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Studying at KIT: More than Technology Studying at KIT: More than Technology
Prize of the DPG for super precise 3D laser printing from Karlsruhe. Ice dancer.
Price of the DPG for super-precise 3-D laser printing

The Institute of Nanotechnology and Innovation Management at KIT and the company Nanoscribe are distinguished by the German Physical Society.

How mushrooms grow: a movie from inside the cell
How Mushrooms Grow: A Movie from Inside the Cell

Using high-performance light microscopy, KIT scientists were able to observe the growth of fungi in living cells. 

Telemedical solutions provide rescue teams with valuable time (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
Sudden Cardiac Death: Advantage in the Race Against Time

Emergency medical centers receive valuable medical information via remote access to smartphones - EU initiative funds consortium project led by KIT.

Power-to-Gas with high efficiency
Power-to-Gas with High Efficiency

The EU project HELMETH was able to increase the efficiency of methane gas production from renewable electricity to over 75 percent.

Nano Forest: view of the tiny wires growing on a silicon wafer (Photo: DESY, Satishkumar Kulkarni/Thomas Keller)
Scientists Observe Nanowires as They Grow

X-ray experiments reveal exact details of self-catalysed growth for the first time.

Researchers find out about "wrong" superfoods
Researchers Find out about "Wrong" Superfoods

Genetic barcode shows wether the products are also the original.

Conference: Innovative approaches to higher education didactics
Conference: Innovative approaches to higher education didactics

Experts from science and practice will discuss new research and practical approaches to teaching and study.


Olympia, Snowy Areas and Climate Change

Especially in mountain regions, climate researchers of the KIT expect changes in climate zones and snow conditions.

Maintenance and Prevention in the Construction Industry

Andreas Gerdes has developed concepts to extend the lifecycles of buildings enormously.

Better Weather Forecasts for Africa: Development Aid 2.0

Better weather forecasts could have a noticeable impact on development in Africa.

Cancer Research: Quality Control in the Genome

Current scientific publication illuminates how the interaction of "guardians" and "caretaker" protects the genetic material of the cells.