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Information Day "Uni für Einsteiger" Information Day
Organe auf Mikrochips für sichere Medikamententests
Organs on Microchips for Safe Drug Testing

Vanessa Kappings of KIT receives award for the promotion of animal-free research using miniaturized organs on a chip.

Kreis mit wissenschaftlichen Symbolen
November 24 is the Night of Science

It's the third edition of the lecture series organized by student volunteers of various disciplines from 8pm untill 4am.

Lila Stiefmütterchen
Viola Flower Helps to Advance Light Harvesting in Solar Cells

Scientists at KIT copy microstructures from the viola petal and improve performance of solar cells.

Grafische Darstellung eines Quanten-Algorithmus
Quantum Computing Enables fast Database Searches

Scientists at KIT have implemented a Grover quantum algorithm for searching in unsorted databases.

Umweltforschung: Das Schweigen der Hummeln
Environmental Research: The Silence of the Bumblebees

Research shows that pesticides reduce the hum of bumblebees and thus affect their pollination behavior.

High Risk of Antibiotic Resistance Continues

True extent of the threat by antibiotic resistance is difficult to quantify, according to a new survey targeting researchers.

Feine Tropfen werden aus einem Gerät gesprüht, das in grünem Licht erstrahlt
Hunting the Finest Droplets

With simulation methods for computer games, scientists at KIT want to halve aircraft emissions.

Bild aus einem Impflabor in Guinea.
Medical Innovations for Africa

An analysis of KIT for the German parliament recommends joint drug development, open innovation processes, and the expansion of clinical centers.

KIT Offers Good Career Opportunities in IT

The business magazine Focus Money has awarded KIT for the excellent career opportunities for IT specialists.

Tragic Bus Accident: Students of the KIT among the Victims

KIT mourns students who lost their lives in Peru.

Luftbild des Wohngebietes Lazarettgarten
Testing the Energy Market of the Future

KIT conducts a field test in Landau, where private households are to trade electricity.