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clicKIT: "Environmental Zone Campus" clicKIT:
E-Band-Sender mit Parabolantenne. Die darin verbauten integrierten Schaltungen weisen besonders große Leistungsfähigkeit auf. (Foto: Jörg Eisenbeis, KIT)
World Record in Terrestrial Data Transfer

Multi-gigabit radio transmission over longest distances: Research team transfers data at a rate of 6 gigabit per second over a distance of 37 kilometers.

Feierliche Eröffnung von "Eucor - The European Campus" (Foto: Catherine Schröder / Université de Strasbourg)
There Is no Border to Thinking: Official Opening of the ”European Campus“

First European university association: New dimension of cross-border cooperation of Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Phänomen der optischen Täuschung
Research Training Group in Asymptotic Geometry

New Research Training Group of KIT and the University of Heidelberg will begin its work by October.

Stand auf der KIT-Karrieremesse
KIT-Career Fair with more than 240 companies

From May 31 to June 2, the fair will provide the opportunity to meet potential employers.

Tour Eucor
Five Days, Three Countries: Tour Eucor

On May 25, the tour of Eucor - The European Campus will start at Karlsruhe Palace.

Via Online Exchange to Innovative Technologies

KIT supports companies with the platform RESEARCH TO BUSINESS in solving technical problems.

Sustainability: Your Experiment in the Oststadt

New competition launched by KIT and the Karlsruhe citizens foundation to promote community and deceleration.

Auszeichnung Projekt KARIS PRO
Award for Intelligent Conveying System

KIT’s KARIS PRO project is honored as exemplary industry 4.0 solution.

Autobahnkreuz aus der Luft
Infrastructure: Prevention Is Better than Cure

Helmholtz Association and KIT start the innovation hub “Prevention in Construction".

Preisverleihung in Berlin
KIT Brings Outstanding Experimental Physicist Back to Germany

Alexander von Humboldt Professorship awarded to Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, who will conduct research at KIT from June.

Teststände am KIT
Solar Power Home Storage Systems Put to Test

KIT and partners launch largest study on the safety, quality, and grid suitability of home storage systems so far.