.2011)Studying? Where? What? How?

The "Studieninfo Baden-Württemberg" is the first contact for questions about studying.

(26.09.2011)R2B LIVE Team Wins Energy Award

Jury at the STARTup Live RhineValley voted for eight students from the Research to Business LIVE Team.

Baubeginn Hadiko-Erweiterung
(23.09.2011)Favorable Housing Space for Students

KIT's Studentenwohnheim e. V. creates 48 new rooms at Hans-Dickmann-Kolleg (Hadiko).

(21.09.2011)6th CMM Conference and 1st Autumn School

For the first time an autumn school takes place prior to the CMM Conference on October 13 and 14.

Vortrags- und Konzertreihe "Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik" am KIT
(21.09.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

The series of scientific lectures combined with classical concerts starts again on September 28.

(20.09.2011)Lecture on Chemical Energy Sources

On Thursday, September 22, KIT professor Thomas Kolb gives a lecture at Karlsruhe Konzerthaus.

(20.09.2011)Environmental Research Map Upper Rhine

The map gives an overview of environmental research facilities along the Upper Rhine.

Hector-Schüler im Labor
(20.09.2011)Highly Skilled Pupils Present Projects

Hector pupils show their work, which they carried out in several projects mainly at KIT.

(19.09.2011)Conference on Hope, Hype, and Fear Technologies

Public EPTA Conference 2011 on October 20 in Berlin. Registration required before October 10.

(19.09.2011)Insight into the Dynamics of the Nano World

KIT joins in new "Virtual Institute" of Helmholtz Association on Nano Imaging.

(15.09.2011)Young Chemistry Talents Visiting KIT

Outstanding chemistry students recently visited ANKA and other KIT research facilities.

Titelseite lookKIT 3/11
(15.09.2011)New Issue of LookKIT: Main Topic COMMputation

The current number explains, how KIT develops intelligent solutions for effective communication.

YIN-DAY am 24. September 2011
(15.09.2011)Young Investigator Network: Keep in Touch!

First YIN-DAY since the founding of the YIN network takes place on September 24.

(14.09.2011)Competition "Sustainable Energy Systems"

Ideas competiton for KIT Ph. D. students. Best participants take part in "EnergieCampus".

(13.09.2011)Minister-President Informs Himself of Smart Home

Minister-President Kretschmann visits KIT stand at fair "Lebenswelt Elektromobilität 2011".

(12.09.2011)Information on the Events at Marcoule

KIT deploys task force to evaluate the situation at the nuclear facility in southern France.

 Karpfenfisch Phreatichthys andruzzii
(09.09.2011)Blind Cave Fish Develops Own Inner Clock

A precise biological clock helps organisms to carry out their daily tasks and survive.

(09.09.2011)Approval Procedure: Information on Errors

Approval procedure for 2011/2012 winter term: Technical errors lead to wrong rankings.

(09.09.2011)KIT Student Group Searching for Sponsors

Student entrepreneurs of "Pioniergarage" are searching for sponsors for a trip to Silicon Valley.

Competence E stellt sich und das Konzept einer "Forschungsfabrik" auf der IAA 2011 vor
(07.09.2011)KIT Project Competence E at 2011 IAA

As early as 2012 50 positions for engineers to be filled in KIT project Competence E.

(06.09.2011)"Kolloquium Straßenbetrieb" at KIT

Colloquium on latest research results and practical problems on September 13 and 14.

Die KIT-Delegation bei der Eröffnungsfeier der Europäischen Hochschulmeisterschaft im Rudern
(06.09.2011)KIT Scullers Win Two Silver Medals

European University Rowing Championship in Moscow: Both KIT teams win silver medal.

(05.09.2011)"Land der Ideen": Celitement in the Finals

Ecofriendly production method for cement is nominated in the category "Environment".

(05.09.2011)"KIT moves" - In the Year of the Automobile

International Alumni Meeting at KIT Campus South from November 11 to 13.

Spatenstich KinderUni-Versum
(02.09.2011)Groundbreaking for KinderUni-Versum

With a ceremony, KIT and partners have given the start signal for building the new daycare facility.

Diplomfeier bei der KIT-Kinder-Uni 2011
(31.08.2011)Looking back on KIT Children's University 2011

Reviews, photographs, and video clips on workshops and lectures of the 9th KIT Children's University.

Höchstleistungsrechnen: KIT und Universität Stuttgart bündeln Ressourcen
(25.08.2011)Resources for High Performance Computing

KIT and University of Stuttgart found limited company to bundle resources for HPC.

(25.08.2011)15 Years "Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog"

The first library-oriented central catalog of the World Wide Web went online in the summer of 1996.

(24.08.2011)EMCL at ZKM: "Car Culture & Media of Mobility"

"Virtual Flight through Karlsruhe", where visitors may fly through and over a 3D city model.

Diplomfeier der KIT-Kinder-Uni 2011 im Livestream
(23.08.2011)Children's University Finish as Webcast

Department of Informatics webcasts graduation ceremony on August 25 from 11 to 12.30 o'clock.

Forschungsministerin Theresia Bauer und KIT-Präsident Professor Horst Hippler auf dem Ehrenhof des KIT
(17.08.2011)Research Minister Bauer Visiting KIT

On her first official visit, Bauer informed herself of current topics such as mobility and energy.

(15.08.2011)Summer Universiade: KIT Judoka Wins Bronze Medal

Hannah Brück wins third medal for German team at 2011 Summer Universiade in Shenzhen/China.

Videoclips zur KIT-Kinder-Uni 2011
(11.08.2011)KIT Children's University: Videos on Youtube

First clips of this year's children's university are online on Youtube and on Facebook.

(11.08.2011)KIT Hosts Brecht Researcher from Korea

Professor Seung-Jin Lee has rendered services to the transfer of Bertold Brecht's opus in Korea.

Autaktvorlesung der KIT-Kinder-Uni 2011
(10.08.2011)Children's University: Reviews Online

Children's university team publishes online reviews on all lectures and workshops.

(09.08.2011)Experiencing Energy Research Firsthand

This year's second Science Camp for adolescents at KIT from September 5 to 9. Registrations still accepted!

Exciting moment at the prelude fair to the children's university
(03.08.2011)Prelude Fair to the Children's University

In the Audimax, boys and girls got an overview of the coming lectures and seminars.

(01.08.2011)Citizen workshop "Energy of the Future"

On 26th July, citizens and experts met at KIT and talked about the future of energy.

(01.08.2011)Testing in the Wildpark Stadium canceled

The partners have agreed amicably upon not to realize the project at the KSC facilities.

(26.07.2011)Master in „Geodesy and Geoinformatics“

From winter 2011, students can complete their master’s degree in German or in English.

(25.07.2011)Main topic of new ClicKIT: More scholarships

Currently only three percent of the students have scholarships. Goal is to increase the number.

Kretschmann am KIT
(19.07.2011)Video: Prime Minister Kretschmann at KIT

Kretschmann visits the pilot plant of Celitement GmbH for eco-friendly cement.

Vice President Peter Fritz congratulating Rudi Studer
(19.07.2011)AIK Symposion for Rudi Studer's 60th birthday

Colleagues and former Ph.D. students honored the KIT Professor with lectures and a festschrift.

(18.07.2011)100th anniversary for Prof. Erich Beyer

The former Head of the Institute for Sports and Sports Science was born 100 years ago.

(14.07.2011)KIT participating in "Virtual Institutes"

Helmholtz Association brings forward 12 new Helmholtz Virtual Institutes. Scientists from KIT are part of it.

Tag der offenen Tuer 2011 am KIT-Campus Ost
(13.07.2011)Picture Gallery of the Open Day 2011

More than 25.000 visitors experienced research activities relating to "Future Mobility" on July 2nd.

(13.07.2011)GRACE has started

The first 30 PhD students were enrolled in the Graduate School for Climate and Environment at the KIT.

(13.07.2011)KHYS Foyer Talk : Successful PhD studies

Students have the opportunity to meet experts from economy and science on 20th July.

(12.07.2011)Announcement: KIT Decorates Students

Also in 2011, the KIT presidents prize students showing outstanding commitment.

Kongresshaus Baden-Baden
(12.07.2011)KIT Taking Part in Education Fairs

July 12 and 15, the Serviceteam Information und Beratung (zib) is in Baden-Baden and Rastatt.

(12.07.2011)Apply for the Deutschlandstipendium

From the 2011/12 winter semester, 86 scholarships will be granted to students with above-average achievements.

(12.07.2011)KIT Children’s University: Ticket Sale from July 18

The series for children aged eight to twelve will start on August 05 with a kick-off-event.

Interreligiöser Dialog
(11.07.2011)ZAK at KIT: Interreligious Dialog

July 12, Muhammad Sameer Murtaza and Reinhold Bernhardt discuss on fundamentalism.

(08.07.2011)FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon: Discount for KIT Students

FIDUCIA Baden-Marathon on September 18: Special scoring and discount for students.

(08.07.2011)Colloquium Fundamentale: "Faster, higher, farther?"

Panel discussion on July 14 about "What we can learn from Stuttgart 21".

Logo "Bürger-Dialog Energie"
(08.07.2011)"Bürgerwerkstatt Energie" in Karlsruhe at KIT

"Citizens' dialog future energy technology" initiated by BMBF on July 26 at KIT Campus South.

Tag der offenen Tür 2011 am KIT
(07.07.2011)Video: Open Day 2011 at KIT Campus East

On July 2 KIT Campus East opened its doors for visitors to discover the future of mobility.

(07.07.2011)SiMoNa Elected for Helmholtz Funding

KIT startup SiMoNa is concerned with modeling on molecular level.

Umwelttechnikpreis des baden-württembergischen Ministeriums für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft
(07.07.2011)Environment Engineering Award for Celitement

Federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg awards prize to ecofriendly cement developed at KIT.

(06.07.2011)Klaus Tschira Award: Give it to me straight!

Klaus Tschira Foundation looking for excellent young scientists who are able to write vividly.

(05.07.2011)Master Programs at KIC InnoEnergy

Positions are available, starting in Autumn 2011, for three different categories of programs.

Gruppenfoto der Karlsruher Mannschaft mit dem Pokal für den Gesamtsieg
(05.07.2011)Karlsruhe Rowers Successful at DHM

Karlsruhe students winning twelve medals at German University Nationals (DHM).

(05.07.2011)KIT Institutions Present at ISC'11

Three KIT institutions participating in key event on high-performance computing.

(04.07.2011)Workshop on Nanotechnologies at KIT

Joint workshop "Economic and societal perspectives" by KIT and University of Caen on July 7 and 8.

Front page lookKIT
(01.07.2011)KIT Journal: Anthropomatics & Robotics

Current issue of lookKIT: The way KIT reseachers analyze the interaction of man and machine.

(01.07.2011)DARIAH: KIT Building Data Infrastructure

KIT is responsable for the storage and protection of data for European project DARIAH.

(01.07.2011)KIT Researchers Obtain Mimics Innovation Award

Team of KIT researchers awarded in the category "Innovations in computer aided engineering".

Vortragsreihe "Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik" am KIT
(30.06.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on July 6 at KIT Campus South.

(30.06.2011)Excursion to the European Parliament

KIT students took part in a meeting of the Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel.

Sommerveranstaltung "Alumni:Heimspiel 2011"
(29.06.2011)After Work Party "Alumni:Heimspiel 2011"

Summer event on July 7 at KIT bar "heimspiel" for local alumni - register now!

(29.06.2011)KIT Scientist Gets Plasma Physics Innovation Prize

Manfred Thumm is awarded for the development of high-performance gyrotron microwave tubes.

(29.06.2011)"Imagine Cup": KIT Student Reaches Finale

Computer science student Alexander Wachtel participates in the category "IT-Challenge".

(27.06.2011)Karlsruhe Days of Optics & Photonics (KDOP)

Live online coverage on KIT's Facebook profile on June 29 and 30.

1. KIT Fußball-Camp
(27.06.2011)1st KIT Soccer Camp for Children

Soccer camp for children of KIT employees, students, and alumni from August 22 to 26.

(24.06.2011)Workshop about Oskar von Wolkenstein

Workshop about the most productive German songwriting poet of the Late Middle Ages.

(22.06.2011)Colloquium Fundamentale: On the Sidelines?

Lecture "On the sidelines? Germany's rail traffic put to the test" on June 30.

(22.06.2011)"Karlsruhe Dialog on IT Legislation" at KIT

Lecture on "Data flood: IT legislation as dike, dam, canal, or life buoy?" on June 28.

Logo KIT im Rathaus 2011
(22.06.2011)KIT at the City Hall: Research for Health

KIT Area of Competence Applied Life Sciences presents itself at Karlsruhe city hall on June 29.

(20.06.2011)New: Telephone Hotline for University Applicants

Studienbüro answers questions concerning your application under +49 721 / 608 82 000.

(17.06.2011)Automobile Archives Exhibition at KIT

Joint exhibition of KIT Archives and Library on the traces of Carl Benz.

(17.06.2011)KIT Apprentice Does Placement in China

Business management apprentice Tina Trznadel reports about her six weeks stay in Hangzhou.

(16.06.2011)Lautenschläger Award for Joachim Wittbrodt

The Biologist is awarded the prize for his work on the evolution of vertebrate eyes.

(16.06.2011)Summer University of the School of Sustainability

"Mobility, infrastructure and city planning for a sustainable society" from June 27 to July 2.

(16.06.2011)A Triumph for KIT Students in Case Challenge

Six KIT students come out on top in case challenge against a team of TU Darmstadt.

Modellfoto des 1. Preises (im Vordergrund das bestehende Gebäude des Audimax; Quelle: Architekturbüro Thomas van den Valentyn, Köln)
(15.06.2011)KIT Campus South: New Buildings for Research

Decision in architectural competition for two new buildings at KIT Campus South.

Das Smart Home der Forschungsinitiative MeRegioMobil auf dem Gelände des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)
(15.06.2011)Video: Living in KIT's Smart Home

Test inhabitants and developers report about prototype for future households.

(10.06.2011)AAA International Soccer Tournament

5th NationsCup organized by KIT's International Office on Saturday, June 18.

Ozonwerte im Frühjahr über der nördlichen Hemisphäre
(09.06.2011)Climate Researchers Discuss About Ozone Layer

DFG research group SHARP: Annual meeting at KIT Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research.

(09.06.2011)Energy and Mobility: Science Camps at KIT

This summer two Science Camps for youth on the subject mobility and energy take place at KIT.

(08.06.2011)Students' Competition "MINToring"

Group of students supervised by KIT student Lisa Kolbe comes in first.

Vortrags- und Konzertreihe "Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik" am KIT
(08.06.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on June 15 at KIT Campus South.

(06.06.2011)A Helpless Situation, and yet …

Thoughts about Japan - Music and lectures at Gerthsen-Hörsaal, KIT Campus South, on June 9.

(06.06.2011)KIT Students at Conference in Taiwan

KIT students invited to join the international students' conference Global Initiatives Symposium 2011.

(06.06.2011)Honorary Doctorate for Thomas Renner

Chairman of Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg honored for his voluntary commitment.

(01.06.2011)13th Day of Renewable Energies

Landesforschungszentrum Geothermie at KIT takes part in the Karlsruhe "TdEE" on June 5.

(01.06.2011)New Programs at the Hector School

For young leaders: Master programs such as Green Mobility Engineering in English.

(01.06.2011)New Field of Study: Applied Biology

In the program Bachelor Biology, there are 30 places for the field Applied Biology.

(01.06.2011)"KHYS-Foyergespräch": Mobile Researchers

Discussion forum on international mobility and networking of young scientists on June 8.

(30.05.2011)fuks Successful at JCNetwork Days

Students Association for Consulting is the first and second winner of the Project of the Year award.

(27.05.2011)Second Science Slam in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Science Slam: Second edition at the Jubez on June 30. Registration open until June 15!

Petra Kraft; Leiterin des Büros für Chancengleichheit, nahm das Zertifikat für das KIT entgegen
(27.05.2011)Excellent Family Friendliness

KIT is awarded"Job and Family Audit" and "Family-compatible University" certificates.

(26.05.2011)Series of Lectures "Auto.Mobil.Geschichte"

Until July: Series of lectures by KIT's Institute of History within Automobile Summer 2011.

Satellitenaufnahme von Island
(25.05.2011)Eruption of Grimsvötn Volcano in Iceland

Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research at KIT informs about outburst of Icelandic volcano.

(24.05.2011)Ernst Schoemperlen Project Promotion 2011

Ernst Schoemperlen Foundation promotes KA-RaceIng with scholarship worth 5000 euros.

(24.05.2011)Colloquium Fundamentale on Mobility

Lecture on "Our environment and the future of the electric automobile" on May 26.

(23.05.2011)LESC and EMCL at BEYOND 3D Festival

KIT facilities LESC and EMCL present themselves at international 3D festival from May 27 to 29.

Träger des Sparkassen-Umweltpreises 2011
(20.05.2011)Environmentally Relevant Research Awarded

Sparkassen-Stiftung and KIT grant environmental awards to six young KIT scientists.

(19.05.2011)KIT Focus Humans and Technology Starts

Starting ceremony on May 23 with former German Federal Minister for the Environment Klaus Töpfer.

(18.05.2011)Humboldtians Founded Regional Group

Regional group Karlsruhe-Pforzheim was founded on May 13 at KIT's Heinrich Hertz Guesthouse.

bioliq®-Pilotanlage feiert Richtfest
(18.05.2011)bioliq®: Designer Fuels from Straw

KIT celebrating topping out ceremony of the last process steps of the bioliq® pilot facility.

(18.05.2011)Success: BFamily-Award for KIT

The Equal Opportunity at KIT has been priced by BFamily-Award.

(18.05.2011)Wanted: Ambassadors of Academic Studies

Students of all subjects are wanted for information events at schools.

(17.05.2011)bioliq® Pilot Facility: Topping Out Ceremony

The bioliq® pilot facility at KIT Campus North is almost completed - topping out ceremony at May 18.

(16.05.2011)KIT Student at the Nuclear Forum in Prague

KIT partner AREVA sends out one student to participate in the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum.

KIT's autonomous car
(16.05.2011)KIT Researchers Win Autonomous Race

Team AnnieWAY triumphs in convoy tours with various autonomous systems and makes.

(13.05.2011)KIT Rowers Win Rowing Competition in Nantes

The KIT has been participating in the rowing contest for the last 10 years.

(12.05.2011)Reverse Running: New World Record

New record holder over 10 kilometers prepared himself for his attempt on the record at KIT.

Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik
(11.05.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on May 18 at KIT Campus South.

Das KIT wurde als größte Laufgruppe ausgezeichnet
(09.05.2011)"Badische Meile": KIT Building the Largest Team

580 KIT runners starting at traditional fun run over 8,88889 kilometers.

(09.05.2011)Panel Discussion on the Future of Mobility

Two-day economic and technological forum talKIT ended with panel discussion

(09.05.2011)Deutsch-Ungarische Hochschultage

15 Hungarian universities have informed about studying and research in their country.

(05.05.2011)"KHYS-Foyergespräch": Research in Industry

Guests of the "Foyergespräch" report their experiences and personal career.

Regun Kayo überreicht Volker Saile „Hiroshima Roof Tiles“, angeschmolzene Mauer- und Glasstücke der beim Atombombenabwurf im August 1945 zerstörten Universität
(03.05.2011)"Japantage 2011" Officially Opened

Regun Kayo, student at the University of Hiroshima, presents KIT with "Hiroshima Roof Tiles".

(03.05.2011)Natural Refrigeration Award Offered

"eurammon" initiative looking for the best scientific work on natural cryogenic agents.

(03.05.2011)"Karlsruhe Dialog on IT Law" at KIT

Lecture on the "Protection of individuals in the information society" on May 10.

(02.05.2011)TROPHELIA Competition: KIT Team Ranked 2nd

Team "SnacKIT" comes second place in competition for students of food sciences.

(02.05.2011)Whitsun Holidays: Child Care at KIT

Child care program at KIT for employees' children during Whitsun holidays from June 14 - 24.

(02.05.2011)At KIT: Three New DFG Research Units

Topics come from mathematics, civil engineering, geo sciences, and environmental sciences.

Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik
(28.04.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on May 5 at KIT Campus North.

(28.04.2011)E-volution - The Future of Mobility?

Second edition of the economic and technological forum talKIT on May 4 and 5 at KIT.

Die aktuelle Ausgabe des Online-Studierendenmagazins clicKIT ist erschienen
(27.04.2011)Students' Magazine clicKIT - Now Online

Cover story on how foreign students experience studying at KIT and everyday life in Germany.

(21.04.2011)Towards a More Efficient Use of Solar Energy

Fundamental findings about the processes in photoelectrochemical cells by KIT scientists.

(21.04.2011)Second "Japantage Karlsruhe" at KIT

"Japantage" with a broad cultural and scientific program from May 2-8 at KIT.

(20.04.2011)Colloquium Fundamentale Kick-off

Series of lectures on the chances and limits of mobility starting on Thursday, April 28.

Das Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) sucht fünf Doktoranden für das Organisationsteam des PhD Symposiums im Frühjahr 2012.
(20.04.2011)KIT PhD Symposium: Organizing Team Wanted

KHYS is looking for five doctoral candidates for the organizing team of the 2012 PhD Symposium.

Hanns-Rudolf Paur, Andrei Bologa, Klaus Woletz und Rainer Körber bei der Preisübergabe
(15.04.2011)Environmental Prize for KIT Particle Separator

KIT researchers awarded first prize of the Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw Environmental Foundation.

(15.04.2011)KIT's Eleven: KA-RaceIng Presents New Racers

Double rollout: KA-RaceIng presents new racecars KIT11 und KITe. Photos on Facebook.

(14.04.2011)EU Project EERA Tipped for Success

KIT is coordinating in the European Energy Research Alliance's program "Materials for Nuclear".

(13.04.2011)Efficient Energy-saving Data Sorting

Informatics project EcoSort awarded in competition "365 Orte im Land der Ideen".

Mehr Autonomie für das KIT
(12.04.2011)More Autonomy for KIT

Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg agree on key points of KIT's development.

(12.04.2011)Panel Discussion "On the Way to Modernity?"

Public event associated with the interdisciplinary doctoral colloquium "Dilemmas of Decolonialism".

(11.04.2011)Hochschulgruppenmesse im Audimax

Das Engagier-dich-Netzwerk veranstaltet am 19. April von 11 bis 16 Uhr eine Hochschulgruppenmesse.

(11.04.2011)Obituary on Professor Emanuel Vogel

Professor em. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Emanuel Vogel passed away at the age of 83 on March 31.

(11.04.2011)Easter Holidays: Child Care at KIT

Child care at KIT from April 26 - 29. Motto "Hide-outs in the woods – plants and animals".

Junge Talente
(07.04.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on April 14 at KIT Campus North.

(06.04.2011)Improved Search for Library Users

Strategic partnership of Karlsruhe libraries introduces BibTip recommender service.

(06.04.2011)Seminar on Earthquake in Japan

Seminar on causes, damages and consequences of the Honshu earthquake. Regristration until April 13!

KIT-Präsident Eberhard Umbach und Bundesministerin Annette Schavan am KIT-Stand
(05.04.2011)KIT Presents Innovations at the Hannover Messe

Federal Minister Annette Schavan visiting the stand of KIT at Hannover Messe. Photos on Facebook.

(04.04.2011)Students‘ Project on Ingenious Studying

Through June, Karlsruhe students of cultural studies will present cultural projects.

(29.03.2011)Joint KIT Statutes Adopted

Founding senate adopts rules for the organization and further development of KIT.

(29.03.2011)"Baden Mile" Run: Register Now!

Special Conditions for KIT Students - Information and Registration at Students' Portal.

(30.03.2011)Scholarships for Talented Students

"Deutschlandstipendium" will start at KIT with 86 scholarships in winter semester 2011-2012.

(29.03.2011)Material Forms Light – Elements for Open Space

Department of Architecture shows best results of the design semniar "material forms light".

(29.03.2011)Video: The Second bioliq Construction Stage

Delivery and installation of the last vessels for the high-pressure entrained flow gasifier at KIT.

Interview: Women in natural sciences
Margarete Mühlleitner, Professor for particle physics about career development in science for women. More
(28.03.2011)Interview: Women in natural sciences

Margarete Mühlleitner, Professor for particle physics, about career development in science for women.

Titelseite lookKIT
(25.03.2011)New Issue of LookKIT: Mobility in the Future

Issue 1/2011 focuses on Research, Teaching and Innovation at the KIT Mobility Systems Center.

(24.03.2011)Video: Urban soil and its history
Video production of KIT in cooperation with other institutions for the International Day of Soil. Mehr
(24.03.2011)"KHYS-Foyergespräch": "Paths to Professorship"

"KHYS-Foyergespräch" on March 31 on the different possibilities of appointability.

(23.03.2011)Now Online: KIT Election Exchange

Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate State Elections: IISM Published Election Exchange Software.

Logo Automobilsommer 2011
(22.03.2011)2011 Automobile Summer - Open Day at KIT

On July 2, KIT laboratories, research and testing facilities are open to visitors.

(22.03.2011)Video (German): PhD Research Group E-Drive
KIT and the company Daimler AG founded a PhD Reasearch Group which focuses on electromobility. More
(21.03.2011)World Water Day on March 22: Research by ITAS

ITAS analyzes "Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge" in Santiago de Chile.

(17.03.2011)KIT Network For Founders Is Online

gruneden.kit.edu - First Contact Point at KIT for all Questions on Business Formation.

(17.03.2011)"Chaos and Order": Math Encounters Arts

Exhibition Shows how KIT and PH Karlsruhe Students Turn Mathematical Laws into Art.

Consequences for Nuclear Facilities in Japan
(15.03.2011)Consequences for Nuclear Facilities in Japan

KIT established six working groups to evaluate the situation in Fukushima.

KIT Annual Reception 2011
(15.03.2011)Dieter Zetsche at the KIT Annual Reception

The Chairman of Daimler AG is one of the speakers at the annual reception on Thursday, March 17.

(15.03.2011)FZI: Rotation in Executive Board and Directorate

Forschungszentrum Informatik Rejuvenated its Executive Board and Directorate by January 1.

(14.03.2011)12. "NanoMat Szene" at ZKM: "Nano in the Light"

Lightart, Live Experiment and Lectures on Nano Materials on March 24 and 25 at ZKM.

Die Vortrags- und Konzertreihe des KIT verbindet verständliche Wissenschaft mit klassischer Musik
(10.03.2011)Young Talents – Science Meets Music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on March 17 at KIT Campus North.

(08.03.2011)Information Event on Sports Aptitude Test

Information Event at KIT for Pupils Who Are Interested in Sport Studies on March 15 .

Studierende des KIT und der Universität Straßburg nahmen an einem bilingualen Workshop am KIT und am Max Rubner-Institut teil
(08.03.2011)Students in Quest of Healthier Snacks

Bilingual Workshop for German and French Students at KIT and Max Rubner Institute.

(04.03.2011)CFN Exhibits at DASA in Dortmund

Exhibition "Nano! Practical Use and Visions of a Technology" until October 9 in Dortmund.

(03.03.2011)Girls' Day 2011 at KIT: Still Free Places!

"Girls' Day" on April 14: Still Free Places for Various Information Events at KIT Available!

(02.03.2011)Promoting Immigration - Curbing Emigration

Students of the KIT Institute of Geography and Geoecology Analyzed Karlsruhe Living Quarters.

(01.03.2011)Obituary on Professor Karl Martin Bolte

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' Honorary Doctor Passed away on February 14.

(01.03.2011)"THORPLEX": Meteorologists Meet at KIT

THORPEX European Regional Meeting at KIT from May 24-27: Call for Abstracts.

(01.03.2011)No long-term parking in reading rooms

KIT Library controls rush on workplaces in reading rooms: "parking disks" prevent long coffee breaks.

(01.03.2011)Software-Cluster at the CeBIT 2011

This year, Software-Cluster appears with its topics and partners at the CeBIT in Hanover.

Das Castel del Monte in Apulien dient KASTEL als Inspiration
(28.02.2011)KIT to Be Competence Center for IT Security

"KASTEL" at KIT Will Be One of Three German Competence Centers for IT Security.

(25.02.2011)KIT students learn to prevent forest fires

The course "brûlage dirigée" teaches young geographers how to set and control fires at the right places.

(25.02.2011)2nd NSE Lecture for Pupils at KIT

600 Secondary School Pupils Attended the "2nd Natural Science and Engineering Lecture for Pupils".

Benefizveranstaltung "Kinder laufen für Kinder" am KIT
(24.02.2011)"Children run for Children" at KIT

500 primary-school pupils took part in the charity run "Children run for Children" at KIT Campus South.

(23.02.2011)Tour Eucor 2011: The Cycling Tour that Unites

The registration for the cycling tour Tour Eucor 2011 has begun and is possible until March 20.

(22.02.2011)INSPIRE: Improving Medicine and Healthcare

FZI and KIT research on how evaluation and organisation of medicine and care can be improved.

Dr. Frank Breitling, Dr. Volker Stadler, Mitarbeiter Thomas Felgenhauer, Dr. Ralf Bischoff (v.l.n.r.; Foto: Nicole Schuster, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum)
(21.02.2011)PEPperPRINT Wins Innovation Award

PEPperPRINT with Dr. Frank Breitling, KIT, wins German Industry's Innovation Award 2010.

(21.02.2011)Nationwide Distance Learning Day 2011

KIT's Distance Learning Center takes part in Distance Learning Day 2011 on February 25.

Maximilian Haider erhält den Wolf-Preis für Physik
(19.02.2011)Maximilian Haider receives Wolf Prize for Physics

Great merits in electron microscopy – prize giving ceremony on May 29 at the Knesset.

(17.02.2011)Schöck Construction Innovation Award

Two KIT students receive funding for their innovative solutions in construction engineering.

(16.02.2011)VDI Expert Panel on Energy Effiency

Expert Panel at KIT on "Energy Effiency in the Cities and the Industry of Tomorrow".

(14.02.2011)Gerhard H. Jirka Memorial Colloquium

Colloquium in honour of Prof. Gerhard H. Jirka, who passed away unexpectedly on February 14, 2010.

(11.02.2011)Karlsruhe Dialogues Opening: Livestream!

Start with Andrew Keen and WiKiLeaks' Ex-Spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg on February 11, 7.30 pm.

(11.02.2011)KIT Concert Choir Sings Rachmaninov

On February 20, KIT Concert Choir sings Rachmaninov's great Vespers in the Karlsruhe Markus Church.

Aktuelle Ausgabe von clicKIT, dem Onlinemagazin für Studierende
(10.02.2011)Current Issue of clicKIT: Online Now

Current issue of the students' magazine with a cover story about students pressed for time.

(10.02.2011)Caricatures Competition "Figures of Europe"

Marianne meets Germania: Allegoric Pictures of Europe in Form of Caricatures Wanted.

(10.02.2011)Two KIT Scientists On Their Way Up

Stefanie Speidel and Elena Pancera are funded by the Margarete von Wrangell-Program.

(10.02.2011)KIT and BASF Establishing a Research Group

A research group established by KIT and BASF studies the use of chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

(08.02.2011)Interdisciplinary Doctoral Colloquium

Call for Papers for Master Students and (Post) Docs for "Dilemmas of Decolonialism".

(09.02.2011)Interview: IPv6 - providers must take action

PD Dr.-Ing. Roland Bless, Institute for Telematics, speaks about the necessity of a larger address space.

(08.02.2011)Parent's Evening - Information Event at zib

Study and career choice: How can parents support their children? Information event at zib on February 11.

(07.02.2011)Software Cluster: Strategy Board meets at KIT

Representatives of industrial and research partners hold a meeting at KIT on February 11.

(04.02.2011)On Greenhouse Gases' Trail

Contract awarded for DFG's Emmy Noether Junior Research Group for research project at KIT.

(04.02.2011)New SRG "Financial Market Innovation"

Stuttgart Stock Exchange supports new Shared Research Group at KIT headed by Dr. Ryan Riordan.

Eine Gruppe von Kolloquiumsteilnehmern am Campus Nord des KIT (Foto: Rolf Mayer)
(04.02.2011)LSDF: Mastering Big Data in Science

SCC inaugurates Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF) for Storage and Analysis of Scientific Data.

(03.02.2011)KIT Media Library Online Now!

New: Online Collection of Video, Photo, Audio and Print Media Content around KIT.

(03.02.2011)"Future Prize Communicaton"

Competition for students seeking for concepts, visions or analyses of future forms of communications.

(02.02.2011)Childcare over Carnival Holidays at KIT

Childcare for children of staff members for the first time over the carnival holidays from March 7 to 11.

(02.02.2011)Congress "Moving Kids - Using Energies" at KIT

Long Jump European Champion Christian Reif Supports Kids' Congress 2011 (February 17-19).

Frauen in der Wissenschaft: KIT-Wissenschaftlerinnen zeigen dem Nachwuchs, welche Berufsbilder es in der Forschung gibt und stehen Rede und Antwort
(02.02.2011)Video: Job Descriptions for Female Natural Scientists

On January 27, schoolgirls had the opportunity to look over KIT scientists' shoulder.

(01.02.2011)"Smarter Planet Comes To You" at KIT

IBM Roadshow on February 2: Meet the Experts – Tech Talk/Demos for Students and Employees.

Junge Talente – populärwissenschaftliche Vorträge und klassische Konzerte am KIT
(01.02.2011)Young talents – science meets music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on February 10 at KIT Campus North.

RESEARCH TO BUSINESS, die neue Technologiebörse des KIT
(01.02.2011)New KIT Technology Market Now Online

Application-oriented technologies and cooperation opportunities for industrial companies.

(31.01.2011)FoSS-SportsCamp 2011 at KIT: Register Now!

FoSS holiday program for sports-mad children and youth: remake in Withsun holidays.

Pionier der Automobilindustrie: Carl Benz studierte am Polytechnikum Karlsruhe, dem Vorgänger des heutigen Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)
(28.01.2011)125 Years "Benz Patent Motorwagen"

125 years ago, on January 29, 1886, Carl Benz took out a patent for his motor vehicle "Tricycle".

(27.01.2011)Honorary doctorate for Jivka Ovtcharova

KIT's partner university in Bulgaria honored engineering expert Ovtcharova in January.

Logo von Radio KIT, dem Radioprogramm ds Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie
(27.01.2011)Radio KIT "Wissen": Program now online

Radio "KIT Wissen", the popular science program, on Thursday, January 27, 5 to 6 pm.

Plakat zum Europäischen Datenschutztag am 28. Januar
(25.01.2011)5th European Data Protection Day

Placard campaign calls attention to the of 5th European Data Protection Day on January 28.

(21.01.2011)Synthetic Rubbers, Made-to-Measure

KIT scientists and Lanxess develop new process for producing special synthetic rubbers.

(21.01.2011)AIFB-Publication: Outstanding Academic Title

American Library Association adds AIFB course book in its list of Outstanding Academic Titles.

(18.01.2011)Sustainable Facility Management

Manual compiled by KIT experts provides support in the realization of sustainable shopping malls.

Neue Batterietechnologien sind Ziel der Forschungseinrichtung des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie in Kooperation mit der Universität Ulm
(20.01.2011)Start of the Ulm Helmholtz Institute

New Battery Technologies in the Focus of the Research Facility of KIT in Cooperation with Ulm University.

(19.01.2011)"Job Descriptions for Female Natural Scientists"

Information event for schoolgirls at KIT Campus North on January 27. Still free places!

15. Karlsruher Gespräche vom 11. bis 13. Februar
(18.01.2011)15th Karlsruhe Dialogues: February 11 to 13

Presentations, Discussions, and Cultural Program. Registration and Program online.

Vortrag über Antriebsstrangkonzepte
(17.01.2011)CareerService Lecture: Consumption Reduction

January 20, Friedrich Eichler from Daimler AG talks about the drive chain in the Tulla Lecture room.

Der KIT-Schwerpunkt Mobilitätssysteme stellt sich bei "KIT im Rathaus" der Öffentlichkeit vor
(13.01.2011)KIT at the City Hall: Tomorrow's Mobility

KIT Focus Mobility Systems presents itself at the Karlsruhe City Hall on January 20.

Populärwissenschaftlicher Vortrag und klassisches Konzert am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
(13.01.2011)Young talents – science meets music

Scientific lecture combined with classical concert - on January 20 at KIT Campus North.

Logo von Radio KIT
(12.01.2011)Radio program "KIT Wissen" - Current Issue

Now online on radio.kit.edu: Program of the latest issue of the popular science broadcast "KIT Wissen".

Neue Vortragsreihe "Nachhaltigkeit hautnah" startet am 12. Januar am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
(12.01.2011)"Sustainability First Hand": Post Carbon Future

New Series of Lectures - Thematic Priority: "Post Carbon Future" - starts January 12.

(11.01.2011)Science Slam in Karlsruhe Call for Slammer

Six talks - ten minutes - ten points: The first official Science Slam in Karlsruhe on March 3.

(10.01.2011)Business Masters 2010: Finale am KIT

Business Masters is one of the world's biggest international case study competitions.

(05.01.2011)Celebrity Culture: R.I.P. – Media Deaths

Professor Dr. Birgit Richard about celebrities' media deaths on YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.

Junge Talente – Wissenschaft und Musik am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
(05.01.2011)Young Talents – Science and Music

First event of the series of concerts and scientific presentations in 2011 on January 12, Campus South.