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"The Digital Society"
Bewegungsanalyse soll Arthrose sichtbar machen
Motion Analysis to Make Arthrosis Visible

With computer-aided models KIT scientists are able to trace precisely changes in motion patterns.

Maßgeschneiderte Werkstoffe für leichtere Fahrzeuge
Tailor-made Materials for Lightweight Vehicles

The KIT and the Vector Foundation jointly established the Young Investigator Group "Green Mobility".

Nobel Prize Winner Visits KIT Superconducting Laboratory
Nobel Prize Laureate at Superconductor Research

Johannes Georg Bednorz took interest in applications of superconductors in energy technology.

Eröffnung Kinder Uni
Big Rush at the Start of KIT’s Children’s University

About 420 children have started their lectures at KIT with the first event on August 5.

Tag der offenen Tür am KIT-Standort in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Open House in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

60 years of atmospheric environmental research on top of the Zugspitze. Impressions of the Open House event.

Kurz und bündig: Spannende Themen aus Forschung, Lehre und rund um das KIT
Online Now: Latest Issue of KIT News

Exciting news in short on research, education, and innovation at KIT as a video broadcast.

Hanselka Fünf
KIT Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The small anniversary of KIT will be celebrated with various events from July to December.

Seminar for High School Graduates

The seminar provides support for the choice of studies and career. On September 2 and 9.

KIT Takes Active Part in "Family in the University“

KIT cooperates with other universities on projects for family-friendly conditions and equal opportunities.

Pupils Visited ARMAR Family at KIT

More than 100 pupils took part in the Schools Day of the Institute of Anthropomatics and Robotics.

2014 KIT Alumni Meeting

Students' life, digital society, and jazz brunch at "Cantina Majolika" - September 26 - 28.