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2015 KIT Children's University 2015 KIT Children's University
Teilchenspuren nach einer Proton-Proton-Kollision, bei der ein Higgs-Boson erzeugt wurde; aufgezeichnet durch den CMS-Detektor am Beschleuniger LHC des CERN. (Bild: © 2012 CERN / CMS Collaboration)
Particle Physics: 4.6 Million Euro for Scientists of KIT at the CERN

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports scientists of the KIT at the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

KIT-Kinder-Uni 2015: Von Wolken, Erdbeben, Rap-Songs und fabelhaften Wesen
KIT Children's University: Of Clouds, Earthquakes, and Fabulous Creatures

From August 4 till 20, the children's university offers exciting lectures, a fair, and a graduation ceremony for children between seven and fourteen years.

Land der Ideen
Vote for Measurement System RESOCABLE®

The measurement system for bridges was developed at the KIT and is part of a competition.

Selbstreinigungskraft der Erdatmosphäre
Self-cleaning Power of the Atmosphere

Scientists of KIT examine in an aircraft mission, how the monsoon affects the climatic change.

"Tag der kleinen Forscher" 2015
"Day of Small Scientist" 2015

The day care centres of KIT  participated at the nationwide campaign day with a variety of projects.

Studierende am KIT (Foto: Monika Müller-Gmelin)
Many Students at the KIT Live Multilocal

A survey shows: 25 percent of the students have more than one center of life.

Studieren dem KIT: Informationsveranstaltungen des zib
Self-Learning Endoscope System

Medical Technology: KIT and Heidelberg University Hospital develop a self-learning endoscope system.

Symposium "Digitale Trends 2025"

The symposium of the Center for Technology-Enhanced Learing about education in future is on October 15.

Nature: Compact Optical Data Transmission

A component which is micrometers in size for optical data transmission was presented in Nature.

Civil Courage at the Push of a Button

Students of the KIT take part in the 2015 Imagine Cup 2015 competition with their app "enCourage".