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Your Studies at KIT - Apply Now! Your Studies at KIT - Apply Now!
An drei Stellen in Karlsruhe stellten Wissenschaftler des IMK Wettermessmasten auf, um unter anderem die Temperatur zu messen. (Bild: Lydia Albrecht / KIT)
2015 Heat Wave - Heat Island Effect in Karlsruhe

Measurements of KIT meteorologists show: The city center of Karlsruhe was up to seven degrees warmer than the surrounding area.

Neues Kollegiengebäude Mathematik am KIt eröffnet
New Main Mathematics Building: Official Opening

The renovated mathematics building sets standards regarding energy efficiency and offers up-to-date conditions for teaching and research.

Reale Mitbewerber steigern das Auktionsfieber (Bild: KIT)
Competitors Enhance Thrill of Auctions

KIT researchers unveil the influence of emotions on the behavior of electronic market users.

Echtzeitdaten für die intelligente Elektromobilität
Real-time Data for Electric Mobility

ELISE joint project develops interfaces for flexible data transfer in real time.

Strom regional erzeugen, nutzen und speichern
Local Generation, Use, and Storage of Power

RegEnKibo project: Solutions for smart grid technology on a regional level.

Study: Smokers Cause Lower Costs

Economist of KIT compared tax receipts, healthcare costs, and saving effects of smoking.

News President of the Helmholtz Association

On September 1, Otmar D. Wiestler assumed his office as president of the Helmholtz Association.

Primary Residence Campaign of Karlsruhe

Students, who register in Karlsruhe as their primary residence, receive a welcome present.

Computergrafik: weniger Rechenzeit für Sand
Computer Graphics: Less Computing Time for Sand

KIT and Disney Research develop a method for the computation of pictures of granular materials.

Free Places of Study for the WS 15/16 at KIT

Application for the Bachelor in Information Science, History of Art, and German Studies is still possible.

New Video: Current Issue of KIT News

Latest news from the Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology presented in a video broadcast.