Division III ‒ Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Division III of the KIT consists of the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as well as Mechanical Engineering and the corresponding institutes of the University Sector. It also includes the Helmholtz programmes Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition (MTET), Nuclear Fusion (FUSION) and Nuclear Waste Management, Safety and Radiation Research (NUSAFE) and the institutes IAI, IAM, IHM, ITES, IMT, INE, INR, and ITEP of the Research Sector.

Since January 01, 2014, Professor h.c. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Knebel has been Head of Division III.

Joachim Knebel
Head of Division

Prof. h.c. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Knebel
Tel.: +49 721 608-25511

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Key Innovation and Systems in the Fields of Energy, Mobility, Production, Automation, Man-Machine-Interaction, Information Technology and Medical Engineering.


MaschinenbautagFakultät für Maschinenbau, KIT
KIT-Maschinenbautag 2022

27.06.2022: Am 15.07.22 findet der KIT-Maschinenbautag statt. In einer Messe stellen sich die Institute unserer Fakultät vor und präsentieren aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse. Im Fakultätsfestkolloquium werden Master-Absolventen verabschiedet und Fakultätspreise verliehen. Festredner ist Dr. Sebastian Beck, Managing Director Business Region Greater China, Festo SE & Co. KG.

Ehrendoktorwürde für Prof. Manfred ThummPrivat
Ehrendoktorwürde für Prof. Manfred Thumm

22.06.2022: Der Scientific Council der V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, hat am 24. Januar 2022 beschlossen, Professor Manfred Thumm (KIT Distinguished Senior Fellow am IHM) die Dr. h.c. Würde dieser Universität zu verleihen. In Zusammenarbeit mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen am Department of Physics der Universität Kharkiv forscht Manfred Thumm zum Thema der Oberflächenwellen in Plasmen für verschiedenste industrielle und wissenschaftliche Anwendungen. Der Ehrentitel konnte bisher nicht offiziell verliehen werden.

ERMSAR Conference at KIT

22.06.2022: From May 16 to 19, 2022, scientists from 21 countries met in Karlsruhe at the 10th European Review Meeting on Severe Accidents Research (ERMSAR). The approximately 120 participants of the conference, which was hosted by KIT for the second time, presented and discussed current research results on severe accidents in nuclear power plants and possible preventive measures. One plenary session was specifically dedicated to the topic 'Fukushima: 10 (+1) years after'. For the first time, the IAEA and OECD/NEA were involved in the organization of the conference, in addition to the European research platforms NUGENIA and SNETP and their member institutions. On the last day of the conference, the participants visited the experimental facilities on severe accident research at KIT Campus North, which are embedded in the Programme Nuclear Waste Management, Safety and Radiation Research (NUSAFE).

Perowskit SolarzellenMarco A. Ruiz-Preciado, KIT
Thin-film photovoltaics: Efficient and versatile in a double pack

15.06.2022: Stacking solar cells on top of each other increases efficiency. Together with partners in the EU project PERCISTAND, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have now produced perovskite/CIS tandem solar cells with an efficiency of almost 25 percent - the highest for this technology to date. In addition, the combination of materials ensures lightness and versatility, so that the use of these tandem solar cells on vehicles, portable devices and foldable or rollable devices is also conceivable. The researchers present their work in the journal ACS Energy Letters. 

Daniel BernetPrivat
ETG Literature Prize for Daniel Bernet

15.06.2022: Daniel Bernet (ETI) has been awarded the ETG Literature Prize 2022 for his article "Integrating Voltage-Source Active Filters Into Grid-Connected Power Converters - Modeling, Control, and Experimental Verification". Due to the increasing importance of renewable energy sources, energy storage and electromobility, an increasing share of power electronics in the conversion and distribution of electrical energy is to be expected. To ensure high power quality and supply stability even under these conditions, high demands are placed on the converters used in these applications. In order to reduce the resulting high passive filter effort and the associated disadvantages, this paper derives a novel operating concept for active filters for harmonic reduction of power converters. A comparison with conventional passive filters shows that the proposed active filter configuration has a high potential for reducing passive filter components and increasing the efficiency of grid converters in the megawatt range.

TempusITIV erstellt mit CarMaker
Innovation award for the TEMPUS project

03.06.2022: The TEMPUS funding project on automated driving in Munich, in which ITIV is also involved with Prof. Sax's working group, has won the "Innovationspreis Reallabore" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. The TEMPUS funding project started in January 2021 with a duration of 30 months and deals with how automated and connected driving will change the future of our mobility, how the advantages of this technology can be used in an urban and environmentally friendly way, how the safety of all road users can be increased and how risks for the environment and traffic flow can be avoided.

Tag der jungen Innovatorinnen und InnovatorenKIT
Tag der jungen Innovatorinnen und Innovatoren

02.06.2022: Das Institut für Informationsmanagement im Ingenieurwesen des KIT unter Leitung von Professorin Jivka Ovtcharova und der Senate of Economy Europe veranstalten am Freitag, 10. Juni 2022, 09:30 Uhr in Karlsruhe gemeinsam einen Tag der jungen Innovatorinnen und Innovatoren. Bei diesem stellen sich unter anderem Start-ups des KIT wie Kimoknow und agitum vor. Interessierte und Medien können teilnehmen, die Veranstaltung ist auf 60 Gäste begrenzt.
Anmeldung und Programm

Neuer SFB „Kompakte Hochleistungs-Magnetresonanzsysteme – HyPERiON" DFG
Neuer SFB „Kompakte Hochleistungs-Magnetresonanzsysteme – HyPERiON"

31.05.2022: Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) richtet zur weiteren Stärkung der Spitzenforschung an den Hochschulen neun neue Sonderforschungsbereiche (SFB) ein. Darunter der SFB „Kompakte Hochleistungs-Magnetresonanzsysteme – HyPERiON". Sprecher ist Professor Dr. Jan Gerrit Korvink vom IMT.

Affordable Energy for Humanity University of Waterloo

The Affordable Energy for Humanity Global Change Initiative is an international collaboration between the world's leading scientists, technology developers and practitioners on the topic of universal energy access. We believe in a future where modern, clean and reliable energy is affordable and available to everyone.