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KIT at KA300 KIT at KA300
Chemie steuert Magnetismus
Chemistry Controls Magnetism

Electrochemical process changes magnetism in ferromagnets reversibly. Without continuous current the distinct magnetic states can be maintained in the material.

Tarnkappe könnte Solarzellen-Effizienz erhöhen
Invisibility Cloak Might Increase Efficiency of Photovoltaic Cells

Invisibility cloaks guide sunlight around objects that cast a shadow on the solar panel and, hence, reduce energy loss.

KIT ist "Ausgezeichneter Ort" im "Land der Ideen"
KIT is "Selected Place" in the "Land of Ideas”

"e-Installation" project for preservation of art provides innovations for the digital world.

Digitale Trends 2025 – Entwicklungen in der akademischen Bildung
Symposium "Digital Trends 2025"

On October 15 the symposium focuses on the digitalization at universities.

"Wir müssen das gesamte Energiesystem umbauen"
"We Have to Reconstruct the Complete Energy System"

In an interview, President Holger Hanselka explains the “Energy Lab 2.0” approach.

"KlarText!" About Organic LEDs

The chemist Daniel Volz receives the 2015 Klaus Tschira Award for understandable science.

Volloptischer Datenspeicher: Ultrakurze Lichtpulse lassen das Material GST von kristallin zu amorph und zurück wechseln. Schwache Lichtpulse lesen die Daten aus. (Abbildung: C. Ríos/Universität Oxford)
Permanent Data Storage with Light

Researchers develop first non-volatile all-optical chip memory based on phase change materials.

31st AIK Symposium "Smart Energy"

On October 23, experts present theire latest projects about smart energy. 

New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruher Institute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.

KIT Moves Up in THE-Ranking

KIT rises to position 138 and is particularly strong in the fields research, citation and third-party funds. 

Top-class Research is still in the Main Focus

Hanselka about the Excellence Initiative at the "Exzellenz 2017plus" in Stuttgart.