KIT scientists have identified and evaluated trends such as electromobility that could establish by 2035. (Photo: Sandra Goettisheim)
Technology Calendar Supports Companies in the Change

Study compares mobility scenarios and helps with strategic decisions.

The research team hopes to use new materials to create safe and durable high-performance cells. (Photo: KIT)
Anode Material for Safe and Long-life Batteries

Lithium lanthanum titanate particles enable high power densities even on the micrometer scale.

Regenmessen mit dem Mobilfunknetz: Je mehr Niederschlag fällt, desto schwächer wird das Signal, mit dem die Funkmasten Informationen austauschen. (Foto: Cynthia Ruf, KIT)
Rain Measurement with the Mobile Phone Network

Precipitation-induced weakening of the radio connection allows for the generation of rain maps of high temporal resolution.

Auf der Plattform der Helmholtz Energy Computing Initiative (HECI) sind Modellierungswerkzeuge für die Energiesystemoptimierung frei verfügbar (Montage: KIT).
Open Source for the Global Energy Transition

The Helmholtz Association’s Energy Computing Initiative supports climate-friendly transformation of energy systems.

Key Visual Coronavirus
FAQ on the Corona Virus

Updated questions and answers relating to the Corona virus.

Bild Coronavirus
Corona Pandemic: Research at KIT

KIT supports efforts to manage the Corona crisis by research and material contributions and scientific and technical services.

Bäume, Wald
The German Forest podcast on the situation of German forests and ways out of the crisis.



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