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lookKIT: Digital Transformation lookKIT: Digital Transformation
Organe auf Mikrochips für sichere Medikamententests
Organs on Microchips for Safe Drug Testing

Vanessa Kappings of KIT receives award for supporting animal-free research by miniaturized organs on a chip.

Kreis mit wissenschaftlichen Symbolen
Night of Science on November 24

For the third time, the lecture series will be organized by student volunteers of various disciplines from 8 pm to 4 am.

Wassertropfen perlt auf Kupferplatte, die mit dem neuen transparenten Werkstoff Fluororpor beschichtet wurde.
New Material Protects against Water and Dirt

The polymer foam developed at KIT is called called "Fluoropor". It repels water and resists abrasion thanks to a continuous nano/microstructure.

Lila Stiefmütterchen
Viola Flower Helps to Advance Light Harvesting in Solar Cells

KIT scientists replicate microstructures of pansy petals and enhance the output of solar cells.

Grafische Darstellung eines Quanten-Algorithmus
Quantum Computing Enables Fast Database Searches

KIT scientists have implemented Grover’s quantum algorithm for search in unsorted databases.

Semiconductor technology: X-ray vision for less scrap

With a nondestructive method, a team at KIT succeeds in creating three-dimensional visuals of the interior of silicon crystals.

Anniversary Concert: 30 Years KIT Big Band

Musical highlights of the past 30 years - on November 26 in the Audimax on Campus South of KIT.

Umweltforschung: Das Schweigen der Hummeln
Environmental Research: The Silence of the Bumblebees

Research shows that pesticides reduce the buzz of bumblebees and, thus, affect their pollination behavior.

Risk of Antibiotic Resistances Remains High

Real hazards of antibiotic resistances to mankind are difficult to quantify, according to a survey among researchers.

Feine Tropfen werden aus einem Gerät gesprüht, das in grünem Licht erstrahlt
Hunting for the Finest Droplet

Using simulation methods for computer games, KIT scientists want to reduce aircraft emissions by 50%.

KIT Offers Good Career Opportunities in the IT Sector

Focus Money magazine grants award to KIT for excellent career opportunities of IT specialists.