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Trying out Studying Trying out Studying
Screenshot KITcrowd
KITcrowd: Promoting and Investing in Ideas online

The platform at KIT supports innovative projects through crowdfunding and now opens for crowdinvesting campaigns.

Porträt Thomas Lützkendorf
Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit for Thomas Lützkendorf

Professor of KIT was honored for his merits in the development of scientific principles for sustainable construction.

Konsortium KIT und Partner (Bild: Stadt Karlsruhe)
Karlsruhe Wants to Become Pioneering Region

A consortium of KIT and regional partners is applying to set up test tracks for autonomous driving.

Nach der Reaktorkatastrophe von Tschernobyl wurden Mitarbeiter deutscher Firmen und ihre Angehörigen, die sich in Russland aufhielten, im damaligen Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe dekontaminiert und untersucht.
30 Years after the Chernobyl Disaster

Helmholtz researchers remember how they witnessed the days and weeks after the disaster.

Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT)
President Hanselka on the New Initivative for Top Level Research

Strong signal – boost for German universities in international competition.

Innovative: Clean Water Without Chemicals

The EU supports the research project "Eco-UV", in which the KIT participates.

KIT-Bibliothek von außen
KIT Library Celebrates Anniversary

Open all around the clock seven days a week – the KIT Library celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Effiziente und zukunftsweisende Stromnetze aus zentraler und dezentraler Energieversorgung wird das Projekt ENSURE erforschen. (Bild: Gabi Zachmann, KIT)
Conditioning Grids for the Energy Turnaround

ENSURE consortium is one of four “Kopernikus Projects for the Energy Turnaround” of the Federal Government.

Current Issue of the KIT News

Latest KIT news in research, teaching, and innovation in a video broadcast.

CATDAT Database with Socioeconomic Analysis

Natural disasters since 1900: Eight million deaths, seven trillion US dollars damage.

Professor Holger Hanselka, Präsident des KIT (Foto: Markus Breig, KIT)
Sustainable Solutions for Pressing Problems

On its annual celebration KIT presented the research fields energy, mobility, and information as well as their interfaces.