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Portrait Monika Landgraf
Monika Landgraf
Head of Corporate Communications, Chief Press Officer

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Press Releases 2018
No. Date Image Title
041 12.04.2018 Simulated tsunamis showing their maximum potential wave heights. (Photo: Andreas Schaefer, KIT)
038 10.04.2018 man with an eye tracking system on his head
033 28.03.2018 2018_033_KIT bietet online weltweiten Zugriff auf Roboter-Labor_72dpi
032 27.03.2018 2018_032_3D-Nanodruck erleichtert Kommunikation mit Licht_72dpi
031 27.03.2018 2018_031_Hannover Messe - Innovative Technologien fuer Industrie E-Mobilitaet und Energiewende_1_72dpi
030 22.03.2018 Get out of the black box: Open source hardware can make IT systems more secure (Photo: Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons).
029 20.03.2018 Smartphone
028 15.03.2018 2018_028_Optimiertes Positionieren_72dpi
027 14.03.2018 Regions with highly concentrated reserves: the “lithium triangle“ in South America and, for cobalt, the Copperbelt in Central Africa. (Illustration: Nature Reviews Materials ©Macmillan Publishers Limited)
026 13.03.2018 Many people shy away from diagnostic tests. Pool samples might reduce fear. (Photo: Patrick Langer, KIT)
025 12.03.2018 Tests at Schiltach: Seismometer package corresponding to the system that will be used in the “InSight Lander” mission starting in May 2018. (Photo: Copyright CNES)
024 12.03.2018 How does good teaching work at the beginning of the studies? This topic will be in the focus of the meeting of the MINT-Kolleg in March 2018. (Photo: MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg)
023 06.03.2018 2018_023_Technik unterstuetzt Inklusion in der Arbeitswelt_72dpi
022 05.03.2018 Studies or vocational training: On the Girls’ Day, KIT will inform about job perspectives. (Photo: Tanja Meißner, KIT)
021 28.02.2018
020 26.02.2018 Thanks to the intuitive operability of the system, rescue forces can concentrate on emergency medical care. (Photo: VOMATEC Innovations GmbH)
019 23.02.2018 2018_019_Optische Distanzmessung72dpi
018 22.02.2018 2018_018_smart cities72dpi
017 21.02.2018 Pascal Stichler studied business engineering at KIT and established the transaction marketplace “Carl” for sales of private companies. (Photo: Carl Finance GmbH)
016 20.02.2018
015 19.02.2018 2018_015_KIT baut European Open Science Cloud mit auf_72dpi
013 14.02.2018 Research-based teaching is a central feature of studies at KIT. (Photo: Sandra Göttisheim, KIT)
012 14.02.2018 The figure skater of only 3 mm height was printed onto the tip of a crystal. (Photo: Nanoscribe)
011 12.02.2018 Growth of fungi (left) on the molecular level (right) is in the focus of research conducted by KIT scientists. (Photo: L. Zhou, KIT)
010 08.02.2018 Nanoforest: Nanowires on a silicon wafer as recorded at the DESY NanoLab.    (Photo: DESY, Satishkumar Kulkarni/Thomas Keller)
009 05.02.2018 The demonstrator facility of the HELMETH project combines methanation (left) and electrolysis (right) with an efficiency of 76 percent. (Photo: sunfire GmbH)
008 30.01.2018 Tracking down forged superfoods. (Photo: KIT/Karl-Heinz Knoch)
007 24.01.2018 Solar energy and future storage systems: The next event “KIT at the City Hall” will cover energy research at KIT. (Photo: Tanja Meißner, KIT)
006 23.01.2018 Partnership to foster cooperation: President Holger Hanselka (KIT), Professor Michael Kaschke (ZEISS). Back: Vice President Thomas Hirth (KIT), Ulrich Simon (ZEISS). (Photo: KIT/Andreas Drollinger)
005 23.01.2018 Aus einem Baustein (links, roter Umriss) – bestehend aus zwei Teilen und einem Silber-Atom (blau) – entstehen komplexe, halbreguläre „Parkettmuster“ (rechts, Mikroskopbild). (Bild: Klappenberger und Zhang / TUM)
004 22.01.2018 Professor Johannes Orphal (Photo: Rolf F. Wenzel)
003 16.01.2018 Setup to monitor a computer chip with infrared cameras. (Photo: CES/KIT)
002 12.01.2018 Bestnoten von Personalverantwortlichen: Die Absolventinnen und Absolventen der ältesten Informatik-Fakultät Deutschlands sind gut für den Start in den Beruf vorbereitet (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
001 09.01.2018 Depending on their specific properties, many minerals may be highly demanded and scarce raw materials for construction industry. (Photo: Nicole Brinnel/KIT)