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Portrait Monika Landgraf
Monika Landgraf
Head of Corporate Communications, Chief Press Officer

Phone: +49 721 608-47414
Fax: +49 721 608-43658

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Press Releases

Current Press Releases
No. Date Image Title
158 30.10.2017 Fluoropor coating on a copper thin film (Photo: Bastian E. Rapp, KIT)
159 02.11.2017 2017_162_Grover-Algorithmus_72dpi
162 13.11.2017 The fight against neglected poverty-related diseases can only be won jointly. Photo of a vaccination lab in Guinea. (Photo: WHO/Sean Hawkey)
167 20.11.2017 The surface of bar-shaped ceria nanoparticles is comparable with the rock formations of Monument Valley – it has a number of edges, corners, and facets. (Photo: Alessandro Trovarelli/University of Udine)

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