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Between Quarks and Cosmos Between Quarks and Cosmos
v. l. n. r.: Prof. Oliver Kraft, Prof. Guido Drexlin, Prof. Johannes Blümer (alle KIT), Prof. Ernst-Wilhelm Otten, Universität Mainz, Prof. Hamish Robertson, University of Washington, Seattle (Foto: Patrick Langer, KIT)
Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN): "First Light"

KATRIN experiment has reached the next major milestone: For the first time, electrons flew through the whole facility to the detector.

Erstsemesterbegrüßung in der Schwarzwaldhalle (Foto: KIT)
Festive Event for the Start of the Winter Semester at KIT

Approximately 6,200 new students start their studies. On October 21, they will be welcomed at the freshmen's reception in the Schwarzwaldhalle.

Zweite "Nacht der Wissenschaft" am KIT am 28. Oktober 2016
2nd "Science Night" at KIT

Student group organizes public lecture event on Otober 28/29 from 8 pm to 4 am.

Vizepräsident Professor Alexander Wanner (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
"Independent and Curious"

"Lehre hoch Forschung" program at KIT will be continued - "Campustag" gives a positive summary.

Christine von Vangerow (Foto: Michael Danner)
Vice President Human Resources and Law: KIT Senate Confirms Election

Senate follows vote by the KIT Supervisory Board for Christine von Vangerow.

blaue Vogelspinne (Foto: Tom Patterson)
Bright Colors Due to Nanotechnology

Microscopic analysis of the blue tarantula inspired scientists of KIT and partners to produce colors.

Favorites Make Games Boring

A research team with KIT participation analyzes the intensity of competitions and draws conclusions for economy.

J. Menno Harms, Heinrich-Hertz-Gastprofessor 2016 (Foto: Privat)
J. Menno Harms Is Awarded 2016 Heinrich Hertz Guest Professorship

The chairman of the Hewlett-Packard GmbH supervisory board will give public lectures at KIT on October 19 and November 3.

12th Humboldt Day at KIT

On October 27, the Humboldt Foundation provides information on its promotion of internationally mobile researchers.

Camera Observes Plant Growth

RiSeGrAn system analyzes the growth of seedlings to adapt agricultural crops to climate change.

Award for Henning Bockhorn

International expert association honors the emeritus for his scientific contributions in combustion technology.