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Settling in at KIT Settling in at KIT
Gruppenbild der Partner: Barnstedt; Krabbe und Hirth (Foto:KIT)
KIT and ABB Continue Successful Cooperation

The partners extend collaboration in research and innovation and now also focus on promoting young talent.

v. l. n. r.: Prof. Oliver Kraft, Prof. Guido Drexlin, Prof. Johannes Blümer (alle KIT), Prof. Ernst-Wilhelm Otten, Universität Mainz, Prof. Hamish Robertson, University of Washington, Seattle (Foto: Patrick Langer, KIT)
Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment (KATRIN): "First Light"

KATRIN experiment has reached the next major milestone: For the first time, electrons flew through the whole facility to the detector.

Die Folgen der „Download-Kultur“ stehen beim Start der neuen Reihe „Wissenschaftsgespräche“ im Mittelpunkt (Foto: KIT)
"Science Talks": Is Digital Better?

At the start of the new series of lectures, experts discuss on digitization and its impact on science and economy.

Prozesskette für Synthese der Basis-Chemikalie Methanol (Foto: TVT/ TU Kaiserslautern)
Chemicals from Biomass

An alliance of research and industry, led by KIT, is studies on an innovative process chain for the synthesis of methanol.

Bosch-Aufsichtsratschef Franz Fehrenbach mit robodev-Mitgründern Dr. Julien Mintenbeck und Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
Module Building Set for Automation

The building set of KIT spin-off robodev is one of the winners of the initiative WECONOMY 2016.

Very Good Grades for KIT by Personnel Managers

KIT well placed in the latest ranking of "WirtschaftsWoche" magazine.

blaue Vogelspinne (Foto: Tom Patterson)
Bright Colors by Nanotechnology

Microscopic analysis of the blue tarantula inspired scientists of KIT and partners to produce colors.

Favorites Make Games Boring

A research team with KIT participation analyzes the intensity of competitions and draws conclusions for economy.

Vizepräsident Professor Alexander Wanner (Foto: Lydia Albrecht, KIT)
"Independent and Curious"

“Research-based Education” program to be continued at KIT – Campus Day presents initial assessment.

Christine von Vangerow (Foto: Michael Danner)
Vice President Human Resources and Law: KIT Senate Confirms Election

KIT Senate follows KIT Supervisory Board's vote for Christine von Vangerow.

J. Menno Harms, Heinrich-Hertz-Gastprofessor 2016 (Foto: Privat)
J. Menno Harms Is Awarded 2016 Heinrich Hertz Guest Professorship

The chairman of the Hewlett-Packard GmbH supervisory board will give public lectures at KIT on October 19 and November 3.