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KIT Is University of Excellence KIT Is University of Excellence
Automated identification and inventory of energy systems using the example of photovoltaic systems. (Illustration:  Google Maps/greenventory)
Data for Optimized Energy Systems

greenventory startup offers data and software for utilities, grid operators, cities, and municipalities.

The AgiloBat research project develops a production system for the battery cell of the future: dynamic and flexibly adaptable to different shapes. (Graphic: wbk, KIT)
Flexible Manufacture of Battery Cells

Within the AgiloBat research project, KIT and partners work on future battery production in Germany.

The demonstration plant in Troia, Italy, combines a novel micro-reactor for methanation with an innovative liquefaction plant. The required CO2 is extracted from the ambient air (Photo: Domenico Grossi)
Innovative Power-to-Gas Technologies

Various processes for the production of synthetic natural gas from renewable electricity developed in the STORE&GO project.

Professor Fernando Puente León, Professor Hasso Plattner und Professor Holger Hanselka at the award ceremony (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
Hasso Plattner Receives Honorary Doctorate

The entrepreneur, donor, and patron visited the KIT for the ceremonial presentation of the certificate.

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer (Foto, KIT)
Science Award of the Hector Foundation Goes to KIT Physicist

Wolfgang Wernsdorfer receives 150 000 Euros in prize money for his contributions to quantum computing.

Corona Virus: Latest Recommendations

Due to the situation in Italy, the KIT Medical Services updated the information on the Corona virus on their website.

Demonstration of the system developed at KIT for fully automatic wear control of ball screws using artificial intelligence. (Photo: KIT)
Using Artificial Intelligence to Service Machine Tools

Wear of ball screws can be monitored and evaluated by a KIT-developed intelligent system.

Dorothea Wagner (Foto: KIT)
Dorothea Wagner Is New Chairwoman of the Council of Science and Humanities

KIT computer scientist elected as head of Germany's most important research policy advisory board

Sport improves health. Excessive and compulsive exercise can, in extreme cases, lead to "sports addiction" - and can make people ill. (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)
Excessive Exercise in Eating Disorders

Psychological mechanisms revealed: Results provide important implications for prevention and therapy.

The metamaterial printed with the new system consists of a complex three-dimensional grid structure on a micrometer scale. (Photo: Vincent Hahn, KIT)
Fastest High-precision 3D Printer

New 3D system prints structures of submicrometer precision at record speed.

Tomorrow’s energy suppliers: Microalgae under the microscope. (Photo by: Markus Breig, KIT)
Science Year 2020 - Bioeconomy

KIT researchers work on new technologies to establish renewable resources as an alternative to fossil fuels.